#FreedomFalls – April 27, 2019

It's mid-morning on the 13th of December, and Va'ynna is waiting for Victoria outside their apartment building in Aylena's sky-car. She is alone in the vehicle.

Va'ynna is wearing her blue jacket that's not meant for the weather, which is why the doors remain closed for now. She has sent a message to Victoria that she has time off and that she's waiting outside the apartment building.

Victoria makes her way out of the apartment, wearing a dark blue winter jacket, a dark blue beanie and long black pants. She starts looking for Aylena's sky-car, quickly finding the sky-car, she begins to make her way to the vehicle.

Va'ynna opens the sky-car's doors to let Victoria – and the weather – in. "There you are," she says with a small smile from the driver's seat.

Victoria enters the sky-car, and closes the door after herself. "Here I am, sorry if you were waiting for long." She leans over and gives Va'ynna a quick kiss on the cheek. "So for starters, Aylena let you borrowed her car and is it just this morning you have off?"

Va'ynna shivers as the doors closed and adjusts up the climate control. These vehicles are meant for warmer climates where opening the whole top of the car isn't such a wasteful prospect. The kiss makes her smile wider, but she doesn't return it. "Just this morning," she says. "Abnus has the bar, breakfast is over, and... Aylena was too busy to drive me there herself." With a few taps on the interface, and

overhead map of the city shows up and the car starts levitating until it's above the roofs of most buildings. "She cares a lot about... this vehicle," Va'ynna says. "To let me borrow it... would be unthinkable, but she's been very nice to me these... last few days. I still work awful hours, but... I don't need to explain myself when I ask for a few hours off... and now this." There's a bit of concern in

her voice.

Victoria just gives Va'ynna a comforting smile. "Hey, I am sure she decided to give you a little more leeway, since you do a lot for her and a great employee." Vicky makes sure she is buckled in, just in case. "Plus, don't need to worry about anyone touching the car with a thug like me around." She said with a joking tone. "Anyway, what is the plan for this morning?"

Va'ynna glances towards Victoria as the car reorients and she double checks the meagre readouts she can understand; they are not needed on a world with so little traffic at this altitude. She doesn't look at all convinced by Victoria's explanation, but doesn't speak of it right away. "I need a new jacket, so we're going to the market," she says. "I also wanted to spend... time with you, Victoria, so I asked you

to come with me first."

Victoria watches Va'ynna as she controls the sky-car. "Well, I am happy to spend more time with you. I think some more winter clothes might be a good idea for you." She leans back in her seat and gets comfortable. "You comfortable driving this?" Wanting to make sure she was okay driving.

Va'ynna taps a button and the car starts off towards a large building deep into the commercial 'zone'. It's capable of much greater speed, but the trip is short enough as it is. Va'ynna reaches out to grab Victoria's left hand with her right. "I've lived in cities where it's a necessity, and... I took the time to learn it," she says, "It was... more automatic there." She still pays attention to the empty airspace

ahead of her. "A... necessity in any weather, I mean."

Victoria nods at Va'ynna. "Just wanted to make sure, but it would be better for you to look after the car than me." Vicky gives Va'ynna's hand a quick squeeze. "Would not trust me to drive slow or safe. Might need to get one of these ourselves one day." She looks around the interior of the car quickly. "Might be better for you to drive to work, warmer as well."

Va'ynna frowns when Victoria comments on her own driving, but she doesn't say anything. "I've... noticed how much time Aylena has poured into this vehicle," she says. "And... there aren't many of them on this world, so they must be difficult to get ahold of. And someone could come along and steal it, like what... happened to the one Uvena rented." With her one free hand, she pinches the map to show more details

around the landing site: the street outside the market building. "If... I get more free time, and... we can afford it, maybe we could learn to drive a ground vehicle instead."

Victoria gives a quick shrug. "I mean, we could save up for one. Between the two of us, it should be relatively quick." She believed that if they do save the money for anything, it would be an easy task for the both of them. "I think it might be a good idea, if there is a day you have to go alone, the car should be safer than walking. Plus, if anyone tries to steal it, half of Redrock

will be on them."

Va'ynna gently maneuvers and slows the car down to align with the targetted landing site. "They... did get Uvena's car back in the end," She says with a frown. "You're right, though, I... would feel safer." Va'ynna was alone when piloting this sky-car to pick up Victoria, after all. The car begins to descend, and the asari pays attention to its sensors regardless of the low amount of foot traffic around the

market at this time of day.

Victoria offers Va'ynna a comforting smile. "I just want to make sure you feel safe, and you are comfortable, Va'ynna." Vicky unbuckles herself from her seat, clearly safe when with the descent beginning. "Also, I think an angry krogan and some former pirates might be able to find some thieves, if we put our mind to it."

Va'ynna sets the car down. "I suppose they know the methods of their... profession," she says, "but... what do I know about pirates...." She gives a tight-lipped smile, and opens the doors to lose all heat almost immediately. At least the main entrance is not far.

The market is a large flat building. While in another season one might see stalls outside trying to pre-empt their competitors inside, the street is relatively empty. The only armed presense is a single local security guard by the entrance, a salarian male in light armor with a pistol.

Victoria gives a slight chuckle. "I would say I'm a former swashbuckler. Get less attention from unwanted people that way. Then I get more attention from you." Offering a cocky smile before exiting the car. "Well, since you invited me. How about you lead the way, lovely."

Va'ynna raises her brows. "Most people don't know what that means," she says before tapping a button and climbing out of the car.. She waits for Victoria to follow. "I've been here once with... Jason, but it would be an overstatement to say that I know how to find anything in here."

Victoria begins to follow Va'ynna. "Been here more than me. But I guess we can look around, find what you need, and then find anything interesting to look at." Having never been to this market, she might as well take the opportunity to see what it has to offer.

Va'ynna turns around and brings up her omni-tool. With a few taps the car doors close and lock. She was surprised to hear Victoria hasn't been here before, as she doesn't depend on someone to keep her safe like Va'ynna. "She said... not to worry about the car," she says and turns back to continue walking towards market. "I didn't see anywhere to sit down an eat last time, so... we shouldn't be here too long,


The guard casts a cursory glance at the pair, but doesn't show any reaction to them.

Victoria walks next to Va'ynna. "What time do you have to be back at work by? Because if you have time, we could go back home and I can fix up a quick bite to eat. After we are done here that is." Vicky wanted to make sure Va'ynna had a proper meal before working, wanting to make sure she was looked after before going back.

Va'ynna tilts her head in thought for a moment. "A few hours, I think, she... didn't give a specific time," she says. "Lunch with you sounds nice though." She reaches out to tap the projection to open the front door.

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