Message extracted from Taro Avoren's terminal

During the assault on Avoren's base, the Redrock team managed to extract one message from Taro Avoren's terminal.

Subject: Package secured
Time: October 22, 2185 7:51am (local time)
From: Ninava T'Nathis
To: Taro Avoren

I know it's early, but we just had the most perfect opportunity. We're holding her in a less than ideal location, and you should send someone to transport her to a more secure location. Pass Erantha and continue east until you have the town center in the distance to your right. Broadcast a signed beacon and we'll guide you from there.

Redrock Agency is poking around town, which shouldn't come as a shock. The one I just met was pretty desperate, so we might be able to get a bigger sum from them. I can contact them tonight and arrange a transfer. More credits is good, right?

Attached along with the message is an unsecured encryption key that can be used to identify a shuttle. A pilot will know how to use it.