#FreedomFalls – January 1, 2016

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Va'ynna waits outside the Respite for Victoria to show up, and has sent word for her a few minutes prior. She's wearing her dark-gray dress with green trims, with her navy blue jacket. She also has a purse over her shoulder.

The weather is slightly cloudy with some cold gusts of wind. It is late autumn, after all, though there's been a few days of nicer weather lately.

Victoria walks outside of the Respite. She was wearing black jeans, a blue t-shirt and a red leather jacket. She approached the asari with a smile "Hey sweetie, everything all sorted?"

Va'ynna smiles upon seeing her and nods. "Mhm," she says, "she knows we're coming." She takes her hand and leans in for a quick kiss.

Victoria grins at the smile "Well then, lets get going and check this place out." She holds onto the hand that was given to her "Lead the way, boss."

Va'ynna nods. "I'm... not your boss," she says. She looks both ways on the street going south, and when satisfied that no wheeled vehicles are headed their way at the moment, she starts crossing it.

Victoria follows the asari closely "I thought you would love the chance to boss me around? Ah well then, guess we will forget that little offer." She says in a slight teasing tone.

Va'ynna tilts her head. "What... offer?" she asks. "That why you let me go ahead and... drag you wherever I want to go?" They reach the other side of the street and Va'ynna slows her pace when starting down the street going west.

Victoria shrugs "Well, I thought I let you take the lead. Not because I have no idea where we are going." She jokes, still following the asari.

Va'ynna giggles. "Of course," she says. "It's... not far. Straight ahead in the next intersection, then a left and a right. Unless... I'm forgetting soemthing, that is."

"Well, lets hope so. Would rather avoid wandering around town all day." She pauses for a second "But don't think it would be too bad with you here." She flashes another smile.

Va'ynna blushes a bit, but returns the smile. "I hope... I'm not interrupting your work with this," she says. "Even if... I don't take you around the whole... town."

Victoria shakes her head "Don't worry about it. Redrock has not asked me about doing any jobs for them at the moment." She pauses for the time "So it should be fine to roam around a little. But would like to check out this place you picked."

That's... because they think you're... working at home.

Va'ynna continues down the street. To the right, across the road, are several residential buildings, mostly duplexes and similar setups. To their left is the occasional store, but mostly offices.

"Well, I have been. But everyone needs a break once in a while." She followed the asari "You sure this place ain't too far away from the Respite for you?"

Va'ynna looks a bit thoughtful. "A little, but... I think I will get used to it," she says. "Or, I can have you walk with me to and from work every day," Va'ynna added in a less than serous tone.

"Well, I could walk you to every day." She states to the asari "Won't be able to do that when I am away however."

Va'ynna hums thoughtfully. "I... should ask Kanaya if security could come pick me up, then," she says. "At least... until Briggs is back."

"Well, when I am here I can take you. But it is when I ain't, that is when you might need to walk by yourself."

Va'ynna nods. "Yeah, that's... probably how it will be," she says. "Eha-- Miss Tioran would probably hate me if she has to get up super early just for me."

"Or we can get you a vehicle to use when I ain't here. A used one should not cost much." She stated to the asari.

Va'ynna frowns. "I... haven't piloted one since I learned how to twenty years ago," she says. "I... either never had the credits to get one or... somewhere to park it."

"Alright fair point. Well, we will have something planned. So, no need to worry." She tells the asari "Lets just worry about this apartment right now. Okay?" She flashes another smile.

Va'ynna nods. "Tioran earns... four times what I will earn now, though," she says. "She... shouldn't have anything to complain about if she has to get up early." There's more than a little hint of jealousy in that.

"If you get up so early and you are there most of the day, everyday. How do you earn so little?" She asks the asari, wondering why she earns so little.

Va'ynna considers it for a second. "I will get... three-thousand three-hundred per month, and one free meal daily," she says. "That's... not little. It's just... that security is five-hundred daily. Kanaya even thought that was in error at first."

"That might be a little unfair towards you. You are the only one in the kitchen right?" She did feel like that was unfair for the asari.

Va'ynna frowns. "It's... just how things are, I suppose," she says. "And from what... I've looked up, that's... normal for jobs like that."

"Well, you do have me to assist you. Hopefully lucks shines down on you soon, my sweet." She said flashing another smile.

Even after paying half the rent on this place, I'll... still be better off than when I had my own room at Miner's Respite.

"Well, what mine is yours. So I don't think we need to worry about the rent for this place, for quite sometime."

Va'ynna lets go of her hand and places her arm over her shoulder. "Thank you," she says before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

About twenty more minutes of a leisurely pace later, they're in front of a four-story brick building with some large windows, five of them visible on the wall facing them. There is a door phone by the front door showing room numbers (and a name for some rooms). However, they won't need to use it as the door is not locked.

Visible through the windows and glass door is a small lobby with some billboards and terminals showing local news at low volume. There is a receptionist's desk there. A pale dark-haired human woman looks up from a terminal on said desk at the two outside. She's wearing a simple black top with a jean jacket over it, and dark-blue jeans.

Victoria gives a wave to the dark-haired human, she then looks at the asari "Time to check this place out."

Va'ynna nods and taps the button to open the door. "Yeah," she says before stepping inside, still holding her hand.

Victoria follows Va'ynna into the building, keeping a hold on her hand.

The woman stands up after locking the terminal. "Good afternoon," she says with a polite smile. "Ms Atana, I assume?" She walks around the desk.

Va'ynna returns the smile, and nods.

Victoria just gives a smile to the woman. Vicky remains silent until spoken to.

She chuckles. "Don't think anyone's sleeping at this time of day," she says. "No need to be quiet." She reaches over the reception and picks up a suitcase. "The apartment you're here for is two-twelve; upstairs."

There is a staircase going along the wall opposite the front door, with an unmarked door underneath it. To the left and right by the corner to that wall with the staircase are doorways leading into hallways.

"Well then, lets go check it out." She said with a little bit of excitement.

Va'ynna nods, looking a bit embarrased. "Mhm," she says to Victoria before starting to take a few slow steps towards the stairs.

The woman opens the suitcase, and inspects the content of it, which looks like mostly papers and datapad, but also a bottle of brandy. "You two go ahead," she says. "I'll be with you in a minute."

Victoria follows Va'ynna's lead "What? Not excited to see what this place is like?" Trying to encourage her.

Va'ynna ups her pace after Victoria's encouragement and starts walking upstairs. "I... I am," she says.

Another staircase can be seen just above them as they climb the stairs.

"Are we this floor or the next one?" She quickly asked the asari as they climb the stairs.

Va'ynna shrugs. "I... don't know," she says. "Depends on how... they number their apartments."

"Guess we will find out in a few moments then. How are you feeling?"

When they reach the top of the stairs, the can see the doors on the wall to their right have the labels, '2-1' to '2-5'. There hallway turns left in front of them (by door '2-5'), and to the right behind them (in the corner where door '2-1' is).

Va'ynna smiles. "Fine," she says. "If this... place is anything like the pictures, then... it'll be great." She reaches the top of the stairs and looks around.

Victoria smiles at the answer of the asari, she then looks at the numbers "Guess we might be the next floor?"

Va'ynna starts walking towards the corner in front of them. "I... think it's this floor," she says. "If not, then... the numbers wouln't make sense."

Victoria followed the asari "Well alright then, I will just follow your lead."

Va'ynna nods and rounds the corner, and along the wall to their right are doors '2-6' to '2-9', where '2-9' is at the next corner. There's also a locked door on the center of the left wall marked 'Storage' with the following room number ranges written below: '1-1 - 1-15, 2-1 - 2-9'.

Victoria cocks her head "So, we are on the next floor? Is it just me or is this a strange setup?" She asks the asari wondering what is going on.

Va'ynna smiles. "This is a strange world," she says. "Let's... see if there are any more rooms on the floor before we check upstairs." She continues walking until the next corner going left, and once they've rounded it, they'll see a door marked '2-12' not far from the next corner also going left.

Victoria continued to follow the asari and when they found 2-12 "Looks like I was wrong. Well, I can't always be right." She said in a joking manner.

The door is unlocked.

Va'ynna kisses her on the cheek. "We all are... wrong once in a while," she says.

Victoria smiles at the kiss "Ah well, lets go check this place out. I am sure it will be good."

Va'ynna stops in front of the door, and after a moment's hesitation, taps on the green interface to open it. As she does, she takes a step back.

The door opens to a very empty apartment, which starts with a 1.5m wide corridor that leads into a bigger room. There are two doors to the right in the corridor and a small coat hanger with 5 hooks on the left wall. The floor on the hallway is laminated and bearing a very unconvincing look of tile flooring, and a small metal separator at the end of the hallway marks a transition to the simple wooden flooring in the living room.

The walls, along with the doors, are white. On the opposite wall, there is a large open window, but the view is blocked by a two-story building 20 meters across. A kitchen, if there is one, is not visible from this angle. The walls and flooring have some marks and scratches, mostly in places where one could assume there's been furniture once upon a time.

Victoria looks into what she can see so far. "Looks pretty bare, looks like we gotta get our own furniture." She stated and then started walking further into the room for a better look.

Va'ynna follows after Victoria, with a critical look on her face as she traces some of the inperfections in the wall with a finger. "Mhm," she says. "And something to cover up the... notches."

The 4m by 4m (13ft) living room has a kitchen stretching the entire length of the wall to their left as they enter, with a stove, sink, cupboards and a fridge with freezer. The window is 2.5 wide (8.2ft) and floor to (almost) ceiling with a curtain pipe above it.

Victoria has a quick look around "Well, it has potential. We just need to spend the time making sure that potential ain't wasted." She looks back at the asari.

Va'ynna smiles and steps into the living room. "I hope you'll have... enough spare time to pick out furniture with me, then," she says. "And assembling it. I... have gotten good at that, but... that doesn't mean I enjoy it."

Victoria smiles at the asari "What? You don't need me to pick out furniture. I am sure I will like whatever you enjoy." She pauses for a second "And it could help you become a interior designer. That would be a good job right?"

Va'ynna tilts her head. "That... sounds like an excuse to have me do all the work," she says. "I... don't think there's a demand for that kind of work out here, anyway."

"You never know." She puts on an 'innocent' smile "I was joking, I will totally help do some of the work."

Va'ynna takes a step back and opens the door nearest the living room. "Much better," she replies with a smile. "I'm hoping... Kanaya hires someone else to help out in the kitchen, though, so... I can take days off."

"That would be nice my sweet. You having a few days for yourself, is what you need." She tells the asari following her around the apartment.

The door leads to a bedroom that's 3 meters (7ft) long and 2.5 meters across. A double bed with some detaching mechanic is the only piece of furniture found in this room -- not even a night table. It does lack duvets and other bedding, however. The walls are of a darker gray, and there's dark blue carpet flooring. There are no windows.

Va'ynna nods. "Mhm," she says before looking over the room. "Or just not... working every day from morning to night."

Victoria nods "Yeah or that. Lets have a quick look at the bathroom." She pauses "I hope that ain't bad too bad."

Va'ynna closes the door and waits for Victoria to lead the way to the bathroom.

Victoria goes to the last door that has not been opened yet and opens it to see what remains behind it.

That door leads to a bathroom, which should come as no surprise. It's 2 meters wide and 2.5 across. To their left is a toilet, and there's a sink built into a cupboard right beside the toilet. Along the opposite wall is a bath tub with a shower. There is no mirror, or even a cupboard, above the sink. The bathroom has white tiled floor and walls. The room has a slightly yellow-tinted light that turned on automatically when they opened the d


"Well, this ain't that bad. I think we could make this place work for us." She looks at the asari, speaking in an honest tone.

Va'ynna looks into the bathroom with a small smile. "Mhm," she says. "It's not too big, and it's close. I... can look past the flaws for those reasons alone."

"Well, it is bigger than our current place. All this place needs is a little tender loving care." Vicky had a quick look around the apartment one last time "I am sure, we will be fine with this."

Va'ynna closes the door to the bathroom. "Yeah," she says before starting to walk back to the living room. "The first... few months can get expensive, though, with... the furniture and all that."

"Well, we can't really help that. I mean, if this place was completely furnished, we would be on the raw end of the deal." She pauses for a moment again "But as I keep on saying, we can make it work."

Va'ynna nods. "It was... cheaper that other places of the same size, yeah," she says.

"So, for some of the little flaws with this place. I am happy with it, if you are happy with it." She tells the asari with a smile.

And as if planned, the woman from earlier shows up with suitcase in hand. "What do you think?" she asks without preamble. "Is it a suitable nest for the love birds?" She chuckles and sets the suitcase gently down on the kitchen counter.

Victoria looks at the asari and see what she has to say about the apartment.

Va'ynna looks away at first, her cheeks a bit more purple for a moment. "I.... Yes, I think this place is for us," she says.

Victoria smiles "Yeah, I think this place is for the both of us." She turned her head and looked at the human "So, where do we sign?"

She opens the suitcase slightly and takes out a folder and a datapad, which she places beside the suitcase. "Not even going to ask about rent?" She turns around. "Three-thousand nine-hundred per month, which is 30 days," she glances at the asari. "Rent is paid ahead of time. There's also a one-thousand deposit."

She picks up the datapad and hands it over to Va'ynna. "You both sign this," she continues, "and I'll send Atana the payment details later today."

Va'ynna takes the contract and skims through it thoughtfully. It doesn't say much more than should be expected: when payments are due, condition it should be left in, rent price changes will have 3 months warning, late pay meate twice the usual rate per day late. She then signs it without a word and hands it to VIctoria.

Victoria takes the contract that was handed to her and gives it a quick read, to her it look fine and reasonable. She then signs the contract and offers it back to the human.

She takes the datapad back and puts her signature on the signed contract, as well. "Thank you," she says. "That was quick, but then again, it took just two minutes between publishing and getting your message." She turns around and puts the contract in the case.

Va'ynna gives a sheepish smile, but says nothing.

Victoria gives a look at Va'ynna upon hearing the human talk about how fast it took the asari to respond to the posting.

She turns around to face the two. "Now, if payments are this quick too...," she says. "Anyway, a copy of the contract and some other useful information is in the folder I'll leave with you. It's meant for people new to this town, but there's a few time-limited offers in there you should check out."

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