#YanSun'sRoom – May 21, 2018

Evening has arrived, and the 3rd of November is drawing towards its end. The day has been filled with vids aplenty. While there's been a chance for Jessica to pick out a vid or two too, Yan Sun has largely pulled from the same series, an old favorite of hers. Jessica's predictions came true in the 3rd entry of the series, and by the 4th, the knight and the elf seem ready to die for each other as they fight the Kingdom's injustice.

And, as the vid draws to a close, that's exactly what happens. The elven rebel dies a dramatic death on a rainy battlefield, and a rage-fuelled last stand against the royal army by the rogue knight ends in narrow survival as what's left of the rebel forces convinces her to fall back, and live to fight another day. Yan Sun's attention has shifted back and forth over the course of the day spent lazying about in bed. At slow points

more focused on Jessica - with eyes and lips both, but at her favorite parts quite engrossed in the vids despite having seen them already. It's not hard to tell the ending is one of the latter, and if Jessica were to look towards her she'd notice hints of tears in her eyes, and a hasty movement of a hand to wipe them away.

Jessica despite her nearly endless nitpicking and complaining throughout the series (In many cases causing her to miss important bits of dialogue under her complaints which would spur her to aggressively force Yan Sun to rewind parts), seemed to be genuinely invested in the duo of characters and their journey by the end of the last movie. As the ending wraps up, a deep sniffle escapes her and she's quick to swipe the back of her

hand across her good eye and try to cover her actions with a forced, deep cough before putting the attention on Yan Sun. "Pussy." she says, nudging into Yan Sun with her shoulder in an effort to let her know that the tears didn't go unnoticed.

Yan Sun frowns, briefly looking somewhere between embarrassed and annoyed as she glances Jessica's way, giving her a shove with one hand while rubbing her eyes with the other. "F-... shut up!" she exclaims, followed by some muttering in Cantonese as she pulls her legs in close, wrapping an arm around them and resting her head on her knees as she studies Jessica. "Don't think I didn't notice! It was good, right?"

Jessica rocks to the side from the push before coming to rest back in a seated position. Her snicker is short lived, coming to an abrupt stop when Yan Sun calls her out which results in a small, annoyed frown crossing her face. "I don't know what you are talking about..." she says dismissively with a glance towards the screen displaying the credit scroll. "It was okay..." she's quick to chime in with her opinion in hopes of not

lingering on her own emotional investment in the series. After a moment, she asks: "...There is another one...?" trying- and failing- to mask the fact that she's not ready to say goodbye to the cast of characters just yet.

Yan Sun nods with a half-sniffle, half-snicker, a small grin following. "There's one more." she reveals, her omni-tool activating to turn the volume down as the credits music swells. She lets out a yawn, lifting her arms to stretch while glancing at the dark outside the window.

Jessica follows her gaze over towards the window, frowning once more when she comes to the realization that time has kind of gotten away from them. She scoots to the edge of the bed and climbs to her feet. "You are wanting to watch this last one now, or-...?" she trails off, glancing back to Yan Sun to make the decision considering it is her day. Besides, if Jessica doesn't like her decision she can just overrule it anyway.

Yan Sun ponders the question for a moment before looking over to Jessica, tilting her head as she studies her for a moment. "I'm thinking maybe that's enough vids for today...?" she says with a snicker. "Time to leave the room for a bit? I mean... if you think you can deal with waiting for a bit before the next part?" she asks in a teasing tone, nudging Jessica's side with her foot from her seat in the bed.

Jessica turns to fully face Yan Sun. Her hands come to rest on her hips and she returns Yan Sun's teasing with a blank stare and an unamused roll of her good eye. "Oh. You are soooo funny." she says flatly in response to Yan Sun picking on her for actually enjoying something. How immature. Her hand leaves her hip momentarily just to swat at the attacking foot. She winces slightly and bends to the side as she's prodded in her ribs.

"You are going to make me kick your ass on your birthday, kitty cat?" she asks as she stands near the edge of the bed, "Mmm?"

Yan Sun withdraws her foot with another small snicker, lifting a hand to shield herself just in case. After a while her smile fades as her hand lowers. "I'm glad you liked it! For real!" she insists. "Was one of my favorite vid series growing up." she says with a shrug, scooting closer to the edge of the bed. "I remember watching this one for the first time at... thirteen, I think? I was-... I cried... a lot. It was the last one

when I discovered the series."

Jessica snorts. "Mmm. Of course you cry a lot. You are a puuuuussy." she says, drawing the word out for effect. After a short snicker at Yan Sun's expense her smile fades into something a bit more reserved and she steps forward so her legs are up against the bed. As she looks down at Yan Sun, she brings her left hand down to run her fingers through her hair. "It was a not shit movie." she says, as if that should be considered a

compliment. And, coming from Jessica, it probably is. "I never see it before. We-..." she pauses, deciding not to potentially sour the mood by mentioning on her own shitty upbringing where she and her brother were far too busy trying to find out where their next meal would come from to worry about the latest vid released. "...I did not see many vids when I am younger." she says simply instead. With a small breath, she

changes gears rather than dwelling on her past, her fingers navigating their way out of Yan Sun's hair so she can bring her hand over and give her a soft smack on the cheek as she so often- and annoyingly- does. "So what are we doing, slut?"

Yan Sun doesn't manage to muster up even a semblance of annoyance at Jessica's mockery as her fingers start to run through her hair. She just looks up at her with a faint, slightly goofy smile. Jessica's comments about her childhood causes her gaze to fall for a moment as that guilt over the difference between their backgrounds makes itself known. She's brought back to the present as Jessica smacks her cheek, flinching a little

and looking back up at her. "I... was thinking we could go to the club? Been a while since we went out." she says, her hands idly moving to the back of Jessica's legs as she speaks, thumb's stroking across the fabric of her pajama pants as she studies her questioningly.

Jessica makes a face as if considering the suggestion for few moments before giving a single nod. "Mmmm." she agrees, not one to let something as trivial as a fractured arm keep her from boogying. Her hand makes its way down Yan Sun's cheek and to her chin, the rough, scarred flesh prickly against Yan Sun's skin. She urges Yan Sun's head upwards a bit more and leans down. "But!" she begins before pressing a brief kiss against her

lips, "Not like this!" As she straightens back up, she looks Yan Sun over. "You are needing to put on something hot if we are going to the club."

Yan Sun snickers slightly at the comment, even as she leans after Jessica when she pulls back. "Options are... kinda limited, but I promise I won't go in my pajamas." she says as she sinks back down. She furrows her eyebrows and goes to sniff her own armpit. "Uh... shower first." she adds, trying to navigate Jessica out of her way with her hands so that she can stand up.

Jessica steps aside, giving Yan Sun a swift slap on the ass to send her on her way to the shower. "Is about time. You stink." she says, scrunching up her nose in disgust.

Yan Sun scurries off to the shower with a laugh, but Jessica's comment causes her to look to briefly glance back with a look of mock hurt. "Hey!" she exclaims before disappearing into the bathroom.

Jessica simply gives Yan Sun the finger before making her way over to the dresser to rummage through her limited selection of clothing for something to wear.

Yan Sun emerges from the bathroom for the second time post-shower, after a first emergence to get dressed in her favored black slim jeans, a black spaghetti strap top and sleek punk boots. She's now also in full makeup, a sharp contrast to the relaxed, pyjama-wearing, messy-haired look that she's sported all day. A small smile crosses her blue lips as she holds out her arms a little, turning a bit. "Good enough?" she asks as her

Yan Sun cybernetics come to life, complimenting her hair, lips and nails.

Jessica seems to have decided that her quick washup in the morning was enough and has since changed into a pair of beat up, grungy old blue jeans that years of washing have faded most of the color from. The knees are ripped, though it's unclear if it's a style choice or just wear and tear. At any rate, it matches her worn down old sneakers. She's still wearing the same loose-fitting white tanktop she was before Yan Sun took her

Jessica shower. She climbs out of the desk chair she was seated in and begins to appraise Yan Sun's outfit with a critical eye. "Not slutty enough." she decides, though a small grin crosses her face. She takes a couple of steps closer, bringing her hands to rest on Yan Sun's hips and gets a closer look at her, scanning her up and down. "...But I suppose it will do."

Yan Sun 's gaze lowers for a moment, her small smile turning into an amused grin, although there's a hint of embarrassment underneath. "Uhm... thanks, I think?" She crosses her own hands behind Jessica's back, her expression turning back into a faint, genuine smile as she studies her up close with one brown eye and one glowing blue. Her gaze briefly darts down to Jessica's tanktop, but she doesn't comment on it. "Ready?"

Jessica gives a couple of small nods, continuing to silently look Yan Sun over before humming in agreement. "Mmm." She gives Yan Sun's hips a playful squeeze before turning on her heels and starting towards the door, collecting her jacket along the way. "We are going to get fucked up tonight, kitty cat." she comments as she stops near the door to slip her jacket on, making sure to glance back towards Yan Sun to give a wiggle of her

Jessica eyebrows.

Yan Sun steps into the main room of Club Cobalt, looking around in silence, taking in the lights, music and people. She almost seems a little overwhelmed after a week mostly spent in her room, despite having been the one to suggest it. Still, a small smile crosses her lips as her cybernetics analyze the music and start to match the beat, pulsing in time with it. She'd never expect to enjoy a club when she was younger, and her

Yan Sun first time sneaking in had been apprehensive to say the least, but she'd taken a liking to it that surprised herself. Now, it felt familiar, even out here, with a crowd half alien. Getting lost in the music and the crowd was freeing in a strange way, an avenue to let out everything that she'd been used to bottling up in her younger years. Didn't hurt that she was actually a better dancer than she has any right to be,

Yan Sun considering her usual lack of coordination. Still, she'd never go on her own. It was all in the company. With that thought her gaze turns to Jessica, still sporting a small smile. It was good to have her back.

Jessica on the other hand, spent much of her formative years in Illumination. What started with latching on to an older brother that she looked up to far more than she would ever be willing to admit became a way of life. So much time was wasted in the walls of that club. Unlike Yan Sun, there was no need to sneak in. Not like anybody was asking for identification in Adrasteia. It never even occurred to her brother that maybe she

Jessica shouldn't be there. Those were the sort of concerns for people far above their class. Drugs, guns, and booze became all too familiar in Jessica's life far earlier than they had any right to. But now it provided a different comfort. With the lights, loud music, and dark atmosphere dominated by bodies all moving in unison, it provided an opportunity for her to blend in. When forced to wear the reminders of your sins right on

Jessica your face, any opportunity to escape the judgmental stares of others is a welcome one. Of course Jessica would never admit that. Just like she wouldn't admit to the inability to keep her thoughts from shifting right back to that bug-infested ship throughout the day. Instead, she wears a cocky grin and presses her forehead against Yan Sun's as she turns her gaze on her. Her hand moves to grip Yan Sun's cybernetic wrist,

Jessica lifting it and cocking her head ever-so-slightly against Yan Sun's to look the impressive tech up and down as the lights pulsate to the music. "You are way too nerdy to be this fucking hot!" she says, raising her voice in an attempt at being heard over the music.

Yan Sun gains a grin of her own, albeit a far less cocky one, as Jessica's attention turns to her. The comment causes her eyebrows to furrow slightly, not seeming quite sure whether to take the comment as an insult or a compliment at first, but judging by the slightly embarrassed grin quickly spreading across her lips it's the latter. Her free hand moves to Jessica's side, allowing her cybernetics to be studied freely. Each pulse

Yan Sun of light reveals the intricate nature of the transdermal circuitry, virtually invisible when not active.

Jessica continues to study the cybernetics, her free hand moving up to the inside of Yan Sun's cybernetic arm to trace along the lights. She gives a small snicker before releasing the arm, both of her hands moving to Yan Sun's sides. "Alright! Let's get some drinks in you so we can start working towards getting you drunk! Yes?!" she announces over the pounding music, foreheads still pressed against one another.

Yan Sun 's gaze darts away from Jessica's good eye to the fingers tracing along her arm briefly, slight shiver following and her mind being drawn to their first real meeting on the Saint Lucia. How simultaneously intimidated and fascinated she'd been by her. It was hard to believe it was only two months ago. So much had happened since then. Jessica's announcement brings her thoughts back to the present, and a snicker slips out as

raises an eyebrow. "Uhm... lead the way, I guess?"

Jessica closes her eyes as the music picks up in intensity. She doesn't begin moving immediately, instead she keeps her forehead pressed against Yan Sun's and begins to lull her head from side-to-side in rhythm with the music. She continues on like this for a few moments, simply enjoying the music before her eyes peel open once again. She wordlessly pulls her head back and uses her grip on Yan Sun's sides to nudge her in the general

direction of the bar.

Yan Sun glances off towards the bar as Jessica nudges her, grabbing her uninjured hand as she slips out of her grasp and heads for the bar, struggling a little with finding an opening, and failing to get the bartender's attention.

Jessica grips Yan Sun's hand, interlocking their fingers, and follows over to the bar. Never one to respect others' personal space, she hovers in close behind Yan Sun and folds her splinted arm across Yan Sun's chest. Using her body, she pushes Yan Sun forward so they can squeeze in between a couple of patrons, bumping into them and nudging them aside in the process. "Drinks!" she shouts towards the bartender.

Yan Sun stumbles slightly as Jessica pushes in between two other patrons, prompting her to shoot an awkward, apologetic smile to the frustrated-looking human man on her right who was in the middle of taking a drink when he was shoved. "Hey! Fucking watch it!" he exclaims, putting his now mostly empty glass down and wiping his wet hand against his pants as he glowers at them. The bartender glances Jessica's way briefly, gesturing

briefly to indicate that she heard her as she continues to take the order of another patron.

Jessica cocks an unamused eyebrow as she glares at the man. "Maybe you have had enough, mmm?" she taunts. "You are not even able to hold onto your drink anymore! It is supposed to stay in the glass!" Well, at least she amuses herself. She leans her cheek against Yan Sun's hair as she watches the man unapologetically.

The man seems briefly put off when he notices Jessica's burns, and he stops just short of voicing as much. He looks about 30, and stands at 6 feet with an average build. An equally unamused smile crosses his lips as he nods. "Funny!" he says, pressing one palm against the bar counter as he stares them both down. "You're paying for my drink." Yan Sun seems rather uncomfortable, and voices a quiet "Jessica..." which might be lost in

the music.

Jessica furrows her brow and opens her mouth to speak when she hears Yan Sun trying to speak up which causes her to bite down on whatever she was about to say. A few silent moments pass before Jessica gives a loud- audible in Yan Sun's ear even with the music- sigh. Pulling in a deep breath through her nose, she swallows her pride and speaks through clenched teeth. "Mmm. Whatever."

The man grunts, nodding as his stance relaxes a little, but he keeps his eyes on Jessica until the bartender approaches, at which point his attention shifts. "...Serrice Ice." he calls out after a suspiciously long delay. An asari beverage, it is notably one of the most expensive items on the menu. "On her." he adds with a nod to Jessica and Yan Sun. The bartender looks to them for confirmation, as well as to take their orders.

Jessica scoffs loudly. "What he means is one more of whatever shit booze he was already drinking!" she corrects with a gesture towards his half-empty glass. She passes a scowl his way.

The bartender, a pierced asari that often seems to work the bar, casts a brief glance at the man before nodding and going to grab a bottle without a word, obviously on the lookout for potential trouble. The disgruntled man returns Jessica's scowl with one of his own, leaning in closer. "You calling me a fucking liar? Huh? I told you what I was drinking." Yan Sun seems unsure what to do or say, caught in a somewhat awkward position

between Jessica and the bar. The glow of her cybernetics has solidified, no longer pulsing with the music.

Jessica blinks a couple of times, caught between wanting to keep the trouble to a minimum tonight for Yan Sun's sake and wanting to shatter this asshole's nose. Looking none-too-threatened by his posturing, she sucks in another deep breath. "No. I am calling you an asshole. Biiig difference. So how about you just shut up, get out of my face, and accept your drink, mmm?" she asks, politeness not being one of her strong suits.

The man continues to scowl at Jessica, but he seems to reconsider pushing things as his gaze falls on her scars again. When his (considerably cheaper) drink arrives, he takes it with a mutter of "Fucking freak..." before leaving the bar. Yan Sun noticably relaxes against Jessica, briefly reaching back over her shoulder to brush against her neck.

Jessica's teeth clench tightly as the man insults her. Her hand across Yan Sun's chest balls into a fist but she quickly reigns herself in, deciding instead to express herself by flipping him off over her shoulder as he walks off without giving him the benefit of even looking his way. "If it wasn't your birthday then I would make that fuck eat his glass." she mutters into Yan Sun's ear. "So I better get laid tonight." Despite the

attempt at levity, it's not hard to tell that her mood has been dampened by the encounter.

Yan Sun keeps her hand on Jessica's neck, turning her head to press a kiss against her cheek. "Ignore that 屎窟佬. He's not worth the effort." she says, only audible thanks to her proximity to Jessica's ear. The bartender looks their way to check if they're ordering, looking like she's about to leave if they aren't.

Jessica's scowl remains, but the peck on her cheek takes a little bit of the bite out of her. She folds her arm back across Yan Sun's chest as she looks to the bartender. "Batarian ale for me!" she shouts over the music, "And something very gay and fruity for my very gay and fruity friend!" she adds, giving Yan Sun a playful squeeze.

Yan Sun rolls her eyes, jabbing an elbow into Jessica's belly. The bartender raises an eyebrow, but accepts the order with a nod. "Coming right up!" she exclaims, smirking to herself about the strange aliens as she pours up a glass of batarian ale before getting to work on a drink for Yan Sun. She foregoes asking if Jessica can handle Batarian ale - perhaps she recognizes them? Soon enough both glasses are placed on the bar

counter. One green, and one glowing blue, looking like it was mixed to match Yan Sun's cybernetics. "I like the lights." she comments as she places the glass. Yan Sun looks more than a little embarrassed, a slightly awkward chuckle slipping out. "Uhm... thanks." she manages as she pulls the glass closer, keeping her gaze on the liquid. The bartender shoots her a wink, and chuckles as she heads over to take an order from a

nearby patron, keeping an eye out for a credit chit from the two of them.

Jessica snickers to herself as Yan Sun prods her. But as the bartender brings their drinks and begins to- as Jessica interprets it at least- openly flirt with Yan Sun, she cocks an eyebrow and drops her hand to rummage through her pocket for a credit chit. With her other hand, she releases her grip on Yan Sun's hand and wraps it tightly around Yan Sun's waist, perhaps a bit of jealousy surrounding the territorial gesture. Once she

gets ahold of her credit chit, she places it atop the bar and slides it forward, leaning heavily against Yan Sun in the process. She pulls her drink closer, but her hand moves to Yan Sun's chin, angling her so she can lean over Yan Sun's shoulder and plant a big, unexpected kiss on her lips.

Yan Sun moves her other hand to her glass as well as Jessica lets go of it, taking a small sip as her embarrassment starts to fade. "It's g-" she starts before Jessica leans in for the kiss, a muffled "...mmhkay..." sounding into the kiss, followed by a brief, slightly breathless laugh before she returns the kiss, one hand lingering on the glass while the other moves to Jessica's neck at a slightly awkward angle.

Jessica glances the asari's way as she pulls out of the kiss, as if checking to make sure she saw. Running the tip of her tongue against her own lips, she reaches out for her drink. "Your lips taste blue." she decides, whatever that means. As she brings her glass back to take a drink, she begins swaying slightly to the thumping of the music.

Yan Sun raises an eyebrow at the comment, a slightly puzzled snicker slipping out as she pulls back a little. "That means... what...?" Her hand relocates to Jessica's hip, taking a sip of her drink as she too starts to move subtly with the music. The bartender does indeed seem to have seen the kiss, shooting Jessica an amused grin as she heads over to swipe the credit chit, checking the amount before handing it back.

Jessica rolls her eye as she pulls her glass in close, her hips continuing to sway slightly to the beat. "Your lips! They are blue! Because-... Gah! Is a pun!" she insists, wasting no time in following her statement up with another large slug of her drink.

Yan Sun 's confusion only seems to grow. "Ooo...kay." she says, deciding not to bother as she takes another sip from her drink. "This is really good!" she says, tapping a finger against the glass as she finishes her previous, interrupted thought.

Jessica releases her grip on Yan Sun's waist and brings it up to the bottom of her glass, urging it back towards Yan Sun's mouth. "Then drink more so we can dance!" she says. "You are too slow!" As if to prove her point, she slugs back the remainder of her glass, eyes shutting tightly from the burn of the strong ale. As she pulls the glass away from her lips she winces, scraping her tongue against her bottom teeth. "You see?!

Like-..." an escaping cough interrupts her, but she doesn't let that deter her, "...Like this!"

Yan Sun takes a longer swig of her drink at Jessica's urging. "Are you sure you should-" is all she manages as she notices Jessica slugging back her whole glass. "...okay." She takes another bigger swig, struggling to catch up to Jessica.

Jessica leans forward against Yan Sun once again to set her glass back down on the counter. Both hands free, she once again folds her arm across Yan Sun's chest. Her body begins to move a bit more freely to the music, holding Yan Sun close to her as she does. She doesn't seem too willing to wait for Yan Sun to finish her drink before getting her dance on.

Yan Sun snickers as she feels Jessica start to move, picking up the pace as she downs the rest of her drink, placing the glass on the bar and turning around in Jessica's grasp. Her arms wrap around Jessica's back and she leans in for a quick kiss, settling for swaying to the music since there's not really much room to move here.

Jessica brings both of her hands around Yan Sun's waist as she turns in place, her hands meeting on her lower back. She begins to glance out at the room in search of the asshole, but Yan Sun leaning in for a kiss draws her attention back. When Yan Sun pulls back, a small smile remains on Jessica's face. "Come on, slut!" she urges with little regard to who may hear her. Clasping her hands together at Yan Sun's lower back, she begins

shuffling backwards towards the dancefloor, dragging her partner along with her.

Yan Sun doesn't seem all that keen on Jessica's inappropriate name-calling in public, and she winces slightly, shooting a glance at the nearby patrons as they leave the bar in a slightly awkward shuffle. She doesn't say anything, however, flashing a slightly uncomfortable smile as they step onto the dancefloor. Nonetheless, she starts to move more and more to the music once they join the crowd of dancing clubgoers.

Jessica continues to dance close to Yan Sun as they move out on to the dance floor. As is to be expected, her usual brand of aggression translates into her dancing as well. Plenty of shameless touching and grinding. She moves confidently, with little concern over who may be watching or what they may think. Losing herself in the music with a rarely seen unrestrained smile plastered across her face.

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