Nightmares: Vasquez

Nightmares: Vasquez

Vasquez tugged uncomfortably at the side of her dress. She wasn't quite sure how she had been talked into wearing it, and she felt ridiculous as she moved down the aisle. But the goofy grin on Jason's face when he saw the flowing white garment was more than worth it. When he had proposed it had been many years since she had thought about marriage. And it was not since she was little that she had ever considered such a traditional wedding, and yet, here she was. It had been a long road, but it was time to settle down. Time to live in peace. Above, in the sky, was the massive transparent dome that covered Lowell City, shielding it from dust storms and radiation. Not the most hospitable planet, even after so many years colonized. But Mars was home. And it was good to be back.

When she reached Jason she turned to look at her father, giving his hand a squeeze before he stepped back behind her. He was a short, kind-looking man with brown hair and a comb-over that did little to conceal his balding head. Her mother was sitting on the front row of the benches arranged in the park. She looked younger than she should, but Vasquez dwelled little on it. A stern-looking woman with long black hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing her work clothes. A lab coat. But she was smiling for once. It was nice to see. Markus was next to her, in his Alliance dress uniform. She was glad he had been able to make it. The rest of the guests were a blur. It was not really important anyway.

She turned her gaze to Jason. He looked stunning in his suit, and when she met his gaze she could not help but mirror his grin. The Officiant started speaking, but she was hardly paying attention. Her focus was entirely on Jason. His uncle was standing behind him, rather than his mother. Things moved along as if in an instant, and suddenly she found herself smiling widely, looking down she placed the ring on Jason's finger, and he did the same. His touch was soft and warm. She flinched as she felt a cold gust of wind, and rain splashing against her face. As she looked up the dome was obscured by dark gray clouds. Rain was pouring all around them. She recoiled as she felt a stabbing pain in her temple, and Jason's hand was immediately gripping her arm, asking her what was wrong.

She could feel herself holding something heavy, and as she looked down she was shocked to see the shotgun in her hands, and she stared in disbelief as a shot thundered from the weapon, her fiancé staggering back as his arm was severed at the shoulder, blood spraying her dress. She tried desperately to stop herself as she took aim at his other shoulder, but it was useless. Another loud shot and Jason collapsed in a pool of blood and rainwater. Suddenly in control of her arms again, Vasquez tossed the weapon aside, rushing to his side and kneeling down. The guests were gone. The park was gone. Tall, menacing spiked trees surrounded them.

"Jason? Jason! Just stay with me, just-... Oh God, I'm so sorry... I-... I-... no... just-..."

In a flash of movement something grabbed her throat in a vice-like grip. Jason. Metallic limbs had emerged in place of the ones she had just removed. With a blank look on his face he stood up, keeping her in a chokehold as he lifted her up into the air. At first she struggled, wriggling and doing her best to pry the hand open, with no success. When she saw the betrayal, the disgust, the hate in his eyes she stopped, her arms falling to her sides even as her vision started to blur. What was the point? She knew she had it coming.

"...d-... do it... I deserve it..."