#RedrockAgency – February 16, 2022

December 26th. It's mid afternoon when Vasquez receives a buzz at the door of her office. Up until this point, it's been a pretty quiet day at the Redrock building, no doubt owing in part to the holidays. Just a few quiet comings and goings and Nathan tinkering in the armory in the morning.

Vasquez looks up for her work - mostly consisting of making very sure that Redrock isn't going to implode while she goes to Elysium with Cynthia. Maybe she should have more faith in Jason and Ilyna's ability to run the company - or, well, at least in Ilyna's - but it's hard to leave Redrock in someone else's hands, especially with a new contract with Syranis and the potential acquisition of a second ship on the horizon, not to

mention preparing the yearly employee reviews. "Come in." she says, prompting Fergus to open the doors. A half-eaten plate of Christmas leftovers sits forgotten on one side of her keyboard, paperwork and a datapad taking up most of the rest of the desk.

Jason is in the doorway when it slides open, off to the side and partially obscured by the frame. Black pants, boots, and a long sleeved t-shirt, dressed just as he was when she last saw him. But the expression he's wearing is different. It's a very specific look. One that Vasquez' time serving in the Alliance has probably made all too familiar. It's a look she's probably seen on the faces of plenty of marines. He's expecting

trouble. Something big is about to go down. He moves to enter but instantly stops as a sound from the direction of the hanger echos into the hall. Clanking. Maybe Jasper?

Vasquez ' eyes narrow a little, hands hovering over her keyboard as she studies Jason. "What's wrong?"

Jason lifts a hand to halt Vasquez' question so he can better hear, gaze dipping low and brows furrowing in concentration as he focuses on the noise. A few tense moments pass where he stays perfectly still. Listening. It's not until he's satisfied that nobody is coming that he chances moving again. He casts a suspicious glance further down the corridor- craning his neck a bit to peer around the corner of the intersection as best

as he can- then back over his shoulder, towards the staircase. Seemingly satisfied that he's alone, he slips into the door of Vasquez' office, his other hand obscured behind his back. It's not until he's a few steps in that he brings it in front of him. In his hand is a bowl containing a spoon that's stabbed into the coveted last two scoops of double chocolate chip ice cream! And not that shit made here on Aite. No, this is

the good stuff. The imported stuff. It's not easy to get ahold of and, when left in the rec room fridge, it rarely lasts long. Especially when Leah is on the prowl. He stalks up to Vasquez' desk without a word, quiet as can be, and sets it off to the side, leftovers be damned! He shoots a quick glance towards the hallway to make sure he hasn't been made before looking back to Vasquez and lifting a finger to his lips and

slowly backing back up towards the door.

Vasquez ' concern turns to exasperated confusion as the bowl of ice cream is presented, but she can't quite mask the hints of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as Jason backs away. It manifests fully for just a moment before the door closes, brown eyes warm and her shoulders shaking a little with the start of a laugh.

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