#Miner'sRespite – May 31, 2016

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Leah is up at the counter of the Respite receiving a bag. Dressed in a pair of form fitting jeans, clunky black boots and her hooded jacket, she thanks the bartender with a smile and gives a quick glance inside to make sure her order is all there.

Mavus is currently tending the bar. He chuckles, his flanging voice surprisingly soothing. "Don't worry, it's certainly all there," the turian assures her. (Nathan_Tennhausen)

Leah gives an apologetic shrug. "Oh! I'm sure it is. Just-... I have a long walk home. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Everyone makes mistakes."

Nathan enters the Respite with a sigh, turning around before the doors close to flip the bird off at some unseen person. Dressed in his motorcycle armour with the helmet tucked under one arm, he turns back in and glances around. It seems the dickens has not been following the doctor's advice to the letter and has sawed off part of the cast to allow him to ride

again. He doesn't instantly notice Leah as he walks towards the counter. "Hey, mate, is the kitchen still open?" He calls out to Mavus.

Mavus nods at Leah's reasoning before looking over to Nathan. "Depends on what you'd be wanting," he replies. (Nathan_Tennhausen)

Leah gives a glance to her side at the new arrival, doing a double-take before settling back on him. "Oh. You." she says with a smirk. "Ya know I'm gonna start to think you're following me, Ten." she continues, giving a quick snicker. "Still sounds ridiculous, by the way."

Nathan is about to answer Mavus when Leah speaks up. He grins for a moment and sets his helmet on the counter. "Funny, was about to say the same. And it is not ridiculous!" He says with an outraged flourish. He chuckles and looks back to Mavus. "I heard you do some awesome varren kebabs here. I'll take one of those. To go."

Mavus nods and starts to head to the kitchen, doing a brief check to ensure no one else is going to flag him down. (Nathan_Tennhausen)

Leah scrunches up her nose. "What? How could I be following you!? I was here first! Ya weirdo!"

Nathan frowns. "Uh... good point," he mutters with an awkward chuckle. He nods to her bag. "Whatcha got there?"

Leah cocks her head towards the bag, lifting it slightly. "Food." she says plainly. "It's always about food." She gives a short chuckle before nodding her chin towards Nathan. "What about you? What brought you out of your cave?"

Nathan hums. "A compelling reason," he says sagely. "And me? I fancied takeout tonight so I came for food. It's always about food," he echoes with a smirk.

Mavus arrives back very shortly, having a small white bag with a cheap box in his hands. "Here you go," he says as he places it on the counter. He pulls up the price and holds out a clawed hand for the chit. (Nathan_Tennhausen)

Nathan forks out the payment and hands it across. He nods his thanks and takes the bag.

Leah sets her bag back down on the counter, watching the interaction for a moment. "So why here?" she asks, furrowing her brow, "Are you staying nearby or something?"

Nathan shakes his head and taps the helmet on the counter. "Naw, I'm in a small apartment on the other side of town. There's probably places closer but... well, I just got my cycle back and I really just wanted an excuse to ride it again. Broken arm be damned!" He snickers as he pulls the helmet off the counter and looks to her. "What about you? You nearby?"

Leah frowns and gives a sweeping shake of her head, causing her ponytail to flip-flop back and forth. "Nope..." she says with a sigh. "Just like the food here. It's a bit of a walk home, though. I stay just outside of town." she admits with a shrug, "But it's not too bad, though. Gives me time to think. It'll start sucking once the snow begins to fall, though. And that shouldn't

be too much longer."

Nathan grimaces and nods, turning towards the exit. "Snow isn't exactly my favorite weather...". He pauses for a moment as he considers something. He looks back to her and jabs a thumb towards the exit. "You wanna ride back? If not, I could walk you back. Y'know, if you don't mind the company."

Leah leans an elbow on the counter, staring up at Nathan through her bangs. After a few moments, she glances at the door, considering the long walk home. "Sure, you can take a walk with me if you want. Like I said, it's kiiiinda long. I'm not getting on the back of a bike, though." she says with another shake of her head, "Cuz-... I'm not gonna, like-... touch you and stuff." she

adds, scrunching up her nose as if disgusted by the thought. After a short pause, she lets out a chuckle.

Nathan rolls his eyes and starts towards the door, holding the helmet in one hand and the bag in the other. "Well, ain't that a blow to the old ego?" He says as he glances over his shoulder. "Seriously, you must have guys falling at your every step with that kinda silver tongue," he drawls, voice oozing with sarcasm. He hits the interface with the back of his hand

and stands by the doorway.

Leah follows Nathan over to the door and outside, frown etched on her face as she hooks her arm through the bag's handles. "Because thaaat should be my goal, right? To have guys 'falling at my every step'?" She gives a roll of her eyes. "I'm just saying I don't wanna wrap my arms around a guy I barely know who may-or-may-not be a weirdo! That's all!" she adds, an antagonistic grin

crossing her lips. "Besides, when it comes to the whole ego thing? You're setting yourself up for failure! You call yourself 'Ten'! People are probably just dying to knock you down a peg." she teases, giving him a quick look over, "I'd say a solid 'Five'. Maybe 'Six' if the lighting is good." Her snicker quickly returns, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding..."

Nathan tries to maintain a serious and somewhat pissed off expression, but fails miserably as he laughs. He steps outside after her, shaking his head. "Ego sufficiently destroyed. Thanks for that," he says with a smirk. He strides over to the parked cycle, a sleek and heavily modified transport that is coloured a dark red. He opens up the storage compartment at the

back and pops his helmet in before locking it. "Y'know, you are literally the only person who mocks my nickname. Literally the only one. I'm half-tempted to just have you call me Nathan!" He turns back to her pouts. "...And could you maybe push it up to a seven?"

Leah looks over his bike as he speaks, only turning her attention back to him once he asks the question. She scrunches up her nose and tilts her head to the left. Then to the right. She slowly begins to nod a few times. "You should know the rules, Nate. Asking for a bump in the ratings is an automatic downgrade! You just dropped to a four or five!" she says dramatically, as if he

should be worried. Her gaze immediately returns to the bike and she reaches out, tracing a fingertip along the side of it. "Nice ride, though. Definitely gets a nine. Looks expensive."

Nathan blinks and cocks his head to the side. "Nate? Hmm... I can live with that," he muses, for the moment ignoring her dramatic barb to look back to his bike. "Ayep. Was the first thing I bought when I got enough credits in Sandbeck. She's an Octavian 9.7. First and only cycle I've ever owned. I paid a pretty credit to a few engineers in

way back when to get her rigged out to my specifications," he says proudly. He activates his omni-tool and a moment later, a small side compartment opens up near the front of the cycle. Inside is an inbuilt holster cradling a predator pistol. "I, uh, got that installed after an... incident while I was out one time," he says vaguely before closing it again.

Leah raises an eyebrow once Nathan finishes speaking. "Well, your Octavian 4.5 whatchamacallit is real pretty." she says with a nod, running her hand over it once more. "Should probably get myself something to go back and forth. It can get rough when the weather's bad and dad needs me to pick something up. I just never really got a handle on the whole-.... you know..........

driving thing." she admits with a sheepish shrug of her shoulders, her cheeks turning a shade redder at the thought of being unable to drive at her age. "I mean, don't get me wrong! I've driven! I just-... I wouldn't say I'm-.........." she frowns and deadpans him, "If you see me coming down the street? Get out of the way."

Nathan puffs out his cheeks. Really gotta cut down on the rambling... He then slowly raises his brow as she speaks. He opens his mouth and then closes it again, scrunching up his nose as he struggles on what to say. "...Well, you always- um... huh... maybe there's driving schools around here?" He says hesitantly and with a shrug. "Though... after your warning...

maybe just get a taxi!" He smirks and cants his head to the side, placing a hand on his hip. "A woman who can't drive... way to enforce the whole stereotype there, Leah," he adds, mimicking her antagonistic smirk from earlier.

Leah rolls her eyes and her middle finger shoots straight up, her frown deepening. "Oh, go fuck yourself, 'Five'." she snaps back, "It's not that I can't drive! I just never learned how to drive! I'm sure if I wanted to learn I'd be a grade-A spectacular driver!" she says, her speech patterns picking up in speed, as they tend to do when she's frustrated, upset or flustered, "I

happen to be very good at-... at stuff! I pick up on things pretty damn quickly, thank-you-very-much! A few summers back I put up this canopy in my backyard. Threw together an entire training-... area-.... place-.... thing-... Whatever! You know what I mean! Point is, had never done anything like that. Watched a few vids online, and viola! The canopy sags a bit in places-..." she

throws in with a frown, but quickly shrugs it off, "...But other than that? It's perfect. Hell, a few months back me and dad just had a sudden craving for brownies. Isn't that weird?" she asks, cocking her head to the side and scrunching up her nose as she dwells on it for a moment, but doesn't give Nathan a chance to respond, "We literally both wanted brownies at the same time. Out

of nowhere. Fucking freaky, right? ANYWAY, neither of us had any idea how to make brownies. Guess who figured it out? Guess what were delicious?" she nods proudly, "Me. Brownies." She suddenly narrows her eyes on Nathan, as if he has already responded, "If you even think about making a comment about-... about-... you know, the whole baking.... stereotype.... Fuck yourself! I will

literally-..." she hangs on the word, narrowing her eyes further, LITERALLY shove this entire Octagon 2.8 whatchamacallit up your ass." She lowers her voice to a whisper and repeats herself, "Literally." She takes a deep breath, her smile returning just as quickly as it had been replaced by a frown, "Sooooo~ yeah! I'd probably be a really good driver."

Nathan stares at her, mouth slightly agape and eyebrow cocked as she spews out a hundred words per minute. He tries to interject at her questions, but is swiftly cut off before a word can be uttered. He simply stands there and listens. As she comes to her conclusion, he blinks so slowly you could hear something breaking. He raises a finger and opens his mouth

before curling the finger and closing his mouth. He bites down on his lower lip, struggling for something to say or some witty comeback to attack back with. Eventually, he lowers his hand and looks at her oddly. "I-... so....". He then sighs and chuckles, scratching the back of his neck. "Sorry. I'll admit defeat to this one."

Leah nods sternly, pleased with this small victory. "Excellent! Now, chop-chop. Get walking, asshole. I don't have all day!" she says as she begins to stomp off down the block. "Soooo, how ya gonna get around once the snow starts falling?" she asks, casting a glance back over her shoulder to make sure he's following, "Probably not a good idea to ride that thing around in it. Not

unless you actually enjoy broken limbs."

Nathan smirks as he watches her walk off for the moment before following, carrying his bag of kebab with his good arm. "Aye aye, ma'am!" He falls into step beside her and shrugs. "As I suggested earlier to you, I think taxi. Or I'll just walk. Y'know, good exercise and all." He mulls over a thought for a second. "Annnnnd it seems like Falls might be becoming my

home for the imminent future, so walking about everywhere will give me an opportunity to look around. See the sights, y'know?" He says, glancing to her.

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