Sau Sun



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Sau Sun slams his glass against his desk hard enough to rattle it. Not that there’s anyone around to hear. He’s sitting alone in his home office, staring out at the floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the city. Skyscrapers rise from below, an intricate web of bridges and platforms linking them together. Despite the late hour the night sky is nothing but a muddy yellow blur. He keeps staring at it as if he might see past the light pollution by will alone, to the stars beyond.

He can’t, of course.

He lets out a loud sigh, running a hand through his short, salt-and-pepper hair. His usually impeccable suit is open, the holographic SunTech logo on the chest of the jacket distorted, tie discarded on the desk. For a moment his gaze travels to the message that fills the screen projected near the corner of his vision.

Hello Yan,
I am well aware that I am probably the last person you want to hear from but-

He’s barely a sentence into re-reading the message he wrote when a pleasantly smooth, synthetic female voice interrupts the quiet:

“The board is expecting you in 30 minutes.”

The VIs words elicit only a tired sigh. A silent gesture mutes the VI before Sau reaches for the bottle of Serrice Ice that sits on his desk, refilling his glass as his distant gaze returns to the sky.