#Miner'sRespite – September 2, 2015

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Va'ynna is standing behind the bar, currently not serving anyone.

Gregorij sits in a booth together with Anna, vodka in hand. He looks a bit less grumpy than usual now that his mech is fixed, but he is as unkempt as ever.

Vasili pushes through the Respite's door quietly, trying not to draw too much attention. He walks towards the bar carrying a flight helmet tucked under one hand, and his other holding on to the strap of a duffel slung over his back. He's wearing a grey flight-suit sporting a few patches, but all of them in Cryllic, except for one that merely reads "V. Kasharin.". Vas sits at the bar

and sighs, putting his helmet down in front of him before smoothing his dark brown, fairly wavey hair behind his ear, behind which is rests neatly. His stubbly beard and scarred face would normally seem intimidating to some, like the janitorial Quarian who just scuttled into another room with a bucket, but he doesn't make any aggressive moves. He nods at the bar-maid.

Va'ynna is a bit hesitant to approach him, but she eventually approaches him. "Hello," she says. "Can I get you anything?"

Vasili lets out a little hum as he looks along the bar. "May I have a beer?" he asks, his voice tinged heavily by a Russian accent. He leans back in his chair a little and unzips his flight jacket a little. Out of an inside pocket, he pulls out a cap, which he puts on backwards to keep his hair in place. It only falls just below his ears, but it still gets in the way. "Little birdie

tells me this is a good place to stay. I may be interested in a bed."

Va'ynna offers a small smile. "This... little birdie is right, we do offer rooms," she says. "And what kind of beer would you like?"

Vasili puts one hand over the other on the bar and offers a smile, and even with the scar across his lip and nose, it seems more than genuine. "A pale ale, please." He says. "How much do these beds cost? Reduced prices for... longer stays?" he asks.

Va'ynna nods. "Two-hundred for one night, nine-hundred for five," she says, typing something on a datapad before going off to find a bottle matching that description.

Vasili waits until the bar-maid walks away before opening his omnitool and checking his account with a somewhat blank expression. He looks at it for a few seconds before closing it with little more than a long exhale, then scopes out the others around the bar. He's gonna need to find work...

Va'ynna returns with a bottle of pale ale, and finds a glass. "Would you like a glass, or the bottle?" she asks.

Vasili nods at the beer. "That is fine." he says, sitting back once more. "So. Tell me. If bars are the same throughout the universe, it shouldn't be hard to find someone looking for workers." he says, his voice calm and collected. "I just landed today, and I need to find work as soon as possible."

Va'ynna pours a glass of it and puts the bottle and glass on the counter. "I suppose you can... ask around," she says. "I have... had too much to do the last days to... listen to... what's going on."

Vasili nods a little and takes his glass. "Nostrovia." he says with a nod. "I'll put out some feelers... thank you." He sips the beer and sits backwards a little, starting to think. "If you hear anyone looking for a pilot. Let me know."

Va'ynna looks thoughtful for a moment. "I... know a pilot," she says. "If I see her, I can... ask if she knows anything about... companies that are hiring."

Vasili cracks a small smile and nods once more. "Thank you. I specialise in surveying and... Out here, I suppose reconaissance." He tilts his head. "What is her name? I might approach her myself."

Va'ynna nods. "Victoria Steels," she begins. "She is... staying upstairs, but comes down here sometimes."

Vasili opens his omnitool and makes a note of the name. "You've been too kind." he says, then waves his omnitool, transferring 10 credits. "The least I can do." Tipping was a thing in the colonies, right? "And I'll take that room for a week."

Va'ynna smiles. "Thank you," she says. "That's... seven days, right? That'll be thirteen hundred credits. You can just rent it for five days, and... renew it when it runs out." She starts typing on the terminal.

Vasili "Five days is fine." he says, looking at his account again before transferring the 900 across. "That should do it, yes?"

Va'ynna nods, and sends over the information about the room, like number and how and what's needed to access it. "Yes," she says. "Thank you."

Vasili smiles a little more and chuckles. "No, thank you." he says, taking off the cap and smoothing back his hair once again. Its easy to notice a few greys here and there. He must be getting up in age, maybe late thirties, early forties? Hard to tell. He picks up his beer once more and takes a sip, still glancing around before he spots Gregorij and Anna. He looks them over a bit,

sizing them up before looking away once more. Regulars? Interesting.

Va'ynna takes a step back, and glances around to see if anyone needs anything.

Vasili soon stands up after finishing his beer and picks up his gear. The man heads upstairs to his room for the night

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