Shadow Broker Dossier: Ilyna T'Rea (Threat Level Assignment)

Subject: Ilyna T'Rea (Latent)
Reference: Serrice-3291238284700103
Type: Ardat-Yakshi Threat Level Assignment
Location: Serrice
Time: [June 4, 2185 01:13 UTC]
Previous Level: 3 (Sudden Behavior Change)
Current Level: 2 (Inconsistent Behavior)

I am reverting the automated level change, citing yesterday's covert action report (Armali-8632211234643998). The subject and other persons referred to has been recorded by local surveillance systems this morning.

Subject: Ilyna T'Rea (Latent)
Reference: Serrice-8632211234643998
Type: Covert Action Report
Location: Serrice
Time: [June 3, 2185 13:42 UTC]

She was indeed as the automated systems described her, dressing less modestly than is common for her. I can also confirm that she was accompanied by Natia Yavin, Enila Aehan and Illeya T'Evin.

She was at the bar next to Aehan when I approached her. The asari appeared a bit uncomfortable. I asked her for a dance, which she accepted after her looking to her friend was met with a nod.

I let go off her seventy-eight minutes later, after she passed all standard field tests.

Surveillance systems tracked her all the way back to an apartment owned by Yavin at the end of the night, and she arrived there about twenty-five minutes before the time of me filing this report.