Mission Report, Captain Bhat

We entered the system at 02:21 hours, TCUT. Orbital scans and recon drones quickly confirmed that New Longhai was completely overrun.

A landing party of 40 people were sent to the surface to retrieve specimens and access the spaceport mainframe to ensure information containment. The team was led by Operative Jackson and included the assigned science team. After a successful sweep of the town the team managed to access the spaceport mainframe and confirm that the MSV Good Things Come made repeated attempts at contact on the 21st.

The lack of a wreckage seems to indicate that the ship managed to leave system, but it hasn't been reported to have passed any of the refueling stations in the area. I recommend active surveillance of likely destinations.

The ground team managed to capture several live specimens, albeit with considerable losses, which in turn compromised containment during the return trip. Losses were complete, aside from Dr. Leland, who piloted one of the shuttles back to the Kyoto. We commenced orbital bombardment of the compromised area in accordance with mission protocol. The infestation has been wiped out.

Captain Bhat

Cruiser Kyoto

Magellan Cell