#Miner'sRespite – October 1, 2019

Enila is close to the exit of the Miner's Respite after sending a very drunk patron out into the snowy night and ensuring that someone sober is at least meeting her halfway. She sticks around for the moment, watching said patron through the south-facing window by the nearest booth.

The drunk patron in question is a human woman, wearing a short but solid winter coat. Long brown hair pours out of the beanie on her head.

The Miner's Respite is at the tail end of its opening hours, and the light from the holographic chandeliers has been turned up a litle to aid departing guests.

A young asari maiden, looking about equivalent to a human in her late teens, staggers slowly down the snowy street. She has dark, gray-blue skin and seems entirely unprepared for Aite's cold winter, wearing only a pair of worn sneakers, ill-fitting pants and a tattered gray hoodie. The warmly lit windows and the signage above the door of the Miner's Respite beckons her over, hugging herself as she heads for the door, shooting the drunk

human an uneasy glance as she passes her.

The drunk human gives her a nod of greeting and a mumbled "Hi", but she doesn't slow down.

Enila takes her eyes of the departing guest as she catches sight of the one passing her. Both her own first and second hand experience today tells her that this is another new arrival, and she straightens up her posture. A long night of bartending after two space flights back to back has taken its toll on her, and she looks tired. She's wearing an open red leather jacket over her white tank top.

The young asari almost stumbles through the Respite doors, immediately sniffling as the warm air hits her. Her gaze darts around, taking in the room as she continues to hug herself, shivering a little. She's more or less blocking the exit since she hasn't moved since the doors closed.

Enila looks her over now that she can see her under better light. "Hey," she says, a bit sharply to get her attention. "You okay?" Enila is still a long ways off from the matron stage, but she's no young maiden.

Noone else is trying to enter or leave the Miner's Respite at this moment, though there's a few of them that are getting ready to brave the cold way home. There aren't anyone behind the bar right now.

The new arrival blinks, looking over towards the direction of the voice. "I-I-It's cold here." she stutters. "I-I, uh..." Her gaze goes back across the room briefly, and the empty bar. "H-How do I-... the sign said... lodging?"

Enila nods. "We've got rooms, but first let's get you thawed out," she says, before gesturing at a booth closer to the bar and giving her shoulder a gentle nudge in that direction. "I can get you something warm to drink. Any preferences?"

The young asari let's out a relieved sound, nodding a couple of times. The nudge causes her to flinch slightly but she heads for the indicated booth, her movements stiff. "Uhm... uh, no." she says with a small shake of her head, carefully taking a seat, wincing slightly. Her hands move to her legs, rubbing them for warmth.

Enila nods again and hurries back to the bar and through the door behind it. The purpose -- and the brief cold gust of air following her in -- granting her some extra energy. She emerges three minutes later with a tall cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a folded up fuzzy red and white blanket in her other hand. She briefly stops by the bar to set up payment for some departing patrons opting to clear their

tabs, but that doesn't even take a minute now that Enila has gotten the hang of the mostly VI-assisted process. "Here," she says as she finally reaches the new arrival's table, putting the cup down in front of her. "The blanket isn't going to do you much good with that soaked sweater on, though."

The new arrival just remains in place until Enila returns, shooting the occasional uncomfortable glance towards some of the people in the bar. She's still shivering when Enila returns, although the sight of the hot chocolate causes a hint of a smile to flash briefly across her face before disappearing. Her comment causes her attention to be drawn to her hoodie, nodding a couple of times and unzipping it before peeling it off. She's

wearing a plain white t-shirt a few sizes too large underneath. It doesn't look clean. She accepts the blanket with a thankful mumble, wrapping herself up as she tries to control the shivering. "T-Thank you... thank you..."

Enila takes the hoodie and hangs it over a chair on the nearest table before slipping into the seat across from her. She places her hands on the table and leans a bit forward. "I guessed you were another new arrival fresh out of the spaceport, like me," she says, "but you carry nothing with you."

The asari's gaze shifts to the cup on the table, nodding again, but offering no reply. She brings her hands around the hot beverage, just letting them warm for a bit.

Enila raises her brows at the lacking response, her own mind trying to find explanations for how a traveller could be so woefully unprepared. Thrown out of her home with only enough for a flight? A refugee from some off-world warzone? Or maybe just robbed of her belongings on her way here? Regardless, it isn't her place to pry. "What's your name?" she asks. "I need that to set you up with a room."

The young asari pulls the cup in a bit closer, letting the steam rise against her face as she closes her eyes for a moment, remaining silent. Enila's question causes her to open her eys again and glance her way. She sucks in her lips, nodding faintly. "Varisa." she replies quietly, a sniffle following.

Enila brings up her omni-tool to start the process, slowly as her attention is still at the asari across from her. "Okay, Varisa," she says. "You can call me Enila. I'm in charge of this place while the owner is off-world on a personal errand." She manages to keep a mostly neutral tone when mentioning Janysa, though there is a slight bitterness to it. "Do you have an omni-tool?"

Varisa takes a small, careful sip from the cup as Enila starts to type. The question brings her attention back to her. She shakes her head with a slight wince.

Enila sighs as she sees her reaction. "I assume that also means you don't have any credits?" she asks and sits back up, but she continues typing on her omni-tool. "Did something happen to you on the way here from the spaceport?"

Varisa hesitates for a moment before shaking her head again in response to the first question, a worried look settling in. The second question causes her gaze to fall. "No." she says quietly. "I didn't-... I don't have anything." There's a muted desperation to the admission, well-aware that she might be about to be thrown out. She's avoiding Enila's gaze now, focused on the table.

Enila finishes the registration, and instead of sending the key over she fabricates a small plastic card with two faint numbers etched into it; one single-digit, the other five digits. "We'll figure that out tomorrow, okay?" she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I can't make this place known for giving out rooms and drinks for free, but I'm not going to send you back outside."

Varisa flashes a shaky, grateful smile in response to Enila's words, quickly nodding. Getting out of the cold for the night is no small relief. "Thank you." she says. She takes another small sip of hot cocoa, feeling her stomach rumble, but she's not about to push her luck.

Enila leans forward again, offering the card. "You hold that up to the panel to unlock, and again to lock," she says. "The door locks automatically when you walk away, so try to memorize the backup code. The other number is the room number." Enila does overhear the rumble of her stomach, but doesn't say anything.

Varisa is quick to accept the card with another small nod, studying the numbers written on it. "Thank you..." she repeats before putting it down on the table and sipping the cocoa again, relishing the warm drink.

Enila stands up from her seat, having noticed a few impatient glances her way from the bar. "I've got to get back to work," she says. "Come to the bar if you need anything." She slips out of the booth. "Either way, I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow."

Varisa flashes another small smile, glancing Enila's way and nodding again. "Okay." she confirms a bit tensly, part of her still worried that the offered room is going to be withdrawn at any moment. She almost wants to rush there right away, but she opts to stay and finish her cocoa first.

Enila returns the smile before returning to the bar. She still casts the occasional glance her way between serving drinks and handling payment for guests concluding their evening or moving on to louder venues.

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