#RedrockAgency – April 10, 2016

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Renala is seated in her office, typing on her terminal. Also on the desk is a flat device that has had its back plate removed to expose its curcuitry. Two wires connect it to some sort of device attached to her terminal. She's wearing her leather jacket over a red top that shows the faintest hint of a cleavage, and simple black pants. She has a holstered Locust on her thigh. The door to her office is closed, but unlocked.

Time of day is late morning, and it's gray and a slight bit rainy outside.

Steve enters Redrock Agency HQ and, having been here previously, neglects to bother with the fresh new VI. He cocks an eyebrow at it, but ignores its offer for assistance and continues down the hall towards Renala's office, giving an awkward wave to Mendez who exits the shared offices as he passes by. He's prepped for trouble, armored up with his recon hood under one arm. His SMG and

pistol are holstered at his sides. He buzzes Renala's office and awaits a response.

Renala taps on her terminal to open the door, and looks up at him. "Hey," she says. She types something on her terminal, and submits it, and many similar lines of text start scrolling down at a rapid pace. "I'm ready."

Steve leans into the room and gives a glance around as it's his first time seeing her office. He nods to himself as he gazes about the room. "Look at you, Ren." he whistles, "Got your own office and everything. Hope this ain't takin' up too much of your time. Figured we should prolly try and get this under control as soon as possible."

Renala chuckles. "I'll get some days off if the VI keeps up his good behavior," she says before standing up. "So, do you have a transport outside?"

Steve cocks a thumb over his shoulder. "Yeah, I saw that. Looks stupid. The hell kind of VI did they order?" he asks before nodding in confirmation. "Oh, yeah. Taxi outside."

Renala smirks. "Wolfe and the Chief were pointing fingers at each other," she says. "The looks on their faces when it showed up was... priceless. You should have been here."

Steve gives a shake of his head and lets out a snicker. "I don't even know why this shit surprises me anymore. Hell, I should be more surprised it ain't breakdancin' and singin' showtunes." He turns and starts back towards the exit. "So what do we have to go over with these jackasses? Let 'em know that we know they're hirin' militia without the approval of Commander Arius. They had

this Corporal Falten open fire on a Freedom Falls civilian- and current Redrock employee- over a debt. And their people attacked out people when we went to retrieve Uvena's stolen vehicle." he lists off, raising a gauntleted finger for each bulletpoint, "Am I missin' anything?"

Renala follows him towards the exit once he's done talking, nodding a few times. "That we have their vehicle, and it's as good as new," she says. "Atana is off-world, so their goons aren't going to find her if they try."

Steve exits the building and heads towards the taxi parked in the lot. "And if all else fails, we could always just shoot 'em in the face." he adds with a nod, although his smirk implies he's joking.... Probably.

Renala follows beside him. "All we need is for them to pay up for damages, and call off their debt collection," she says. "They can't do that if we shoot them in the face, though."

Steve pauses just outside of the taxi and glances over at Renala. "They can't kill our client-slash-coworker-slash-whateverelse either if we shoot them in the face. And, hell, I doubt we'd have to return the car if there ain't nobody left to return it to." He stares at her silently for a moment before his smirk returns, "I'm just kiddin', Ren. Relax. So long as they ain't a bunch of

pricks, this should be a simple exchange." He opens the door and climbs inside.

Renala sighs. "I sure hope so," she says before opening the door to the back seat behind Steve. "I want nothing more than to close this case so Wolfe can stop preaching to me about it, and maybe he'll even stop digging into it."

Steve gives Renala a nod before relaying the directions to the driver. He goes quiet, not particularly wanting to talk about their business in the company of a random taxi driver.

Renala also doesn't say anything more about the job until they're at the destination.

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