Va'ynna: Late-Night Calls

Every fifth night, Va'ynna has been calling someone two hours before midnight for anything between half an hour to slightly past midnight. The muffled murmurs may thus be heard by neighbors or people walking past her door in the hall. Common translators would not be able to distinguish it through the wall, and people might not identify it as her unless they know that's which room she occupies, or are good at recognizing voices even when muffled.

The frequency of such calls used to be higher in October, but lessened quickly as weeks passed. They were also earlier in the evening before she got the job at the Respite, for Va'ynna assist in the kitchen on the later shifts on most nights.

Following what happened on February 5, 2185, these calls have increased in frequency to once every day. The difference is that they are not at a fixed time of day as they used to be, and their duration is half an hour at most

Va'ynna has had no such calls that anyone might overhear, muffled or not, since a few months before moving in with Victoria.