Jason: Tours of Duty Part 3

Jason: Tours of Duty Part 3

December 20th, 2180

...Connection Established...

"Because all I want for Christmas, is youuuuuuuuu. Baaaaaaaaabay!" Jason chirped from the other side of the galaxy as Mina's bright eyes peered at him through her omni-tool. She groaned a few times as she attempted to wake up.

"It's not Christmas yet, is it?" she asked. She still hadn't gotten down dates for these confusing human holidays.

"Well, no. But I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get back in touch with you by then." he said. The omni-tool on his forearm shook and quaked as he walked through the corridors of the SSV Beirut. It was like some sort of shaky-cam footage from a bad horror movie.

"Does this mean you're-..." she began, still somewhat groggy as she sat up in bed.

"Yep. On my way to the airlock now." Jason said casually. He was only glancing into the screen every now and then as he nudged into squadmates in the hall, "Hey fuckface!" he called out loudly, and for a moment Mina thought he was talking to her before realizing Gage had joined up with Jason.

Gage looked over Jason's shoulder and into the camera. He was fully armored, much like Jason. "Don't worry, Mina! I'm keepin' pretty boy here out of trouble and warm at night!" he joked.

Mina smiled behind her facemask, "No wonder he likes spending all his time on that damn ship." she quipped, although a part of her really did harbor some spite for the hunk of metal he practically lived on. Jason was almost just as much in a relationship with it as he was with her.

"Don't worry, baby, you've got a much nicer ass." Jason teased as he stared down into the camera, wiggling his eyebrows, "He's just my boy toy."

Gage gave Jason a slap on the ass before scurrying off down the hall ahead of him. "Echo! What are we gonna do!?" his voice called out.

"Kick ass, save lives, and go the fuck home!" a bunch of voices all called out at once, Jason's included. Jason glanced over at his omni-tool apologetically afterwards. "Sorry... Time to earn my paycheck. If I'm not able to get in touch with you in the next week, Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. All that good shit. Okay?"

Mina nodded slowly, "Happy Christmas. Merry New Year. All that good shit." she attempted to repeat. "Be careful, Jason. I love you."

"Love you, too." he said with a lopsided smirk before adding in the most out-of-tune note ever, "Baaaabaaaay!"

The sound of a woman's voice, surely a squadmate, could be heard as Jason lowered his arm, obscuring Mina's view, "Shut the fuck up, Wolfe! I'm sick and tired of your singing! SHUT! UP! SHUUUUUUUT! UP!"

...Connection Terminated...

Mina fell backwards onto her pillow once more with a sigh. "Happy Christmas, Jason." she said out loud as she stared up at the ceiling. The lonliness slowly crept back into her and she wrapped her arms around herself in a hug.

Jason put up a hand as Gage tossed him a breaching shotgun while his squadmate, Sally, continued to bitch about his singing. Jason snatched the shotgun out of the air and stared across the hall at Sally. "Think of my life long sorrow..." he sang with a bit of a head wiggle. Sally rolled her eyes and readied her weapon near the back of the group. "If ya caught pneumonia and died-..." Jason continued to sing off-key as he stacked up at the airlock door and gave his weapon the once-over. "Get over that old doubt!"

Sally gave a sigh, but it quickly turned into a smile and she joined in with the rest of Echo as they all gave a hearty, "Ooooh, baby it's collllld ouuuuut-side!" while the airlock doors began to open.