#YanSun'sRoom – January 21, 2022

Jessica's gaze slips to the bed beside Yan Sun, considering the woman's words for a few moments. She gives something of an indifferent shrug to flush out any barbed thoughts that may have been creeping up as she seeks out Yan Sun's gaze once more. "You are thinking that this will work...?" she asks, perhaps giving Yan Sun one last sliver of light to run towards in case she wants to back out.

Yan Sun flashes her a small, but confident smile and nods. "It'll work. I've done this kind of thing before." she assures, backing out the furthest thing from her mind. She seems more excited than concerned by the challenge this hurdle presents. She's good at what she does, and soon she'll be able to put her skills to full use again. Aite is a technological wasteland compared to Hong Kong, and it's left her starved of chances to flex her

digital muscles. Smuggling an illegal AI and wanted woman through Alliance customs with nobody the wiser? Sounds like fun.

Jessica gives a few small nods, Yan Sun's confidence causing a tug at the corner of her mouth in turn. "You are sexy when you are breaking laws, kitty cat." she teases before offering one final shrug, seeming a little more at ease, "Okay. Do it. Resur-..." she frowns as she stammers over the unfamiliar word used by Yan Sun, sweeping it away with a quick, dismissive gesture of her hand, "...Make me back alive." she decides on

instead. Close enough.

Yan Sun 's gaze darts away with Jessica's teasing, cheeks heating up a little, but her smile just grows wider. There's a mischievous glint in her eyes once they settle back on Jessica, but her words catch her off-guard and she fails to suppress a snort of laughter. Pushing down her amusement she nods with exaggerated gravity. "I'm on it."

Jessica gives a small raise of her brow as laughter slips out of Yan Sun, giving an unamused tilt of her head as her continued struggle with English fails to go unnoticed. "What you are laughing at?" she asks, attempting to make it sound like a threat, but the tired grin beneath her words undercut them a bit. "Mmm?!"

Yan Sun fights the urge to immediately start laughing again, schooling her face into neutrality. "Nothing." she says with her best 'I don't know what you're talking about' look. Nevermind the muffled giggles that has her shaking a little, or the tugging at the corners of her mouth. She brings the soda can up to her lips to cover the latter.

Jessica gives a roll of her eyes, lifting one hand to flip Yan Sun the bird. "Fuck you." she offers flatly, twisting at the waist and gaze darting down to the desk in an attempt at finding something she can throw. Sandwich? Too delicious. Beer? Well then she'd be out a beer. (And Yan Sun might be unconscious if it caught her upside the head, too, but the beer!) Hat! Soon, Yan Sun finds an object of immeasurable fluff coming right at


Yan Sun hastily raises her soda-hand to bat the incoming floof projectile aside, inevitably spilling some warp cola on her hoodie in the process. She's too busy coughing to notice though - soda, laughter and a surprise hat coming her way is a bad combo as it turns out. The hand clutching her sandwich rises to cover her mouth as she rattles with each cough.

Jessica leans back, placing a palm against the desk behind her to keep herself balanced as she watches Yan Sun, an amused snort slipping out as she continues to struggle. "Awww, what is the matter, kitty cat? You can not even drink your soda without choking?" she taunts, her words accompanied by a condescending little snicker.

Yan Sun extends a middle finger Jessica's way, a little too buy with the whole coughing thing to respond. Once it's finally passed she reaches up to wipe at the tears that have gathered in her eyes. A guttural and oh-so-eloquent "Gruuuuh..." is followed by clearing her throat. "You are such an asshole..." she complains, words at odds with the fond smile already spreading across her lips.

Jessica gives an exaggerated sigh. "And you are the one that I am trusting for making me back-... bringing me back to life?" she continues to taunt, smug expression crossing her face as she makes her subtle correction.

Yan Sun can't quite help a leftover snort of laughter, but she soon goes quiet, expression turning softer before she raises her eyebrows. "What, you doubt my abilities?" she says with exaggerated offense.

Jessica continues her teasing through an unrestrained grin, giving a lazy half shrug against the desk. "There are not many things you are good at, kitty cat." she says, as if it's just a gentle reminder.

Yan Sun lets out an offended scoff, eyebrows rising further as her mouth hangs open theatrically. "That's how it is, huh?" she asks as if giving Jessica a chance to backtrack, gaze filled with mock severity. She's definitely not on the verge of smiling. Not at all.

Jessica holds Yan Sun's gaze from her spot, perched at the edge of the desk, grin unwavering as she gives a simple, "Mmm." in affirmation without hesitation, seeming annoyingly confidently unworried.

Yan Sun 's eye lights up, and her gaze darts around the space between them as she re-arranges an unseen interface without a word.

Jessica gives a small lift of her brow, the burns along the side of her head preventing too much movement from it. She's well aware of what the light in Yan Sun's eye usually signifies. Cheating! She stiffens up ever-so-slightly, but seems to have no intention of backing down. Victory or death! What's the worst she can do? Turn the TV on loudly? Load hanar porn onto her omni-tool?

Yan Sun 's eye movements soon stop, gaze fixing on Jessica once more. She doesn't say a word, and her expression gives nothing away. She just flashes a smug smile.

Jessica remains still for a moment, seemingly having expected some sort of big display. Her eyes slowly rotate towards the TV. Nothing. Door interfaces? Nothing. She furrows her brow, leveling a suspicious look Yan Sun's way as she reluctantly sits up a little straighter. She keeps her threatening gaze fixed to the woman across from her as she shuffles through her pocket and pulls her omni-tool free. "What you are doing?" she

mutters as she activates the device once more, prepared for the worst.

Yan Sun 's grin just widens, evil and amused, a lesser echo of the ones Jessica likes to throw her way.

Once Jessica activates her omni-tool interface she'd find two new notifications. The first reads: 'Multiple files deleted' and the second 'Parental Controls Activated'.

Jessica narrows her eyes on Yan Sun a smidge further before darting to the omni-tool interface. Her brows furrow for a moment, her good eye scanning from left to right. "Wha-..." she stammers as it sets in what was done. "You bitch!" she exclaims, her hand hastily prods at the interface as she tries, and fails, to restrain the immediate panic that settles into her features. "What did you delete?!" she asks as she attempts to look

through her files.

Yan Sun is trying very hard not to laugh out loud. It's a... limited success, her body shaking with muffled laughter. Jessica would find any and all inappropriate media that she may or may not have accumulated on her omni-tool gone, including, of course, the pictures Yan Sun sent her.

Jessica's lips form a small, surprised circle, eyes widening, as what sounds to be a very real gasp escapes her. "My porn!" she exclaims, fingers poking and prodding through the interface. It takes her a moment, but eventually it settles in that it's all gone and she lifts her good eye to peer at Yan Sun through the semi-transparent interface. "Give it back!" she demands, already hopping off the edge of the desk and thrusting a

finger Yan Sun's way threateningly. It's all fun and games until someone loses their porn.

Yan Sun breaks down entirely at Jessica's reaction, almost doubling over with gleeful laughter. Her demand is met with a look of consideration and, after she manages to get the laughter under control enough to speak, a decision of "Mm... nah, don't think I will." in defiance of Jessica's threatening gesturing.

Jessica frowns, glare remaining fixed to the smug woman on the bed as she deactivates the device and slips it back into her pocket, a warning signal to Yan Sun that she's not getting many more chances. "Give. It. Back." she repeats. "Is not funny!" she continues as she starts towards the bed, attempting to inject a little threatening venom into her words, but it's hard for even her to keep an entirely straight face when Yan Sun is

losing her shit.

Yan Sun seems entirely unconcerned, or maybe just to deep in her giggling fit. The glaring just makes her laugh harder. "It's pretty funny." she corrects breathlessly before lapsing right back into laughter.

Jessica scoffs loudly, standing overtop Yan Sun. "You ta-..." she starts to fire back before she's abruptly cut off by another fit of laughter from Yan Sun, "You take my porn!" she exclaims, speaking a little louder to try and overpower Yan Sun's laughter. "Gah-..." she exclaims in frustration, forehead wrinkling in annoying as her hand shoots towards Yan Sun's in an attempt at swatting her sandwich away.

Yan Sun lets out a surprised noise as her half-eaten sandwich goes flying, hitting the TV with a thump and leaving a mayo stain behind as it falls to the floor. "Heyyy!" she complains, but it just bleeds into more giggles, eyes watering as she looks up at Jessica, smiling ear to ear. She's pre-emptively raised her now-free hand to shield her soda just in case she goes for another swipe.

Jessica only looks more annoyed as the attack on Yan Sun's sandwich fails to silence her. One hand moves to Yan Sun's collarbone, forcing her back onto the bed as she straddles her to try and hold her down. Her other hand shifts to Yan Sun's soda hand, attempting to wrestle it away from her. "You are taking my shit?!" she continues, "Then I am taking yours!"

Yan Sun doesn't stand much of a chance of keeping Jessica from swiping her soda, and her laughter is starting to subside after she's straddled. "This kind of behavior? Not gonna get you your porn back." she informs regretfully, shaking her head in feigned sympathy as she watches the woman sitting across her lap. Her hands find their way to the bed to keep her upright.

Jessica lifts the soda high above her head momentarily to keep Yan Sun from getting it back for a moment, reorienting her other hand to the center of Yan Sun's chest, between her collarbones in case she needs to keep her back. She shifts in place to better position herself and takes a big gulp of her freshly acquired soda. "Mmm." she hums in satisfaction, leveling her gaze back upon Yan Sun and giving an exaggerated smack of her lips

as she raises the soda once more. She gains a bit of a smug grin of her own, as if assuming this may grant her some sort of bargaining chip. "You give me my porn, and maybe I give you your soda." she offers.

Yan Sun looks unimpressed by her offer, eyebrows rising. "I can always get more soda. You, on the other hand, can't get more porn. I made sure of that." she says, looking quite proud of herself as she tilts her head and throws Jessica's smug smile right back at her.

Jessica's grin falls away as quickly as it appeared. She's right, but Jessica takes another big, defiant swig of the stolen soda anyway. Reluctantly, and with a heavy roll of her eyes, she seems to accept her unfortunate predicament, settling a little heavier onto Yan Sun's lap. "Okay, slut." she sniffs, "What you are wanting? Mmm?" she asks, head lulling to one side as she peers down at Yan Sun with a small, unamused rise of her


Yan Sun beams a triumphant smile, so pleased with herself that she almost bounces a little. "Hmm, let's see..." she hums, looking off to the side. She furrows her eyebrows, sucking on her lower lip as she makes a show of considering the question. "Whyyy don't we start with you telling me about all the things I'm great at?" she suggests, looking back to Jessica. "Let's hear some compliments, and make them good! You know what's on the

line!" she warns.

Jessica watches Yan Sun with an incredibly unamused look on her face, which only darkens the more Yan Sun speaks. Her shoulders slacken a bit and she slumps in her makeshift seat. She goes quiet for several moments, making a show of finding it difficult to come up with anything. "You... are... great at-..." she drags out, before going silent once more, gaze turning off to the side, towards the wall as she purses her lips and narrows

her eyes in faux concentration. "...Sooooooo good-..." she finally manages, another pause following before she looks back to Yan Sun, "...at falling on your face everytime you walk." A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth as her head tilts back to one side. "And you are verrrry good at being an annoying pain in my ass, kitty cat." she adds, not quite taking the spirit of the demand seriously, though she seems to

be enjoying it, smile growing. She furrows her brow once more, as if she's sure there's something she's forgotten, but just can't quite recall what it might be.

Yan Sun finds that it's her turn to look unamused as Jessica goes on, although she actually looks a little proud over the second point. Determination soon enters her face and she offers a calm smile as the light in her eye intensifies. "Don't mind me, I'm just deleting some of these backups I made. No point in wasting valuable storage space, right?"

Jessica's mouth opens to say something, but all that escapes is a frustrated scoff as the smile once more turns into a deep frown. For a moment, she merely watches in quiet defiance before, against her own better judgement, interrupting Yan Sun, "Okay! Stop!" And then more silent glaring. So she wants to fight dirty? Two can play that game. "You-... are-..." she begins slowly once more, a mischievous grin slowly replacing her frown,

"...the best chair that I ever see in my life." she says as she looks down at Yan Sun. "If I can sit anywhere I want? I will always choose your face." she explains with a little shrug of her shoulders.

Yan Sun looks absolutely delighted to have the upper hand for once, just smiling and letting the glow in her eye fade after Jessica's plea, the glare just reinforcing her smile. The words that follow, however, seem to catch her off-guard, smile slipping away and a half-stutter escaping before she regains her composure, forcing a neutral expression and offering the most non-chalant shrug that she's able to muster before meeting Jessica's

gaze again. "I know." she says, silently congratulating herself on how steady her voice sounds.

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