A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 4

A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 4

1 P.M. November 22nd

The day was dragging on and Vasquez still wasn't around, so Jessica returned to the break room in search of food. Jattic, thankfully, had long since vacated the building. Instead, she was greeted by Jason leaning over the table making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Oh, great. The manchild..." she muttered aloud to accompany the roll of her good eye.

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Jason asked, tearing his attention away from his food as he looked to the new arrival.

"Is simple. You are a man who is dumb like a child." she explained as she stomped back towards the fridge.

"I'm not-...." Jason began, but cut himself off with a loud, frustrated groan.

"Mmm? What is the matter?" Jessica asked as she began to dig through the fridge, her tone implying that she doesn't actually give a damn.

Jason remained quiet before finally admitting, as if defeated, "...I got peanut butter on my shirt."

Jessica bursted into laughter as she found her opinion reinforced and she spun around to face him. Her laughter only grew louder as she spotted the large streak of peanut butter across the chest of his white shirt.

"...Some children are pretty fucking smart, okay!?" Jason shouted as if it was a reasonable defense, but it only caused Jessica to double over and grab her stomach from her laughing fit.

Still, for all of her irritating behavior, Jason had been around her enough to know she wasn't all bad. She had her good days and she had her bad days. Her bad days just happened to outweigh her good days far more than the average person.

"You done?" he asked, entirely unamused.

Jessica was still doubled over, but she managed to control the laughter. Eye watering from laughing, she nodded her head a few times. "Mmm." she hummed.

"Great. You want a fucking sandwich or not?" he asked, butter knife in-hand as he glanced down at the jar of peanut butter.

"Mmm." she repeated. "But when is your stupid wife going to be here. I am tired of waiting."

"You're a real joy to be around. You know that, right?" Jason asked, unable to suppress the lopsided smirk tugging at his lips.