Missing Persons Case File: Jessica Kaya

Name: Özlem Jessica Kaya

Date of birth: August 20th, 2159

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Age at time of disappearance: Three (3) years of age

Date of initial filing: October 3rd, 2162

Last seen: October 1st, 2162 with parents, Omar and Salma Kaya, as well as older brother, Martin Kaya, all also reported missing.

                                        Case Notes

On October 3rd, 2162, at 18:00, Teoman Çalık arrived at his local precinct to file a missing person's report. Claiming that he had been unable to reach his sister, Salma Kaya, or her husband, Omar, over the previous 48 hours. Officers arrived at the Kaya residence at 19:00 but their knocks went unanswered and the doors were locked.

[Update] Two officers returned on October 5th after Teoman Bey informed that he had still been unable to reach the parties in question. After hearing claims from Teoman Bey that his sister had expressed concern regarding her husband's recent activities, officers were sent back out to the location to perform a more extensive check. Officers were let into the premise by the owner of the building but discovered no sign of the missing parties. All belongings, aside from a few articles of furniture, were gone and no evidence of forced entry was found. The owner of the building claims the tenants never informed of their departure.

It appeared to officers as if the family packed up and left however, given both Teoman Bey's confidence that his sister would not leave without informing her family unless something was wrong as well as Omar Kaya's history and known ties to local criminal activity, the possibility of foul play can not yet be ruled out. Detective Inal will be taking over this case and further inquiries into friends and family will be made.

[Update] A formal investigation [Detective Inal's attached case files] into the disappearance of the Kaya family has, thus far, yielded little result. Omar Kaya has no known surviving family but close friends claim that he spoke of getting away from Earth, though no evidence that he ever followed through on such talks has been found. Teoman Çalık, as well as the rest of Salma Kaya's family, have assisted in answering any questions they can and seem to have had a close relationship with Salma, making her sudden disappearance out of character. In lack of any conclusive evidence, the case will remain open until further updated.

[Update] As of 2175, the Kaya family have been officially declared deceased in absentia after more than ten (10) years without communication. Teoman Bey, however, continues to check in every few months in hope of new information.
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