Captain's Log, MSV Good Things Come

MSV Good Things Come

Athabasca-class Freighter (Modified)

Captain Juan Driscoll

September 12, 2185:

We finished the refueling stop at Omega today, and made the jump through the relay. Glad to be away from that rock. Liable to get shot, or worse, for looking at someone funny. Aisha sure seems to like it though. She insists on visiting that damn Afterlife club every time we dock there. Lukas got in a fight with a krogan, and we narrowly avoided a pyjak infestation. Business as usual. It should be a little over a week before we reach Di Yu. Not everyone in the crew is thrilled about making a run so far out into the rim, but work is scarce, and it's like I've said before, fewer people means fewer pirates too. We're probably safer out here than any of the major Terminus shipping lanes. Guess the ghost stories about disappearing colonies has everyone a bit on edge. Doesn't help Harry goes around spreading that shit every chance he gets.

September 16, 2185:

[A loud sigh is heard at the start of the recording, followed by several seconds of silence] I guess we didn't get all of the pyjaks. They made it into the air ducts somehow. I've tried sending Lukas and Chen in to try and flush them out with cattle prods. One of the damn things stole Lukas'. And started poking anything it could find. Half the non-vital systems are on the fritz. Lights are out in the cargo hold, the door to the crew quarters keeps jamming, it's a mess. Repairs will have to wait until we arrive. This shipment is on a strict schedule. For now, I'm seriously considering Aisha's suggestion to vent the atmosphere in the ducts. Goddamned pyjaks.

September 21, 2185:

I have seen a great many things shipping cargo across the outer reaches of space. Strange things. Terrible things, sometimes. But nothing like what we found at New Longhai. Monsters. Honest-to-God monsters. The kind that lurk in the dark places where people are afraid to go. Where people shouldn't be. They were there. All over the town. The colonists weren't. I can't bear to think of what happened to them. We have to tell someone. Everyone? Somebody needs to blow that place to Hell. We... we found someone. A survivor. Just... just the one. She hasn't said much of anything to us. She's pale as a sheet, and keeps mumbling to herself. I can't imagine what the poor woman has been through. We're going to find a proper medical facility to help her.