#Omega – March 31, 2016

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Courier wanders up to Leah's apartment door. He's rather scrawny with a scar scratched across his forehead. He's wearing a simple red trenchcoat with a black shirt and trousers. He has a package tucked under his arm and a datapad in his hand. He stares at the delivery address before peering up at the door. He shrugs and attaches the datapad to his belt before slamming a fist against the door three times. At his hip is a predator pist

Courier -pistol, plainly visible for all to see. Perhaps to ward off any potential robbers that linger in the streets.

Leah is seated at the edge of her bed in a t-shirt and shorts, watching some mind numbing TV show, looking intrigued, but extremely confused. "Sooo~... Okay, okay, okay... So the lady with the eyepatch was in a coma, right?" she begins, glancing over at Tara, "But when she woke up, her lover, the turian who was at her bedside the entire time, was really his twin brother, who also happened

to be evil....? And now they're... dancing..... for some reason....." The sudden knock on the door startles her, and she quickly tosses the bag of chips on her lap aside. She hurries across the room and grabs the pistol haphazardly strewn atop the counter- can never be too safe on Omega- and approaches the door. She pats the panel and puts on her best smile, holding the pistol just beyond the

doorframe to keep it out of sight. "Can I help you...?" she asks cautiously as she spots the drell on the other side.

Tara looks to Leah with a blank expression, clearly having even less idea what is going on. When she rushes over to the door, she turns around in her seat, folding her knees and partially hiding behind the backrest. She stares at the door with a mix of curiosity and fear.

Courier nods and quickly glances at the datapad on his hip. "Yeah, got a delivery for Aubrey... Black? An Aubrey Black. I take it that's you?" He asks, a bored expression lingering on his face.

Leah blinks a couple times. "Umm. Yeah~ that's me." she says, still not entirely used to the name Aubry, and thankful that she most likely won't need to get used to it if everything works out. Her eyes move to the datapad as she steps into the doorway causing her pistol to come into view and she gives the drell an apologetic shrug. "Never know around here..." she explains, "Sooo, do I need

to sign or something?"

Courier nods and detaches the datapad, thrusting it over to her. He hardly seems bothered by the pistol. "Just at the bottom, miss."

Leah glances around, but with nowhere to put her pistol she simply tucks it awkwardly into the band of her shorts and reaches for the datapad. After giving it a quick look over, she signs 'Aubry Black' on the bottom and hands it back towards him. "Here ya go." she says.

Courier takes the datapad back and hands the package over. Once she has it, he would nod and then turn to leave without another word. The package is not all that heavy, perhaps slightly heavier than the pistol Leah was holding. It would be rectangular in nature.

Leah remains in the doorway with the package tucked under her arm for a few moment, watching to make sure the drell is actually leaving. Once satisfied that he's not about to kill her, she closes the door and takes the package over to the kitchen table. After setting it down, she glances over to Tara with a sigh. "What do you think it is?"

Tara shrugs, looking over towards the kitchen from her seat, no longer hiding.

Leah scrunches up her nose and pulls the pistol from her shorts, setting it down beside the package. "Guessing it's from Adam or Halisi..." she says as she studies the mysterious object, "They're the only ones who have this name... Unless it's you-know-who..." She sighs and gives a shrug, "Well, it would be pretty dramatic to break into our apartment, leave a datapad warning us to stop asking

questions, then send a bomb to finish the job after I've already stopped asking questions." she decides, reaching for the package. She has a sudden change of heart, her hand recoiling away, "Of course it was pretty dramatic to put a bomb in my eyeball, too... Soooo...." After a few moments pass, she takes a deep breath and begins opening the package.

| Once the package is opened, Leah would find a Carnifex pistol sat inside the container. On one side would be an imprinted symbol of a winged sword coloured white. On the other side, is the Blue Sun's symbol with a single line scratched through it. The last time Leah saw this gun was back when Damien was fighting the husks. Though, the winged sword seems to

be a recent addition.

Leah reaches into the box and runs a finger over the engraving and a small, sad smile crosses her lips. She remains at the kitchen table, staring distantly at the weapon for a short while before finally lifting it free and testing the weight in her palm. "A gift..." she says, glancing over at Tara, "...Something to remember him by."

Tara lowers her gaze, head tilted respectfully.

| The Carnifex is heavy, as to be expected, yet it feels balanced and well maintained. There is a little wear and tear here and there but it is clearly still in a serviceable condition.

Leah returns to the edge of the bed and sits back down, pistol in hand. She looks it over once more, her thumb caressing the emblem. The sad smile on her face slowly turns into something more genuine. "Certainly didn't need a way to remember you, Monroe. You were one-of-a-kind." she says softly, "But I'll take good care of it." She sets the pistol beside her and pulls her legs up onto the

bed, hugging them tightly and resting her chin on her knees. "Why did they stop dancing?" she asks, the confused expression returning to her face as she stares at the screen.

Tara 's gaze is focused on the pistol in Leah's hand, and when she returns her gaze to the screen she has completely lost track of what is happening. She shrugs again, resigned to confusion.

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