#Miner'sRespite – February 7, 2022

Leah instinctively looks out across the bar as Yan Sun mentions Tara's tattoos. Sure, maybe a little pointless considering they're quite prominently on display most days when Tara is working. But still, the potential for drawing any unnecessary attention to them warrants a cautious glance. Just a small scan down the counter, one that she attempts to mask by tucking her uncooperative bangs back behind her ear. Satisfied that

there's nobody nearby to listen in, she shifts her weight back to her forearm against the counter. "I-... umm-... appreciate you looking into all... that. But-..." she begins in hushed tones, an almost apologetic wince interjecting before she continues, "I've been doing plenty of research." Of course she has. As much as she would've liked to whisk Tara away to the first tattoo parlor she could find after dealing with

Fasha, she's a professional. She doesn't take half measures. The risks involved with handling this poorly are far too great. "Even found a place that seemed promising. But after reaching out I just-... umm-..." she shakes her head, ponytail lightly chasing behind her, "...didn't have a good feeling about him, so I didn't follow up." Even though they have Tara's paperwork, it only takes one phone call for the trail of

Fasha's disappearance to lead back to them. That's not something they can take a chance on. A small sigh slips out as she gets to her point, "I wish it was simple, but-... this isn't the sort of thing that we can trust to just anyone, Yan." she says, shooting a sympathetic glance in Tara's direction part way through her sentence.

Tara shrinks a little in her seat, gaze low.

Yan Sun lets out a sigh, nodding a little. "I get that." she says, looking Tara's way, and then Leah's. "I trust this guy though. So does Jessica. He did all her ink, she's known him her whole life." Even if she hasn't gotten the impression that they particularly get along, fighting side by side for Redrock might mean some level of trust, right? "He'd be doing it as a personal favor." she goes quiet for a moment, studying Leah, but

then speaks again before she has a chance to. "I guess you might not trust me, which, okay, fair, but... at least talk to him? I just want to help." She casts a brief glance Tara's way, a faint frown on her face.

Tara meets Yan Sun's gaze for a moment before looking to Leah questioningly.

Leah's frown takes hold as Tara's gaze lowers. As Yan Sun calls Leah's trust for her into question, her attention shifts back to the woman on the opposite side of the bar. "It's not that I-..." she begins to protest overtop the other woman before her words stumble to a stop rather than continuing to talk over her. It would be a lie anyway. Sure, she likes Yan Sun. The woman has been nothing but kind and friendly to her. But

the entire sum of their interactions amount to little more than talks across a bar counter. So, even if her gut is telling her that Yan Sun's intentions are well-meaning, is that enough to stake Tara's freedom on? Her green eyes briefly tilt towards the counter before turning back to Tara. She tries to fight back her frown for Tara's sake. To replace it with a smile, but it doesn't quite manifest. Soon, her eyes lift to

the markings on the young girl's forehead, squashing any chance her smile had of taking hold. They've lucked out so far, but how much longer can their luck hold? How much longer before the wrong person steps into the bar and sees Tara's brand? Drawing in a deep breath, she studies Tara, tilting her head to one side before asking the most important question: "What do you think, kiddo?" She shouldn't have to sit there

while two people discuss her options.

Tara 's eyes widen just a little before she looks down at her own hands in her lap. She doesn't answer right away, eyebrows furrowing as she considers her response. After a little while her gaze lifts to Leah again. "It's dangerous. Waiting." Leah has made that much clear. Not just dangerous to her either. To Leah. To Francois. To her friends. Maybe even to the Respite. "I-... I don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me."

Yan Sun falls silent when Leah addresses Tara, waiting for her to speak. Her words make her frown deepen, sucking in her lips a little. How much has the poor girl been through?

Leah waits patiently as Tara mulls it over, eventually offering a few soft nods to the younger girl's initial words. But her addition cuts right through Leah. "Sweetheart-... None of this is your fault." she starts, wanting to reinforce the notion she's voiced many times before continuing. "But you're right..." she sighs, accepting that- as much as she'd like to do things right- the perfect opportunity may never present

itself. And the longer they wait, the more they tempt fate. "Waiting is dangerous." Her gaze remains fixed on Tara for a moment. It's not hard to see just how much all of this weighs on Tara. But this should be a positive thing. Another step towards Tara taking her life back. And if things go south? Well, they'll cross that bridge when they get to it. For now, she does her best to prop up her smile, heavy as it may be.

"Besides. The sooner we get that taken care of-..." she continues, indicating the tattoos as her eyes briefly bounce off of Tara's forehead, "...the sooner we can get working on everything we're going to need for your Council citizenship, right?" she reminds. An attempt at reinforcing the idea that, not only are good things happening, but that this is more than just a temporary situation for Tara. This is her life now.

Her life. And nobody is going to take it from her.

Tara gains a small smile, although it seems a little half-hearted, as if she's doing it for Leah's sake. Her nod is sincere, however, and she looks back to Yan Sun, searching her face for a moment before turning her attention back to Leah. She hesitates a little - speaking her mind doesn't come easy to her - but then she quietly confirms that "I... think we should do it."

Yan Sun smiles a little at Tara's endorsement, looking to Leah again.

Leah's smile grows a bit more sincere as Tara speaks on her own behalf. Drawing in a deep breath, her gaze turns back to Yan Sun. "Well. I suppose that settles it then." she says.

Yan Sun 's smile widens a little and she nods. "I already gave Tara the contact info." she informs. "Just... mention me or Jessica, and... please keep it to yourselves? Needless to say he doesn't want the kind of attention that'd come if word got out..."

Leah glances Tara's way briefly when she's mentioned before offering a single, stern nod to Yan Sun's request. "I understand." she says. Not that she was planning on running her mouth about it anyhow. That certainly doesn't do Tara any favors. After a moment's hesitation, she sucks in her lips. "I-.... thank you, Yan." she says, hoping not to seem ungrateful after her initial apprehension. "I really do appreciate it." she

adds, hoping the sincerity in her voice comes through. Despite her concerns, it's just nice to know that someone cared enough to even try. "So-... yeah." she continues, giving a small, sheepish shrug of her shoulders, smile softening, "Just-... Thanks."

Yan Sun 's expression softens, and she offers a small, slightly bashful shrug. "Just glad we could help." she assures, making sure to throw in a reminder that Jessica deserves thanks too. She certainly doesn't begrudge Leah's hesitation. Her gaze shifts between Leah and Tara as she flashes a smile, but then her expression turns apprehensive as her gaze darts out across the Respite, landing on the booth that the young human and batarian

occupied earlier in the day. "There's something else I should probably mention..." she says, sounding like she's not entirely sure about doing so. Her attention returns to Leah - this seems directed entirely to her.

Tara nods in agreement with Leah's thanks, but doesn't say anything.

Leah's smile remains, mouth opening to respond before Yan Sun cuts her off, causing a curious look to cross her face as she follows the woman's gaze to the booth before settling her attention right back on Yan Sun with a raise of her brow. "Oookay~...?"

Yan Sun hesitates for a moment. "I... wouldn't normally do this, but I like this place, it's been a good home for the last couple of months..." she says before aiming a thumb in the direction of the booth she was eyeing. "I'm pretty sure the girl that was in that booth this morning was trying to hack something. Thought I should give you a head's up."

Leah blinks a few times, brow furrowing as she studies Yan Sun. "What makes you think that...?" she asks, though her tone doesn't sound all that surprised.

Yan Sun shrugs and flashes a small smile. "I know what to look for. She might have been targeting another patron and not the bar itself but... figured I'd let you know just in case."

Leah's smile drops away, features slowly coloring with frustration as she offers a few nods and draws in a deep breath. "Shit. Alright, I appreciate the heads up. I'll look over the security footage tonight when I get home and file a report. Maybe Renala can give things a once over and make sure nothing looks out of place..." she mutters, the final bit sounding moreso to herself than to Yan Sun. Her green eyes tilt back towards

the booth in question and she studies it for a moment with a shake of her head before snapping her focus back on Yan Sun. "I knew those assholes were up to something!" she adds, their entire demeanor having set off red flags for her from the moment she arrived this morning. But you can't just go around harassing patrons for working on their omni-tool or sipping on the same cup of coffee all morning. Well, Steve has

thrown people out for less, so maybe you can, but you shouldn't!

Tara blinks and looks off in the direction of the booth being discussed, having absolutely no idea what patrons Leah and Yan Sun are referring to.

Yan Sun 's smile takes on an apologetic note, as if she's sorry for bringing more work to Leah's plate. "With a little luck it's nothing to worry about, but... yeah..."

Leah scrunches up her nose. It looks as if she's about to say something but, as if on command, the omni-tool in her jacket lets out a few chirps, causing her to give a roll of her eyes at the timing. "Hopefully..." she relents in muttered agreement before passing a glance Tara's way. "Sounds like our ride is here..." she sighs. She shoots a quick, apologetic look to Yan Sun's before scooping the jackets off of her armor crate.

She takes extra care to fish Tara's hat out of her jacket pocket and lay it out on the counter so it's not lost to the floor before sliding it, and the jacket, Tara's way. "Here ya go, sweetheart." she offers idly before beginning to slip her own jacket on.

Tara is quick to start putting her jacket on, and once the colorful hat too is in place she slides off her stool, but turns to face Yan Sun, hesitating briefly before offering her a tiny smile and a quiet "Thank you."

Yan Sun mirrors the smile and nods in response to Tara. "See you guys around." she says, swiveling her chair to face the bar again as she grabs the half-eaten sandwich she'd been neglecting from it's plate.

Leah fusses with her ponytail for a moment, lifting it out of the way of her hood and gives a shrug of her shoulders to fix her jacket. Grasping the handle of her armor crate, she rounds the counter but allows herself to lag behind Tara, stepping over towards Yan Sun instead. "And-... thanks again. It would mean a lot to me if you passed my appreciation on to Jessica, too." she offers with a small shrug of her shoulders. "I'd

tell her myself but, well-... I don't exactly get the impression she likes me very much." she snickers, seemingly not having taken Jessica's abrasiveness too personally.

Yan Sun looks a little surprised when Leah speaks, her words drawing out another smile, and the final addition a quiet snort and an apologetic wince. "I will." she promises, expression warm - it's obvious that the request has made her happy.

Tara stops to listen as Leah and Yan Sun talk, not one to walk off on her own.

Leah's smile widens and she gives a small nod. "Alright. Well-..." she nods towards the door, implying that she should get going. With a dip of her head, she turns on her heels and starts towards the door, armor crate in tow. She doesn't quite reach the door, however, before she turns back, continuing her journey by backpedaling. "And I know you two are gonna be leaving!" she calls out as the realization hits her, now having to

raise her voice to be heard across the bar. "But you're not allowed to leave without saying goodbye, understand?!"

Yan Sun looks a little caught off-guard by Leah's last-minute additions, a laugh slipping out as she lifts one hand in a small wave. "Understood!"

Tara is, of course, quick to get moving when Leah does, observing the backpedaling exchange with a slightly bewildered look.

Leah reaches out, index finger outstretched threateningly at Yan Sun, eyes narrowing as she backs up a few more steps. But her veneer quickly cracks into laughter and she lifts her hand up to return the gesture. "See ya later, Yan!"

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