#YanSun'sRoom – June 19, 2016

Yan Sun has spent the entirety of the day so far in the room, relaxing after their trip to Adrasteia. The only exception, of course, being a brief trip downstairs to fetch some food for her and Jessica. She's currently lying on her stomach in the bed, wearing her last clean top along with underwear. The rest of her clothes are all stuffed into her bag, aside from the jeans she wore during the trip to Adrasteia and her hoodie,

both of which are tossed onto the dresser. She's typing on her omni-tool at a, for her, leisurely pace.

Jessica climbed right into bed as soon as she got back. Fully clothed. She has only awoken to eat some of the food Yan Sun brought back and then went right back to sleep. She stirs a bit and lets out a loud groan. "My head feels like someone stepped on it." she groans as she rolls over to face Yan Sun, eyes remaining closed.

Yan Sun snickers quietly as she hears Jessica stirring, and gives a quick glance in her direction, still typing. "Aww... poor Bam-Bam." she says with a smirk as her gaze returns to the screen.

Jessica blinks a few times, quickly narrowing her eyes on Yan Sun. She reaches out and pokes a knuckle into the woman's side. "I'll punch you..." she threatens softly, obviously still worn out from the previous day despite all of the sleep she's gotten. "How are you not sick? You are like some freak or something, mmm?" She pulls her hand back and brings it to the side of her head, rubbing at her temple.

Yan Sun 's smirk grows as she flinches slightly from the poke, and she responds without ceasing her typing. "Well... maybe you don't remember, but I didn't drink enough to get a krogan hammered. That's my freaky secret."

Jessica groans at the mention of drinking. "Mmmm. I remember." she says, before giving a slight shrug and adding, "Mostly." She lays completely still, watching Yan Sun for a moment. "I puke all over. Was not fun." She brings her hand to her stomach and rubs at it, frowning deeply, "Is flipping and flopping. I think maybe I should not have eaten food today. Is going to come back out soon."

Yan Sun grimaces, looking over to Jessica again. "糟糕, I thought you were done throwing up..." she complains. "This is my last clean shirt, so you better keep it to the bathroom!"

Jessica swings a leg over Yan Sun's back while wrapping an arm over her shoulder and tugging her closer. "Mmm. Maybe is my plan! Ruin all your clothes so you have to be naked all the time!" she teases as her eyes shut once again. She goes quiet, quite obviously still wrestling with her flip flopping stomach and headache. "Was all-... all part of my evil plan, you see?" she finall adds before making a half-assed attempt

at an evil laugh.

Yan Sun lets out a yelp as she's pulled in close by Jessica, giggling briefly. The 'evil laugh' causes her to let out an amused snort before stopping her typing and allowing the omni-tool interface to fade away as she leans back against Jessica. "Mmm... such an evil mastermind. I should've figured." she says, a smile on her face as she places her hand over Jessica's, content to let what she was doing wait for a moment.

Jessica leans in and presses a big, sloppy kiss against the side of Yan Sun's head. "Is puke kiss." she says matter-of-factly. Adding no context before quickly shifting gears. "So, you had good time last night, yes? Was fun?"

Yan Sun blinks, scrunching her nose at the comment, but at the question that follows she nods. "Yeah... it was fun. It's been a while since I went dancing... and I'm glad I got to see where you're from."

Jessica rolls onto her back, breaking her grip on Yan Sun as she stares up at the ceiling. She brings her hands behind her head and lets out a yawn. "Mmmm. It-... means a lot to me that you go with me, kitty cat." she admits, "Is the first time I have been back since leaving. Everything is so-... different now. Only one year and I barely recognize my own home. Is strange. But it felt like something I needed to do

before leaving..." she explains, "So... Thanks. Or whatever." she adds dismissively.

Yan Sun follows suit, rolling onto her back as well and turning her head towards Jessica with a smile. "Hmh... you're welcome. 'Or whatever'." she says with a snicker before sitting up. She seems about to climb out of bed, but turns back to Jessica instead, brushing some hair out of her own face. "I like Birdy." she admits with a small grin. "He's... not what I expected from a krogan, to be honest. It was cool of him drive us all

the way back."

Jessica gives a snicker of her own at the mention of Burd. "Mmm. He is a big softy. Is like an uncle to me. When I was little, I go to his shop every day." she recalls, eyes fixed on the ceiling, "I think he hated me. You know, just at first. Cuz I annoyed him. But I am too lovable, mmm? Is impossible to deny. Eventually, I grow on him, I guess. He has always been there for me when I needed it." she finishes with a


Yan Sun 's grin widens and she nods in agreement before swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. As she looks down she sees the blob of medigel, and is reminded of her new tattoo. "Did he do a lot of your tattoos himself?" she asks before heading over to the dresser and grabbing the jeans, starting to put them on.

Jessica remains in bed, staring up at the ceiling. "Mmmhmm. Pretty much all of them." she says. "Over many years. Why? Do you want more?" she asks, her head quickly cocking in Yan Sun's direction in excitement.

Yan Sun , still in the middle of putting her pants on - always a struggle - blinks. "Uhm-... no, I-... I need some time to get used to... ngh... this one first, I think!" There. All done. She starts fixing her hair, which has gotten rather messy after she went back to bed after showering. "I can't stay in the room all day... I have a few things I need to buy. I read that there's supposed to be a market around here somewhere.

And... I really need to do some laundry. No idea where to handle that though..." she says with a faint sigh, looking at Jessica through the mirror. "Was going to ask if you wanted to come, but I'm getting the impression you're just going to lie in bed and try not to puke your guts out..."

Jessica groans loudly again at the thought of having to... you know, do anything. "No." she sighs, "Is fine. Just-... let me take shower, mmm? I smell like sweat and vomit." she says, leaning over to sniff at her armpit, "Is not good to walk through the market smelling like sweat and vomit."

Yan Sun is still working on her hair, but smiles slightly at the confirmation that Jessica is joining her. She nods at her assertion. "Uhm... yeah, might be a good idea."

Jessica sighs and swings her legs out of bed. She presses her palms flat against the bed on each side of her and simply stares at the floor for a long period of time before making an effort at standing. "Wine suuuuucks." she says as she sluggishly rises to her feet. "Never again! Is terrible being rich!" Shoulders slumped, she drags her feet as she heads towards the washroom.

Yan Sun snickers and shouts after her as she goes: "Are you still blaming the wine?" She shakes her head to herself before going back to the bed and sitting down on the edge of it, bringing her omni-tool interface back up.

Jessica shouts back from the washroom, raising her voice to be heard over the sudden sound of rushing water. "No! I am blaming you for letting me drink all of that disgusting wine!"

Yan Sun smirks faintly, although most of her attention has turned back to whatever she's doing on her omni-tool, as she continues to type, eyes darting across the projected screen.

Jessica eventually leaves the shower after several near-sleeps. Wrapped in a towel she makes her way out of the washroom, leaving wet footprints in her wake, and sluggishly crosses the main room towards the small dresser her things are stored in. She purposely nudges Yan Sun as she passes by her. "Mmm. Feel much better." she says, although the tone of her voice says otherwise, and she begins rummaging through the

dresser drawer.

Yan Sun is caught off-guard by the nudge since she's absorbed by her omni-tool, and ends up pressing something she didn't intend to. "笨蛋, what are you doing?!" she snaps, but the frustration is short lived. She wipes the water off her shoulder, and after adressing whatever went wrong due to the unintended keypress she looks up at Jessica, swinging her legs onto the bed and lying down as she watches her change. "So... how much do

Yan Sun you know about this town? Any idea what to expect store-wise...?"

Jessica glares at Yan Sun for a moment after her sudden outburst, seemingly frustrated at the woman's frustration, but continues about her business once Yan Sun's frustration seems to dissipate. "I don't know." she says with a dismissive shrug as she gets dressed, " Been here a few times, but I never go shopping here. Why? Is something specific you need?"

Yan Sun nods slightly in response, her gaze moving up to the ceiling. "Yeah. I, uhm... I didn't really plan for... this. Staying... here." She goes quiet, not elaborating on what she needs as her thoughts turn instead to a related concern. "Jessica... our five nights here are up soon. Are-... I mean... what happens then?" she asks, looking back to Jessica with a faint frown.

Jessica tugs her top on, adjusting it a bit as she listens to Yan Sun. She glances back, giving a frustrated groan. "Wha-.... I don't know! Is not important, mmm? I have job now, yes? So I get more credits and we figure out where we want to go, mmm? Then we go. Is not difficult." She moves across the room to sit on the bed while she puts on her shoes. Once finished, she leans over and raps her knuckles against the side

Jessica of Yan Sun's head as if knocking on a door. "For someone so smart, you are very stupid, kitty cat. And easily confused, mmm? You are lucky you have me around to keep you in line."

Yan Sun looks up at Jessica, flinching as the knuckles rap against her skull. "Riight..." she says with a roll of her eyes and a small smirk. "I need to buy some kind of jacket, and some other stuff... and, well... I need to pick up some electronics too. I know there are quarians in town. I figure checking with them might be worth a shot."

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