#YanSun'sRoom – July 20, 2016

Yan Sun lets go of Jessica, slipping over to her side and shrugging with an awkward expression. "It's uh... an MMO. Galaxy of Fantasy? Highest-grossing game of the Hierarchy? 11 billion players? No...?"

Jessica stares blankly at Yan Sun as she speaks. Once she hears that 11 billion people play it, she suddenly nods. "Ohhhh. Yes. Galaxy of Fantasy." she repeats with a nod, "Of course. Is good game. I will get this." she decides, tossing the shirt over her shoulder. From the tone of her voice, it's pretty apparent she has no idea what it is, but she doesn't want to look ignorant to Yan Sun.

Yan Sun snickers, an amused grin spreading across her face - it's clear she doesn't quite buy Jessica's sudden recognition of the game, but she decides to play along. "I didn't realize you play? What's your main character?" she asks with slightly exaggerated curiosity while looking at the clothes hanging on the wall for display.

Jessica looks like a deer caught in headlights for a moment before simply narrowing her eyes on Yan Sun. "Fuck you." she says plainly as she adjusts the shirt over her shoulder and begins rummaging through some of the other shirts. "Don't be an asshole." she mutters, giving Yan Sun a playful nudge.

Yan Sun 's grin widens, a smug look on her face as she turns to Jessica after being nudged. She looks at her for a moment without saying anything, and then moves on, selecting a couple of clothing items. A cheap but very much necessary expansion of her rather limited wardrobe. "Just need to purchase these and then I'm done at the market." she says, holding up the armful of clothes. "You done?"

Jessica maintains a scowl as she adds a few simple t shirts to the one over her shoulder, not responding to Yan Sun right away. Finally she turns on her heels and starts towards the counter. "Mmm." she hums, still seemingly deciding to buy the Galaxy of Fantasy shirt despite having no idea what it is.

Yan Sun pays for her clothing, stuffing them in a bag and waiting for Jessica to do the same. "You mind visiting the quarian compound before we go to the grocery store? I think I might find the rest of the components I'm looking for there, and... honestly, I'd really like to see it while they're here."

Jessica gives a shrug as she pays for her things. "Mmmm. Is fine. Is not like I have the worst hangover in existence or anything..." she says sarcastically as she stuffs her shirts into a bag without bothering to fold any of them, "...Is no problem. I'll just follow you alllll over town." She winces and places a hand on her stomach as it begins to growl. "....Fucking wine...." she mutters.

Yan Sun rolls her eyes. "Maybe don't drink so much next time, hm?" she says as her grin returns, and she executes an expert nudge of her own as payback for earlier attacks. "Come on, we can probably find something to eat at the spaceport, or the way back at least..."

Jessica frowns, stumbling slightly from the nudge. "Fine, fine..." she says dismissively, as if Yan Sun's offering of food convinced her. "What do you need from the quarians?" she asks as she starts towards the exit, "Is something specific?"

Yan Sun continues out of the market alongside Jessica, and after a brief pause to get her bearings she heads off towards the spaceport, one of the few places in town she can locate on her own. "Uh, yeah.... I was hoping to pick up some computer components."

Jessica begins to look slightly uncomfortable. "Is this about-.... you-know-what?" she asks, lowering her voice as she gives a cursory glance around.

Yan Sun winces slightly, and reflexively goes: "Huh?" before admitting "Yeah, uh.... yeah. I'm trying to see if maybe I can build a basic mainframe for it." She continues to move towards the spaceport along the snow-covered sidewalk, but shoots a glance at Jessica, looking for her reaction.

Jessica clearly doesn't know what that means. "I don't know what that means." Yep. She grunts in frustration. "Is maybe not best plan to go to quarians for help in fixing an AI, no?" She sucks in a deep breath, gripping her bag tightly in one hand as she slides her other hand into her jacket pocket, "...Are you sure you know what you're doing, kitty cat...?"

Yan Sun sighs. "Yes, I know what I'm doing. I know how dangerous AI are... I'm not going to do anything stupid. I'm just looking for components and trying to figure out my options, alright? I'm not... letting a rogue AI loose on the extranet or whatever. I know this stuff."

Jessica rolls her eyes. "Is probably a similar thing to what the quarians thought when they created the geth, mmm?" she muses aloud. "...Just be careful, kitty cat." she adds, sounding unusually concerned.

Yan Sun confidently exclaims "I'm always careful!" as the spaceport comes into view ahead. She crosses the road during a lull in traffic, making her way towards the entrance. "And that's different... I'd never actually try to create one... never. But the fact is this one is already alive... and I can't just scrap it. It wouldn't be right."

Jessica shakes her head as she follows alongside Yan Sun. "You are not always careful." she argues, "You are the least careful person I ever meet. Is a miracle you didn't somehow fall off a cliff during our walk to the market, mmm? You can barely get dressed without hurting yourself!" she teases, although there's an undertone of trying to prove a point. "And it tried to scrap us first, remember?"

Yan Sun frowns slightly as Jessica repeatedly reminds her of her own clumsiness, and she remains quiet as they enter the space port's main terminal. People are moving about their business all over, most of them in a hurry. She starts to head towards the nearest door that will lead out back, navigating her way through the mass of people with the ease of someone used to crowds far greater in size. It is not longer before she is


Jessica follows behind, bumping shoulders with a few people- who are paying as little attention to where they're walking as she is- as the foot traffic gets denser. She gives a few dirty looks to those she collides with, but manages to keep pace with Yan Sun.

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