The Pulse - Interview With Bryan Cross

The Pulse - Interview With Bryan Cross

For those of you who may have missed this morning's show, our very own Bryan Cross stopped by this morning on the show to answer a few questions. Below is the entirety of the interview! Have a listen and enjoy!

DJ Primal: Hey everyone! Today we've got a very special segment for you! An interview with the man himself, Mr. Bryan Cross! Or, as he's known by many, the King of Adrasteia! We've heard your concerns and thought it might be a good idea to get him on the show to address a few of our listeners' questions himself-...

Cross: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second, King of Adrasteia? [Laughter] I didn't choose that title! Though I guess I'll take it over 'DJ Primal' if forced to choose...

DJ Primal: [Laughter] Oh! Already with the insults? Really? [More laughter] Alright. Then what kind of title would you prefer, Mr. Cross?

Cross: I've gotta get my digs in where I can. [Laughter] Really, though. Just call me Bryan.

DJ Primal: Alright, Bryan. I'm just gonna jump right in and get down to the nitty gritty. So, as I'm sure you've heard, ever since this station has been broadcasting we've been getting accusation after accusation about our bias on account of you being our largest financial backer. How would you respond to those who would question our motives?

Cross: [Short period of silence] Honestly?

DJ Primal: No, lie to us. [Laughter] Yes, honestly.

Cross: Good. I'm glad they're taking the time to question that sort of thing. Let's just skip around the wordplay here, I don't 'back' the station. I own the station. Is that going to create some sort of bias? Probably. And it's up to each listener to take the information you and your team report on and decide for themselves where the truth ends and the bullshit begins. In my opinion? That's a victory in and of itself. A year and a half ago people were more worried about scraping enough credits together to feed their families while still being able to pay off the criminals threatening to put them in a ditch. The fact that, in just one year, we're able to take a step back and worry about the neutrality of a local media station? That's great. But I'll also go on record as saying I've never dictated what you and your team can or can't report on. What music you can play. What you can or can't say. If you feel it needs to be said, I expect you to say it. If you think a story needs to be covered, you report on it. If you think a song-... okay, well your taste in music sucks, but still, play what you want to play. [Laughter]

DJ Primal: [Laughter] Whaaaaatever. Anyway, you're not lying. I've never had anyone come in and try to stop a story we were covering. Not that our listeners are going to believe that...

Cross: Nor should they. I am sitting right here, after all.

DJ Primal: What you listeners don't realize is that he's waving a sign around threatening to fire me right now if I speak up about these awful working conditions. [Laughter]

Cross: [Laughter] Right. The bottom line is that we're moving in the right direction if we're starting to focus less on conditional survival and more on the future of this great city. And the people are right to question me. Hell, maybe I'm not the right man for the job when it comes to keeping this place running. That's entirely a possibility. But until someone steps up that can do it better, I'm going to do the best I can.

DJ Primal: Sounds good to me. How about we move on to some of our listeners' questions?

Cross: Great. Can't wait to hear these.

DJ Primal: Well, if they questioned the stations bias before, this may help a bit. I'm gonna warn you, some of these are pretty direct.

Cross: [Sound of shuffling] Let's get to it.

DJ Primal: [Laughter] He's loosening his tie. Alright, our first question... A listener wants to know how you've managed to keep Adrasteia from crumbling under its own weight after running the heavy hitters out of town. With people like Brix out of the picture, for example, how is food even getting into Adrasteia, and are we in any danger of an impending shortage now that a lot of the people with connections are out of the picture?

Cross: [Short period of silence] Well, you see that seems to be a common misconception. It's the sort of thing the local groups wanted people to believe. Brix, for example, had absolutely no hand in Adrasteia's food supply to begin with. Him and his people provided-... protection for-... Oh, I'm airquoting right now. I forget they can't see me. [Laughter]

DJ Primal: [Laughter] It's fine. You get used to it after a while.

Cross: So, yeah. Brix and his people just skimmed off the top. Forced the caravans coming in and out of Adrasteia to pay for protection. Protection from Brix and his crew. The caravans and farming communities nearby were terrified of them. It wasn't a 'connection', it was extortion. And we saw that sort of thing all over Adrasteia.

DJ Primal: And so with Brix out of the picture, how does all of that work?

Cross: Well, for starters, Brix isn't out of the picture. He was one of the first to sign on with the Enforcers. And he's done an amazing job getting us in touch with all of the right people in the surrounding homesteads and farming communities so we could get everyone on the same page. It hasn't been the smoothest of roads, but I think we've come a long way in building trust with a lot of these people. Now, rather than being terrified everytime they see Brix and his people coming down the road, they're happy to see him. Something that they probably never imagined when he was shaking them down a year and a half ago.

DJ Primal: Sounds like a big turn around. Now, you brought up the Enforcers. A lot of our listeners have raised concerns in regards to them. I'll just combine a few of these questions I've got here... [Short pause] Is there anything you can tell us about how all of that works? How do you keep them in line? On paper, taking some of the meanest players in the city and giving them authority sounds like a recipe for disaster. But somehow, you've made it work. What can you do to guarantee that this isn't just a ticking time bomb, waiting to implode?

Cross: [Sound of a deep breath, followed by a short period of silence] Adrasteia is a unique situation. There's a lot of history here. Plenty of people still living here were in this city when the first prefabs were put down. Others have families that moved in long before the city's funding dried up. Then you've got the newer residents. Those who came here looking to start a new life only to realize much too late that Adrasteia was just a black hole waiting to suck the life out of them. Do you know what most of them have in common? Most of them are good people just trying to survive a bad situation. Sure, not everyone. You have your outliers. But for the most part we don't need to keep them in line. We've given them a cause. An opportunity. We believe in them. Believe that they can be something better than what they were. A paycheck is nice, but what most of these people needed was hope. A shot at a future.

DJ Primal: And the Adrasteia Enforcers offer that?

Cross: I'd like to think so. They're making a real difference. And those 'outliers'? Well, slowly but surely we're seeing them hit the road. They've realized that they're no longer welcome in Adrasteia. This city isn't just a vein for them to bleed dry and take advantage of. Anyway, that's the simple version. 'The Enforcers' are a complicated beast with a whole lot of moving parts. It takes a lot of dedicated people to keep it running smoothly. So, how do I know this isn't "a ticking time bomb waiting to implode"? I don't. Then again, that's the case in all walks of life, isn't it? You just never know how things are going to turn out. But I have a talented, dedicated team consisting of men and women both from within Adrasteia, and recruited from all across the galaxy. We know we've created something great here in Adrasteia and I'm confident that they're going to do their best to help me keep everything operating smoothly.

DJ Primal: 'Outliers'. Considering one of those 'outliers' just recently made a few waves, this sounds like a good time to address a few of our listeners' questions regarding the Dome. Mertius Soratine? Do you have any intention of lending your support to the Dome?

Cross: [Another deep breath can be heard] That one hurt. It's hard not to feel responsible for Soratine. We've- and by we I mean Adrasteia- have had a longstanding relationship with the Dome, going back to long before I arrived here. When Soratine and the others fled Adrasteia and attempted to lay siege to the Dome, I contacted their chief of security, Extin Rivius, and attempted to organize a joint effort between his security staff and my Enforcers to remove the threat. Unfortunately, nothing ever materialized.

DJ Primal: Can you go into any more detail about why Adrasteia never got involved?

Cross: Well, it's simple. They didn't want our help. Aite- and the Terminus in general- is a place that operates in a very specific way. People don't trust one another. Nobody wants to rely on someone else to survive out here, lest it make them appear weak. So, whether due to pride or a fear that this might put them in Adrasteia's debt, they declined our assistance and, instead, decided to strike a deal with Soratine and his people, offering them refuge outside of the Dome. Unfortunately, you inherit the enemies of a man like Soratine when you offer him shelter. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Nonetheless, I hope they're able to bounce back from this and I offer everyone in the Dome my condolences. From my limited interactions with Chief Rivius, he seemed like a good man who cared about his people and I imagine everyone over at the Dome is shaken by the loss of him.

DJ Primal: His passing was sad news for sure. Moving back to my original question... Given this unfortunate situation, will you be attempting any further involvement with the Dome?

Cross: We're currently in contact with a few people from the Dome. We're trying to see if there's any way we can help rectify this whole ordeal, but I can't go into much of that right now.

DJ Primal: I understand this is a sensitive topic and you're unable to reveal too much. [Short pause] Well, Mr. Cross. Bryan. While we've got more than enough questions to keep you here for the next few days, I'm sure you're probably very busy. So I'm not going to keep you any longer. We appreciate you stopping by and answering a few listener questions and hopefully you'll be willing to do this again in the near future...?

Cross: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

DJ Primal: Alright, everyone! On that note, that about wraps up the show for today. Be sure to hit up Illumination next Saturday. I'll be making an appearance and running a set from 21:00 onwards so stop by and have a listen! We'll be revealing the follow-up to D.J. Zolnon's hit song, 'Bloom of the First Crest'. It's gonna be a good time.