#YanSun'sRoom – July 16, 2016

Yan Sun swats Jessica's hand away, glancing around with an embarrassed look before starting to head in the indicated direction after brushing off the snow on her legs. "You suck." she grumbles, even as the faintest of smirks spreads across her lips.

Jessica gives a dismissive shrug and continues down the street just in front of Yan Sun. "Only in the best of ways, mmm?" she says with a quick snicker. "Is just over there." she adds without giving Yan Sun a chance to respond, nodding in the direction of the market as she quickens her pace. "Careful. Ice patch." she says, pointing to some ice along the sidewalk. "You have taught me a verrry valuable lesson. Cats don't always land

on their feet." she says matter-of-factly, nodding at this newfound information as she attempts to hold back her smile.

Yan Sun sidesteps the ice after the warning, her focus increasingly on the sidewalk in front of her to avoid any more slipping. She offers no response to the cat comment, but her smirk grows briefly, before fading away to the cold. She shivers faintly and picks up the pace to keep up, almost immediately slipping again after she does, but keeping upright by steadying herself against Jessica. "Is that the market?" she asks as the

building comes into view.

Jessica tosses an arm around Yan Sun's shoulder as she's used to keep upright. "Mmm." she hums. "I've never been inside, but I've seen it a few times during my trips here." she explains.

The market is busy despite the cold weather, people moving in and out the large, open doorway. A militiaman can be seen ushering a pair of quarians out of the building, mainly through the use of rather harsh shoves, which cause them to drop several of the items they're carrying.. They curse him out while picking their goods back up before heading on their way towards the spaceport. As Jessica and Yan Sun head inside, they're greeted

by a wave of comfortable heat and a crowd of people milling about among the numerous shops, food vendors and miscellaneous stalls. A few quarian merchants appear to have rented spots in the market, but most of it consists of regular occupiers and various travelling sellers. Clothes and food make up the vast majority of the sold goods, but several more specialized merchants can be found as well, mostly with things you couldn't find

in the local stores.

Yan Sun seems quite happy to stay close to Jessica as they head up to the market, wrapping an arm around her waist and using her as a shield from the cold. She stops briefly as she watches the scene with the quarians, but soon moves on inside, letting out a relieved sigh as the warm air washes over her, and immediately starting to rub her hands to warm them up and restore dexterity.

Jessica glares at the militiaman, her issue with authority quickly bubbling to the surface but she keeps it in check for now. "Is the same everywhere you go..." she sighs once they step inside. "...Those with the power and the weapons pushing around those without... Is fine. I understand. What's the point of power if you're not going to use it, yes? Just-... pisses me off how they are able to do it while still thinking they are

Jessica better than us. Mmmm?" she says, her head swiveling as they enter, her gaze still locked on the militiaman. It's quite obvious that her frustration isn't really about a few quarians being tossed out.

Yan Sun nods with a faint sigh, following Jessica's gaze. "Yeah..." she agrees, a frown crossing her face, but it fades quickly as her gaze moves across the market, the sheer variety of the people and goods being sold striking to her despite the relatively small size of the place itself. "Huh... this is... not bad for a little town in the middle of nowhere."

Jessica gives a shrug, pulling her arm from around Yan Sun. "Is not bad? What did you expect?" she asks, "Aite still gets lots of goods from all over. Is... maybe not as plentiful or as cheap but-..." she shrugs, "....we get what we need. So what are we looking for, kitty cat?" she begins glancing around, unsure of what she should be looking for, but still looking nonetheless. "Is probably nothing compared to the markets in your

Jessica Hong Kong, though, mmm?"

Yan Sun smirks faintly, and nods, but then quickly steps aside as a krogan makes his way through the crowd. "It's... smaller. A lot smaller than anything in Hong Kong. There are very few aliens in Hong Kong though... most of the goods are from Earth. The big stores, the corps, they can afford some imports from the wider galaxy. Markets like this? Anything from outside Sol is probably illegal goods." She takes a few steps,

Yan Sun looking around at the many vendors. "I think some winter clothes might be a good place to start..." she says, while looking around for a suitable seller.

Jessica opens her mouth to speak, but falls silent. "I never stop to think about it, I guess..." she admits. "Is.... is all of Earth like that? I guess I just grew up and spent my entire life with asari and batarians and turians and-... I never imagined life without that sense of... diversity, mmm? I mean, I am not ignorant to that stuff. I read about all of the problems between people across the galaxy. Is just not much of an

Jessica issue out here. Not in the same way, at least. Most of the people here came here to-... to get away from something? I guess? Or to start a new life, mmm? Maybe worrying about what race your neighbor is just isn't such a concern out here... Is a problem on Earth...?"

Yan Sun keeps looking for the right place while she listens to Jessica, but briefly glances at her, clearly quite interested to hear her speak about this. She soon spots a clothing store, one of the more permanent establishments in the market, and sets off towards it. She nods at the question while they walk. "Oh yeah. It's a big problem. I mean, Go Shi, most people on Earth still know turians as 'the bird-monsters that bombed

Yan Sun our colony'. The Federation was the primary sponsor for Shanxi... there's a lot of resentment over it still." she explains. "I mean... the Hierarchy can Chiu Se, but am I gonna judge every turian for that? Of course not!"

Jessica follows behind Yan Sun... which is more successful than her ability to follow the conversation. "Goshy? Is that-.... Chewsee? Ack-... translator-..." she frowns. ".....So you are saying is a lot of tension between humans and non-humans on Earth?" she guesses. She gives a shrug of her shoulders, "Eh. In my life, I have seen good humans and I have seen bad humans. I have seen good turians and I have seen bad turians. I have

Jessica learned it is better to just hate everyone you don't know than to only hate the ones who don't look like you." she offers with a chuckle. "Much safer that way, mmm?"

Yan Sun smirks faintly. "So wise." she says with a snicker as they arrive at the clothes vendor. She starts to look through jackets immediately, but she seems to grow increasingly distracted as she sifts through unending amounts of cheaply manufactured clothes, her mind clearly elsewhere.

Jessica just looms over her shoulder, looking at the poorly made jackets. "Mmm. Is why I am the brains of this operation." she replies with a nod. She remains quiet for a few moments until Yan Sun's distraction becomes apparent and she presses her index and middle finger into each of Yan Sun's sides from behind. "What's wrong?" she asks, "Is nothing you like?"

Yan Sun blinks. "Huh? I'm-... no, I'm fine." she says, not sounding particularly convincing. She pulls out a sleek black jacket, looking it over skeptically, but taking it and moving on, going over to a bin full of winter accessories, grabbing gloves, a scarf and a beanie, all thick. It's clear she's not too fond of the cold.

Jessica frowns. "I meet lots of liars in my life. You are a bad liar, kitty cat. What's wrong, mmm?" she prods, following her over to the bin. She idly begins pushing through it, not particularly interested in any of the stuff.

Yan Sun shakes her head, not responding for the moment and instead heading over to the volus behind the store counter. "There's no-... oh, it's-... it's a manual transaction. Right." she mumbles, briefly bewildered, before digging around in her pockets for a credit chit. She puts the clothes on the counter and hands the chip to the volus. "Just... just these, thank you." she says.

Jessica's frown deepens as she continues to follow Yan Sun around the store. "You know I don't like being ignored, mmm?" she asks with little regard to anyone who may be listening in. She's more than willing to be obnoxious in public. "Is a good way to get hit, kitty cat. Is what you want? And I don't mean in the good, kinky way." she threatens. A loud sigh follows as she folds her arms across her chest and begins to pout,

"Whaaaat's wrong? Don't be annoying."

Yan Sun shoves her newly purchased clothes into a bag, barely making it out of the store before growing weary of Jessica's prodding. "Not now, okay...?" she says, sounding a little annoyed, and clearly more concerned about making a scene in public than Jessica is. "Now come on, I need-... I think there's more things... yeah. Maybe some more I can pick up here, and... then we can head over to the grocery store." There's an odd

sense of doubt in every word she says, but she continues regardless. "Are you buying anything?" she asks, trying to change the subject.

Jessica is clearly confused. "Wha-... Not now? You're being fucking weird." she says, stomping off behind her. "I don't need anything. I have a jacket. I am just here for you. And right now I'm starting to wish I wasn't." she says, annoyance met with annoyance. "Why are you being so confusing, mmm?"

Yan Sun stops on her way to another vendor, shoulders dropping. "You know what, let's just go to the grocery store now... the rest of the stuff I was going to get can wait." she says, Jessica's questioning wearing on her patience, and her mood for shopping all but ruined.

Jessica furrows her brow, staring the woman down for a moment. "Orrrr we could not waste this trip through the freezing cold and you could stop acting like a fucking brat and get whatever-the-fuck it is we came for, mmm?" she suggests matter-of-factly. Without waiting for a response, she starts towards a random shop, then stops in place, turns around and starts towards a second shop instead. Finally, she groans and returns to

Yan Sun's side, frustrated that her dramatic stomp-off failed so epicly. "What are we here for? Mmm? Go on. Lead. I don't know what the fuck this is about."

Yan Sun lowers her gaze as Jessica stares her down, almost recoiling slightly. She watches her stomp off in silence, and her return, a faint frown on her face. She doesn't say anything as she heads off towards a shop, picking out and purchasing a few select, obscure gadgets along with some power cells, an omni-gel canister and a short length of cable. She quickly moves on to the next shop, another clothes vendor, starting to look

at tops, lifting up a few to study them closer, but still not saying anything to Jessica.

Jessica continues to follow Yan Sun around. "Now you do the angry silence thing." she sighs once they reach the second clothing store. "The hell is going on with you right now, mmm?" she asks, although the frustration in her voice has since gone away. Now it's just confusion. "I thought we were going to have a fun time. Buy some-... I'm not a fan of the angry silence thing, kitty cat! Stop."

Yan Sun lowers the top she's holding, letting out a sigh. "I'm sorry... I'm not angry, I'm just-..." she looks down at the neatly folded clothes with a sigh, taking a quick look around. No one in the immediate vicinity. "I have no idea what I'm doing. I've lived in Hong Kong all my life... and I... I don't know what I'm doing out here. I try to act like I've got a grip on it, but... I'm-... I'm scared, alright?" she says, wincing

as she has no idea what kind of reaction she'll get, staring down at the clothes still.

Jessica cocks an eyebrow at the woman, a small smile crossing her lips. "Scared?" she asks, Yan Sun's reaction obviously not what she was expecting. She gives a shrug and takes a position beside her, looking over a few clothing items herself. "What is there to be scared of? This place?" she asks, glancing around and shaking her head. "Is nothing to be afraid of here. These people aren't worth fearing. Maybe is me you're afraid

of, yes?" she asks, the teasing tone returning to her voice as she nudges into Yan Sun with her hip. "A lot to be afraid of right here, kitty cat. Especially since you have a habit of pissing me off, mmm?"

Yan Sun gains a faint smile as she's nudged, but it fades as quick as it appeared. She glances to her side at Jessica, tilting her head a bit. She doesn't seem all that in the mood for teasing. "No, I-... there's just... a lot to get used to. I, uh.... I'm here because of you. You know that, right?"

Jessica rolls her eyes, Yan Sun's statement making her visibly uncomfortable. She lifts up a top and holds it up against her. "Proving once again you're not the most intelligent of creatures..." she mutters. "Is nice, yes?" she asks, quickly shifting gears as she turns to face Yan Sun and show off the shirt. It's sleeveless with a hood. Far from winter-wear. Obviously part of the store's stock that they want to get rid of given how

steeply marked down the price is.

Yan Sun 's gaze shifts to the top in Jessica's hands with a sigh. The reaction wasn't exactly unexpected. She makes an effort to shift her own focus as well, keen to try and have some fun while they're out. She studies the hooded top and nods with a faint, lopsided smirk. "Yeah, I like it. Not... sure how practical it is right now though."

Jessica frowns and shrugs her shoulders, tossing it atop the other clothes without folding it. "For what it's worth, I'm glad you're here, kitty cat..." she says as she turns to a new stack of clothing. "Maybe I'm not too good at letting you know that. Is just my way, mmm? Doesn't mean I don't think it. And if that's not enough-..." she trails off, shrugging her shoulders as she glances to Yan Sun with a smirk, "...Well then fuck

off, I guess?"

Yan Sun immediately steps closer to Jessica, wrapping her arms around her waist and giving her a hug from behind, peeking over her shoulder at the clothes. "Aww..." she says with a big smile on her face, her spirits immediately seeming lifted. She furrows her eyebrows as she her gaze scans the shirts. "It's weird not to see any tops with tech integration. I guess there's not a lot of demand out here... but, still..." A brief

pause follows before she says "Ooh, that one!" removing an arm from Jessica to point at a fairly unremarkable shirt printed with the logo of the Arcanii faction from Galaxy of Fantasy. "You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get GoF merch on Earth! What is this even doing out here?!"

Jessica shrugs at Yan Sun slightly, making a show of resisting the hug at first before finally giving in. She leans her head to the side, resting it against Yan Sun's for a moment until the shirt is pointed out. "Goff? The fuck is goff?" she asks, narrowing her eyes on the shirt. She grabs it and unfolds it, holding it up in front of her and tilting her head to the side as she studies it. "I don't get it. Is good thing on Earth?"

She brings the shirt in closer, seeming committed to buying it simply because Yan Sun is interested in it.

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