Extranet Message History: Jason Wolfe / Lee Riley

From: Jason Wolfe, To: Lee Riley, Subject: We need to talk

This is Jason Wolfe with Redrock. Kind of a hail mary here, but I figure it's worth a shot. Been one hell of a week for us, Captain. Less than 24 hours ago, me and my team were abducted and put into stasis onboard a Collector ship. We managed to mount a defense and fight our way off, but it was pretty touch and go.

I know things didn't go as smoothly as they could have the last time we met, but I still believe in the Alliance, Captain. I believe they have the galaxy's best interest at heart and are out there doing their damndest to put this problem away for good. That's why I think it's in everyone's best interest if I turn over my team's intel to you. Emphasis on to you. That means leave the mouthpiece at home [And in case you're reading this, Lessard: Fuck you]. I'm not asking for much, Captain. No glory. No compensation. All I ask is that you keep my team's involvement out of your reports, do what you can to help these colonists that we managed to pull off that ship, and kick these winged fucks out of our galaxy.

My team should be arriving back at Freedom Falls within 24 hours of whenever this message finds a comms buoy. Some of the material I've got to hand over has an expiration date, so if I don't hear back from you in the next few days I'll have no choice but to take it off ice.

From: Lee Riley, To: Jason Wolfe, Subject: RE:We need to talk

Took some convincing, but Command is sending my team to retrieve any intel you have on the Collectors. I'd call bullshit on anyone else, but after what you pulled off back in September, I'll believe it.

We'll be ready to assist any human colonists as well. Expect us in a few days. It would be best if you could keep it quiet. The Alliance isn't exactly welcome in your parts.

Cpt. Lee Riley, Systems Alliance Navy

From: Lee Riley, To: Jason Wolfe, Subject: Heads up

We just arrived in-system. I'll be in touch with a hangar number in a few hours once we've touched down. I need you to keep our presence quiet in the interest of avoiding trouble with the local authorities. I'm taking a chance vouching for you - I hope you'll honor that trust.


From: Jason Wolfe, To: Lee Riley, Subject: RE:Heads up

Understood, Captain. We'll remain on standby until we hear from you. I imagine you've had a whole lot of red tape to cut through in order to make this happen and we appreciate it.

Jason Wolfe