#Miner'sRespite – August 6, 2014

Shyva'Nahl is still sitting in her booth, idly doodling while thinking of this evening's events.

Aylena is exchanging a few words with Va'ynna, who reluctantly agree to tend the bar for a bit during the rather slow evening. Aylena pats her shoulder before making her way out of the bar, approaching the quarian's booth. "Hello, Shyva'Nahl," the middle-aged asari says. "Mind if I sit down with you?" She wears a long gray dress with orange trims, not hugging her figure too close.

Shyva'Nahl jumps and looks up, but sees its only Aylena. She smiles and nods. "P-Please," she says, gesturing to the seat ahead of her. "I've b-been wanting t-to speak t-to you today."

Aylena smiles and takes the seat opposite the quarian, brushing the creases in her dress as she sits down. "I assume your friend has left for the evening?" she says. "And would you be okay with taking the interview here?"

Shyva'Nahl nods and smiles. "Y-Yes, she's gone h-home. I, um... t-think we're p-past friends n-now..." she says, looking a little bashful, then clears her throat. "And, um... y-yes. Interview." She pulls her legs out from under her and sits up straight.

Aylena lets out a tiny smile. "I'm glad to hear that," she says. "You seemed a little distraught parting ways with your traveling companion.." She pauses. "What do you think you could bring to our establishment?" she says. "You mentioned cleaning, but are there are other skills you feel can be useful here?"

Shyva'Nahl nods and sighs. "E-Ehanis? S-She w-was my only r-real friend b-before she left and I f-felt so alone." She then clears her throat again and looks Aylena in the eye. "I've b-been working in s-sanitation for t-ten years. I s-started o-off small, b-but its t-thanks to me that my s-ship's ventilation is in t-tip top condition. My f-father t-taught me many things a-about cleaning, including re-recipes for several c-cleaning agents. I've never c-come across a stain or m-mess I couldn't clean."

Aylena appears thoughtful for a second. "I assume all of these recipes are proven to be safe both during manufacturing and application?

Shyva'Nahl nods at Aylena. "They w-were cleared by b-both our ship's c-captain, s-science t-team, doctor's b-board, and the l-liason t-to the admiralty." she says with a stern nod. "W-We Quarians d-do NOT d-do anything potentially d-dangerous without g-going through the proper ch-channels."

Aylena nods. "I do not mean to doubt you," she says, "but did their analysis consider the effects on other species?"

Shyva'Nahl nods. "Y-Yes, although that was d-done m-much later. W-We didn't have l-live tests, of c-course because it was on the fleet, b-but almost a-all tests concluded that the r-recipes w-were safe. A-Although, one that is u-used for en-engine oil c-causes Varren to h-have minor allergic r-reaction, and another s-specialising in s-scorch marks c-causes Krogan t-to itch a-around the back of t-the neck." she says with an assertive nod. "T-The r-results a-are stored on m-my omnitool if y-you want to take a look."

Aylena smiles slightly. "I would like to see them," she says. "There's not many of them, but we do serve krogan guests," she says, "but I won't worry about Varren, since we do not allow animals here or in the rooms." She pauses, glancing around to see how many patrons are around. She looks back at the quarian. "So, do you have the means of making the cleaning agents here?"

Shyva'Nahl activates her omnitool and sends the files across. "I o-only need b-basic means t-to make them, t-then the actual chemicals t-to mix. T-Though I a-assume those won't be h-heard to get my little hands on."

Aylena checks the files and nods. "Thank you," she says. "So, what do you think about having you work here on a temporary contract until your room expire, then set up a long-term contract after that?"

Shyva'Nahl nods with a smile. "T-That sounds a-agreeable." she says, then gives a little salute. "I w-will prove t-to you that I c-can do my duties in a-an effective and e-efficient manner."

Aylena smiles. "I thought so," she says, "considering the possibility of your accomadation needs changing." She enables her omni-tool. "The workload will not be consistent, but the pay will be 130 credits per day. Few guests trusts housekeeping staff out here, so rooms are only cleaned after check-out unless asked for. There's the floors and tables down here, as well as the hall and kitchen upstairs, though."

Shyva'Nahl smirks, sitting back. "A-And here I t-thought t-the work w-would be challenging." she says, seeming a little more confident than normal. "T-That's v-very agreeable. I d-don't think I'll h-have to a-actually be f-face to face w-with anyone, will I?"

Aylena hums thoughtfully. "Maybe passing guests upstairs," she says, "but it's probably best to clean the kitchen when it's vacant. You could go over the floors in the kitchen behind the bar, but the staff there takes care of the counters and appliances. That's part of their jobs since we serve both levo and dextro dishes."

Shyva'Nahl nods, smiling. "U-Understood. I c-can do a-appliances and c-counters if y-you need me t-too though. I c-can clean j-just about a-anything, really."

Aylena browses through a few files before opening one and glancing at the first page. "I will keep that in mind," she says before sending over the contract. "So, would you be able to start tomorrow?" The contract is a normal work contract lasting until the room expires and that a new contract would be needed thereafter, the details just as the asari described it. The contract can also be terminated by the employee with 1 Atiian solar day's notice. There are no listed benefits other than that Miner's Respite will cover hospital costs for injuries sustained during work.

Shyva'Nahl grins and opens her omnitool, before mulling it over. She then nods to herself and signs it before sending it back. "T-There you g-go...b-boss."

Aylena smiles, and looks a the received contract before shutting the omni-tool off, leaning forward with an extended hand. "Welcome to the family, Shyva'Nahl" she says with a smirk. "I'm sure we'll figure out another contract soon for the long-term that's just as good."

Shyva'Nahl stands and takes Aylena's hand, giving it a nervous shake. "I c-can't wait to s-start." she says with a nod, then sits down, starting to shake more. "I h-have a job... I... I h-have a j-j-job..." she sounds more excited than anything.

Aylena reaches out her other hand to pat the quarian's arm. "I will send you a task list in the morning," she says. "Could you send me a list of supplies you need before then, too?"

Shyva'Nahl nods, still shaking with a grin. "O-Of course, I'll s-send it t-to you t-tonight, a-asap." she says, then lets out an excited squee.

Aylena stands up from her seat after letting go of the quarian's hand. "It may take a few days before I can get them, though," she says. "I suppose I should get back to work, then. I'll see you again tomorrow."

Shyva'Nahl nods, sliding out of the booth. "Of c-course. I assume y-you already h-have things I c-can use to s-start tomorrow." She gives a happy hop and hugs Aylena. "T-Thank you s-so much, Aylena. T-Thank you!"

Aylena winds her arms around the quarian in return, looking a little surprised. "Yes, I'll send the specs on equipment we have," she says, "and the key to the room where we keep it."

Shyva'Nahl nods as she lets go, still looking very excited. "Oooh I c-can't wait." She then smiles and looks towards the stairs. "I, um... I h-have a call t-to make, t-then I'll s-send you my list."

Aylena chuckles. "Take your time," she says. "I'll have more than enough work to keep me busy." She pats her shoulder once before making her way back to the bar.

Shyva'Nahl smiles and zips upstairs in a flash, ready to call Zaan`Drassi about the interview. Hurrah!

Aylena exchanges a few words with Va'ynna before taking over at the bar, again. Doing her paperwork on one of the terminals there between serving patrons.

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