Renala: A call from home

She's finally home…. or well, the closest thing to a home she has for the time being – her room at the Miner's Respite. She was wearing the featureless black under-suit of the armor, though not the 'squish skin' common on more advanced sets. She doesn't even get to sit down before the terminal repeatedly beeps, calling for her attention. She puts the backpack and the larger pieces of armor unceremoniously on the floor before taking the seat in front of the terminal, pressing the button to take the call.

"Hello," she hears as an asari comes into view on the video feed. She has purple skin and sharp markings, and look to be at least Renala's age. Behind her is a modestly furnished living room of Thessian architecture and a window on the back wall show the Thessian sunrise.


"Hey," is all Renala says, the weariness clear in her voice. She doesn't get a chance to continue before the other asari speaks.

"We need to talk," she begins. "It's the second time now that you've been keeping Aeyna awake trying to call you."

"I can't tell the future, Nalena," she says. "And the kid's got to learn that being disconnected from the Extranet doesn't mean I'm bound and gagged in some batarian freighter."

A sigh is the only response she hears. Nalena moves a little out of the way, revealing a shorter asari lying on the couch, her omni-tool's interface still glowing, but the lack of reaction would imply she's asleep. "If you want to still keep in touch with her," she begins, "you're going to have to get a handle on your life."

"I'm trying," Renala says. "Aite's not the easiest place in galaxy to find a stable job."

"Then you're not trying hard enough," she says, nearly glaring at the screen. "You're not a maiden anymore, so don't. Act. Like one." She pauses. "You can get your old job back."

"Not an option," she says. "Maybe you didn't realize, but working in your sister's team, in your mother's company wasn't… pleasant the last few days before I quit."

"Oh, please," she says. "I'll talk to them. They'll understand that it's for the best."

"Not an option," Renala repeats. "I'm done with them."

"Work with me here," she says. "You have to if you still want-" She glances towards the child who seems to stir, their call waking her up.

"Daddy?" Once her eyes open, it seems like all grogginess just gives way, for she closes the distance to the desk quickly.

"Aeyna!" Renala says, smiling fondly.

"Where have you been?" she says as she stares at the screen. "I tried to call you sooo many times. I was so worried!" A slight bit of moisture builds up under her eyes. Nalena wraps her arms around her and pulls her onto her lap.

"It's a long story," Renala says followed by a weary sigh.

"I want to hear everything!"

"I'll tell you another time, okay?" she says. "Things just weren't as cut and dried as they seemed. That's all."

"Oh… okay," she says, "but you have to tell me."

"If you promise me one thing," Renala says, to which the child nods. "That you won't worry for me any more if I don't answer your calls right away."

The child grows thoughtful for a moment. "B… but I want to know you're okay," she murmurs.

"Have some faith in me, will you?" Renala says with a weary smile. "I can take of myself."

"No," Aeyna says. "You stop doing whatever that makes it so I can't call you!" Her mother catches herself nodding at the child's words.

"I'll do my best, sweetie," Renala says followed by a chuckle, "Aite's just don't have as many planet-side comm buoys as Thessia."

"Then stay close to them," she says. "How hard can it be?"

"Okay, okay," she says in mock surrender, not wanting to argue this. Not that she couldn't, but it would just be for the best to give it up. "I'll do that."

"Good." She says.

"It's been a long day," Renala says. "So, could we talk again soon."

Aeyna remains quiet at first, and then nods. "But Daddy?"


"When am I gonna see you again? I miss you."

"Soon," Renala says. "I'll tell you as soon as I figure it out, okay?"

"Okay," she confirms, before glancing at the window behind her, "Good, uh, night." A giggle follows.

"See you soon," Renala says with a smirk.

Nalena reaches towards the terminal, terminating the call.