#YanSun'sRoom – July 15, 2016

Jessica shrugs as she collects her shoes and returns to the bed, sitting down at the edge. "Is maybe worth checking." she says as she begins to put them on, "Or-... is maybe a good way to get robbed. I hear they like to steal a lot, yes?" A small smirk crosses her lips as her shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, "Maybe I was supposed to be born a quarian." she muses with a snicker, "So... maybe I will like quarians, mmm? Haven't met

very many of them."

Yan Sun frowns slightly, looking up at the ceiling. "I've heard stories about the Migrant Fleet. Even on Earth. But... I've talked to quarians online. People like anyone else." she says before rolling over and climbing out of bed. "You ready to go?" she asks while giving her omni-tool one last look.

Jessica lets out a slight groan as she climbs back to her feet. "No. More sleep." she pouts as she makes a slow of sluggishly walking back over to the dresser to collect her cap. She looks herself over in the mirror for a moment, a frown returning to her face as she pulls her cap on and adjusts it. "Has been a lonnnng time since I get so sick from drinking." she says as she grabs her jacket and slips an arm inside, "Months even.

Maybe you are a bad influence on me, kitty cat."

Yan Sun snickers quietly while deactivating her omni-tool interface, and walks up behind the sluggish Jessica, slipping her arms around her waist and giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Mmm, yes, a terrrrible influence." she says with a smirk.

Jessica's frown gives way to a small smile and she reaches down, placing a hand over Yan Sun's arms and tracing the tip of her finger across them gently. The smile fades as quickly as it appeared and she pries herself free from Yan Sun's hold and steps towards the door. "Is only going to get colder. Let's get you a jacket before you turn into an ice cube." she says.

Yan Sun zips up her hoodie with a nod. "Yeah..." she says, following Jessica towards the door. "Guess it says something about how prepared I was, not bringing winter clothes to an ice planet..." she mutters.

Jessica nods as she opens the door and steps outside. "Mmm. Says something about how big of a fool you are." she teases. "Is okay. Is not your brain that I want anyway." she adds with a slight snicker.

Yan Sun starts heading through the Respite alongside Jessica, furrowing her eyebrows. "Uhm... thanks...?" she says, emphasis on the question mark. She glances at some of the patrons in the bar on their way out, but they're soon past the door outside, at which point she pulls up her hood in response to the cold wind, her hands going in her pockets. "Brr... I forgot how cold it was."

Jessica zips up her jacket once outside as well. "Mmm." she hums in response, "Is going to be a bad one I think. I remember when I was just a little girl-... maybe twelve? We had this one winter that was sooo bad, me and Martin were able to jump from the second floor of the apartment complex and into these enormous snow mounds!" she recalls, the smile returning to her face briefly as she relaxes her shoulders, the memory providing

some comfort amongst the cold. "Was like white sand for as far as you could see. Was beautiful." She shoulder checks Yan Sun softly and starts down the street. "Does it snow in Hong Kong...?" she asks, suddenly realizing she knows nearly nothing about the place.

Yan Sun smiles slightly at the image of Jessica and Martin playing in the snow, following down the street. She shakes her head. "No. No snow. Winters are warm and sunny. The summers are when it gets crazy. It rains all the time, and storms a lot. Water kicking up from the ocean, trees peeling off the hills, that kind of thing."

Jessica's eyes widen at the description. "Trees are ripped out by the storms? Fuck... I want to see that. We had some bad storms in Adrasteia, but nothing like that..." she says as she continues down the street. "You know I saw the ocean here once." she adds, her tone boastful as if it's something Yan Sun should be jealous of. "I wanted to go in and swim, but we didn't know what kind of fishies were inside. So we just sat around and

drank. Was fun. Is maybe not comparable to exploring an entire planet made of ice, buuuut still not a bad way to spend a day."

Yan Sun gains an insuppressible smile at the word 'fishies', but remains silent until Jessica is done talking. "You can't swim in the oceans back home. It's not safe. Too polluted. So many people in one place, it's... hard to keep it clean. Not like out here, where there's so much room to spare."

Jessica continues down the street, bringing a hand up to grip the bill of her cap as a gust of wind blows through. She visibly shivers once it has passed. "Those pictures you showed me. It looked crowded. But is a good thing, no? So many people. So many opportunities. Maybe not so much pollution here, but is just a dead end. Nowhere to go. You're just... stuck." she frowns, giving a shake of her head, "No. I think I will take your

polluted Hong Kong over Adrasteia. After that trip into the freezing water I don't think I want to swim ever again anyway..."

Yan Sun smiles faintly. "There's something amazing about so many people in one place, for sure. So many lives interconnected, so much information, activity. But it gets crowded sometimes. It's... probably hard to imagine if you've never experienced it. I'm kind of enjoying the quiet out here. The emptiness.. What we saw on the drive back here? Well, what I saw. You were busy drooling all over my pants. It was amazing... I've

never seen anything like that before! Just... empty land, as far as the eye could see..." she trails off, shivering from the cold and pulling her hands out of her pockets to hug herself as the wind picks up.

Jessica furrows her brow. "I don't drool!" she insists, "It was puke!" After a few more steps she shrugs her shoulders. "Is nice.... I suppose." she concedes, "...Maybe I have just been here too long. When you spend your entire life wishing you were somewhere else, you don't see those things through the same eyes, yes?"

Yan Sun nods slightly. "Maybe..." she agrees, the cold starting to limit her interest in conversation. She looks around the snowy streets before asking: "You... know how to get to the market, right?"

Jessica shakes her head. "Not a clue. Will have to run into it eventually, yes? This place is not that big." she says, continuing to leave shoeprints in her wake. "Why? Is the kitty cat getting too cold? Mmmm?"

Yan Sun stops walking, shooting Jessica a slightly annoyed look as she rubs her own arms. "Yes I'm cold! It's freezing! I don't want to wanna wander around until we stumble on the market!"

Jessica shrugs and steps aside, sweeping at some snow with her shoe as it suddenly seems to catch her interest. "Then maybe you should know where you're trying to go before just walking, mmm?" She taps the side of her head with her index finger, "Is too much empty space up there for you I am thinking." she continues, a smile beginning to cross her lips as she steps closer. "Don't worry. If you get too cold I'll warm you up." she

teases, reaching out and running her hands up and down Yan Sun's arms. After committing to the joke for a few moments longer, she rolls her eyes, "Yes, of course I know where the market is." she says, bringing her hand down to Yan Sun's side and pressing a thumb into her fresh tattoo playfully, albeit painfully, "You think I am just going to walk and walk and walk until we are both popsicles? Mmm?"

Yan Sun doesn't seem very amused by the teasing, being a little busy trying not to turn into an ice cube. Not known for her high pain threshold, she practically bounces away as Jessica presses a thumb against her tattoo, and immediately falls over as her foot finds itself on a patch of slippery ice. She lets out a brief "Gah!" as she ends up sitting on the sidewalk, looking a little startled.

Jessica begins to snicker, although when Yan Sun slips it turns into a full-on laugh and she has to bring a hand up to her mouth to get it under control. "I don't think-..." she begins between fits of laughter, her words muffled by the palm of her hand, "...I don't think that's how you stay warm..." she manages. As her laughter begins to die down, she takes a step closer to Yan Sun and crouches down and presses her right hand

against the woman's cheek, giving it an annoying pat as she tends to do. "You are adorable." she teases, offering her other hand to help her up.

Yan Sun cheeks start to look flushed, although it's hard to tell if it's from embarrassment or the cold. She lets out an annoyed noise as Jessica pats her cheek, but she takes the offered hand to get back on her feet, wincing faintly and rubbing her butt for a moment before looking down the sidewalk. "Let's-... let's just go."

Jessica joins in on the butt rubbing, reaching over to pat Yan Sun on the ass. "Awww, don't be angry." she continues to tease with a snicker before starting down the sidewalk. "Is right down the block." she says, pointing arbitrarily ahead of them.

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