Message to Guests

Sent 27 minutes after the Respite shootout that happened concurrently with the spaceport attack.

Subject: Update From: Aylena D'Inea

Dear guest,
As you are likely aware of, we had a situation downstairs a moment ago that will affect our services in the days to come. I apologize for the inconveniences this will cause during your stay, and will do my utmost to ensure the quality of your stay improves in a timely fashion.

Shall everything go according to plan, I will open the bar in the early afternoon tomorrow. I cannot, however, announce yet when food service will be restored, but I am working on a temporary solution. Please come down to the bar tomorrow for more information on that. As for breakfast and lunch, I can assist in arranging transport or a delivery.

I have closed the building for tonight, but please let me know should you need to enter or leave during the night.

Aylena D'Inea
Miner's Respite