A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 2

A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 2

11:30 A.M. November 22nd

Steve was sitting at the break room table stuffing a sandwich into his mouth when Jessica entered and gave a quick scan around to ensure Leah was nowhere to be found. He had been using the gym for some of the rehabilitation exercises detailed by Halisi and figured he might as well eat on Redrock's credit. His gaze followed Jessica as she crossed the room to finally collect her coffee.

Neither said a word to the other. Steve simply continued to stare as he wolfed down his lunch. Jessica sniffed at the cup of coffee and looked to be instantly offput but she braved forward, tentatively taking a sip. Without warning she spit the coffee right onto the counter and wiped at her lips with the back of her hand before dumping the rest of the cup into the sink as a string of disgusted sound effects escaped her. She licked at the roof of her mouth, eager to rid herself of the horrid taste as she pulled open the fridge and searched for something to wash it away with. Beer. Perfect.

Not wanting to waste time searching for a bottle opener, Jessica pressed the cap against the edge of the counter and slammed her fist down on it, popping the cap off and leaving a small gash in the countertop. She began slugging back the bottle of beer as Steve slowly chewed his food as he watched with great disinterest.

"So what happened to your face?" he asked, his tone entirely neutral.

Jessica continued to chug at the beer until she was damn sure the coffee had been washed away. She wiped at her mouth with her forearm and set down the bottle as she stared across the room at Steve.

"What happened to yours? Mmm?" she asked.

Steve remained silent for a number of seconds as he considered the question. "Fair enough." he finally said before returning his attention back to his lunch. The two proceeded to exist in an absolute silence that would probably unsettle most people. Neither seemed to notice