#Miner'sRespite – November 12, 2019

December 21st, late morning.

Varisa hazarded a hot shower after noticing the presence of a bathroom, relishing the chance to warm up and get clean. She was exhausted enough that she fell fast asleep after creeping under the covers despite an empty stomach. It's the tail-end of breakfast by the time she wakes up - she doesn't exactly have an alarm. The ill-fitting, worn clothes go back on, still dirty, but dry now, which is undoubtedly a step up. She cautiously

descends the stairs after leaving a room, wary of the morning crowd as her gaze searches for Enila.

The amount of patrons is slowly picking up as lunchtime draws near, but Enila isn't hard to locate.

Enila is stood by the bar, getting a crash course from Va'ynna about the most popular mixed drinks ordered as they both look at a datapad. She catches sight of Varissa descending the stairs from the corner of her eyes, and puts down the datapad before giving Va'ynna a brief instruction.

Va'ynna looks at the asari curiously, having seen her with Enila yesterday, but she doesn't linger before disappearing through the door to the back.

Enila rounds the bar and approaches Varisa to meet her by the stairs. "Good morning," she says. "Slept well?" Enila looks and sounds a little stressed. She's wearing a simple black sweater and green pants.

Varisa flashes a small, slightly awkward smile. "Yes. I-.... thank you, again." she says, a nod accompanying the words, hands folded in front of her. "I did not expect this planet to be so... harsh." she admits. She seems to have a bit more energy to her today.

Enila glances at the window and winces sligthly as she remembers her own walk from the spaceport. While she wasn't half as ill-prepared as Varisa, it was still bitingly cold. "You and me both," she says, returning the smile, before gesturing towards a nearby booth. "Let's sit down, I told Va'ynna to get us something to eat."

Varisa 's face lights up at the prospect of food. The young asari is quick to take a seat at the indicated booth. She seems hesitant to speak - anything she'd say would only betray that food is now the only thing on her mind. Her hands ball up as they rest against the table, right leg bouncing a little underneath it, and her gaze darts towards the door the other asari disappeared through, assuming that must be 'Va'ynna'.

Enila slips into the opposite seat, looking at Varisa. She notices her glance towards the bar, but she doesn't mention anything of it. The answer would obvious. "So, Varisa," she begins, placing her hands on the table. "I told you we'll figure something out." She glances off towards the bar, as well. "Were it up to me I'd let you stay for free until you found somewhere to work, but it's not entirely up to me."

Va'ynna emerges from the kitchen while Enila speaks, and starts making her way over to the table. She carefuly balances a tray with two plates of sandwiches and two glasses of space cow milk. She puts the tray down on the table, giving a nod of greeting to the guest, and stands up as if waiting for further orders. The sandwiches have thinly sliced meat, yellow-green salad and soft cheese. Va'ynna looks less

tired than usual.

Varisa swallows, her gaze on the approaching food until Enila speaks, propting her attention to snap over to her. She seems a little surprised by her apparent desire to help, but she's quick to nod, clearly listening. She seems on the verge on speaking up, but stops herself, waiting to see what Enila has to say instead. She offers Va'ynna a small smile when the food is set down, just barely holding back from digging right in out of

concern over offending her host.

Enila nods to Va'ynna. "Thank you, that'll be all for now," she says.

Va'ynna nods, but doesn't linger before turning on her heels and heading back to the bar. She was curious about the asari Enila was speaking with, of course, but Enila has already taken up too much of her time today.

Enila takes her plate and glass of the tray before gesturing for the other asari to go ahead. "Can you tell me about your qualifications?" she says, still not picking up her own food from the plate. "I won't be shy about it, we have a staff shortage and you need an income."

Varisa starts to collect her plate and glass, but when Enila speaks her eyebrows rise a little in surpirse, a stuttered "U-Uhm..." sounding as she tries to forumlate a reply. Her gaze falls briefly to the table, eyebrows furowing. "I'm-... well-... er-... I... don't exactly have any... I suppose..." she admits with a cringe, gaze darting up towards Enila briefly. "B-But, uh... I'm friendly and... a quick learner...?" she's quick to

add, sounding uncertain, as if she's not sure if she's already blew her chances. "I can do whatever you need! Cleaning, dishwashing, uh... bartending...?"

Enila tilts her head as she listens to her speak, but doesn't show any more of a reaction. "Have you worked at a place like this before?" she asks. "I don't need a reference or anything, just a yes or no and what you did." She picks up her sandwich, and brings it up to her mouth. She looks about to say something, but decides against it and instead takes a bite.

Varisa 's gaze falls again, and she sucks in her lips, hesitating for a moment. "...no..." she says quietly, not daring to look up, she grabs the sandwich as if suddenly worried it might be withdrawn, looking down at it with hungry eyes as she waits uneasily.

Enila sighs. She now wishes she had briefed Va'ynna on her plans to interview her, because it's likely her thats going to handle the training on top of just about everything else under this roof. "Bartending isn't as easy as it looks," she says, "there's a lot to keep track of if you want to keep up on a busy night." She leans back in her seat. "But theres a lot of little things around here that needs doing, so

I still want to give you a chance."

Varisa looks up as it seems like there might still be hope, nodding eagerly as she looks a Enila. "Okay! Yeah! I can-... I'll do whatever work you need. And-... and I can learn anything I need to. Really." she blurts out. "I'm a hard worker. And, uh... a fast learner." She pauses, eyebrows furrowing slightly. "I-... I already said that, didn't I? But, uhm... it's true!"

Enila offers a small smile. "I guess I'll get to see that for myself," she says. "I'll talk to Va'ynna about training, new clothes, and all that." She reaches for her glass and takes a sip off it. "I told you I was fresh off the shuttle yesterday too, didn't I?" Enila asks. "I would be lying if I said I knew what I'm doing running this place, but the owner will be back before I can do any real damage." She

smirks, and her tone is not very serious.

Varisa blinks, just looking at Enila for a couple of seconds before she realizes the implication, a big, bright smile spreading across her face, the relief obvious. "That's-... of course! Thank you! Yes!" she exclaims, a hint of a laugh sounding as she exhales. She finally dares to take a bite from her sandwich, stomach growling as she swallows. "I'll-... you won't regret this!"

Enila keeps her smile as she listens to Varisa. It's so easy being nice on someone else's credits, especially when she doesn't really care about their bottom line. "That leaves payment," she says. "I looked a little into it, and I want to offer you 100 credits and three free meals a day. You can use the room until you find somewhere else to stay, but then you'd probably be negotiating new terms with the owner,

not me." She takes a small bite of her food before adding, "The docs said to offer far less if a free room is involved, but I think that's a terrible deal."

Varisa has a big grin on her face at this point, even while munching away on the sandwich. She nods repeatedly as Enila speaks, unable to reply until she's finished chewing. "That's-... I-... thank you!" she says, failing to find words for anything else as she eagerly reaches for the glass to wash down the many bites of sandwich she rapidly consumed. It's not hard to tell she was starving - and that this was a better deal than she

expected to find.

Enila can't help but keep smiling. "I'll get that in writing as soon as I figure that stuff out," she says before taking a large bite of her sandwich. After chewing and washing it down with milk. "So, if not hospitlaity, what jobs have you had before?" she says. "The 'job interview' is over, I'm just curious."

Varisa looks a little uneasy, perhaps a bit worried that the might still be a chance to mess this up. She sets the glass down, hesitating a little. "Uhm... none." she says quietly. "I-... I, uh... I've been living on the streets on Illium since..." she swallows and goes quiet. By the look on her face, whatever came before isn't a pleasant memory. "I came out here hoping I could find work. I-... I've read there's always work in the


Enila frowns. "I'm sorry, Varisa," she says after realizing what a sore subject that is. "I won't pry any more." She takes another bite of her sandwich.

Varisa relaxes a little as Enila relents, nodding slightly and taking another bite of her sandwich. It's been long enough since she ate last that she's feeling a little queasy, but that's not going to stop her. Her gaze remains low, focusing on her food now. She considers asking about the owner of the place, but decides against it, preferring to just shut up, eat her breakfast and accept the apparent lucky break.

Va'ynna appears in the doorway to the back, calling out Enila's name. The look on her face implies it cannot wait.

Enila is about to say something when she -- barely -- hears Va'ynna's call. She gives her a nod before looking back at Varisa. "I'll get the paperwork and all that sorted out, and talk to you later, okay?" She downs the glass of milk and stands up.

Varisa is quick to nod, another smile crossing her lips. "Okay." she confirms, waiting for Enila to leave before returning to eating voraciously.

Enila nods and picks up her own plate to bring back to her desk. "Stop by the bar later if you want something else to eat," she offers. She heads back to the bar, and exits into the hallway with Va'ynna.

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