Shadow Broker Dossier: Alex Correa

C-SEC Report 1

Case Number: 7-16012184-16807

Date of Incident: 16/01/2184

Location: 164 Novaburst Street, Zakera Ward

Dispatch Incident Type: Suspicious Incident

Reporting Officer: OFC Advay Lal

Description of Incident:

On 16/01/2184 at approximately 0105 hours, I arrived at 164 Novaburst Street together with OFC Laria Braxis in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, we met with caller Jaro Rilian. Jaro advised that he was in his apartment (#22) when he heard what he described as "sounds of struggle" and "distressed screaming" coming from the above apartment (#32).

We knocked on the door to apartment #32. After receiving no answer OFC Braxis overrode the lock systems and we entered. Immediately upon entering we encountered an unidentified human female sitting on the floor with the mutilated body of another human female (Later identified as Lisa Reid, the tenant of apartment #32) in her arms. Both humans were naked and covered in red blood. Reid appeared to have been violently disemboweled.

The unidentified human was entirely unresponsive to my commands, but she was subdued without resistance. I noticed the presence of a biotic implant, and standard procedures for biotic containment were followed. I called in an ambulance and a secure transport, which arrived at approximately 0150 and 0200 hours respectively. SGT Karrus Toric took over transport of the suspect to Zakera Station 7. Additional witness statements were collected by OFC Braxis.