Dawn's Notes

AITE (this is it, i feel it)

Gregorij Sakamoto - are we on the same leads? cant be coincidence - trustworthy? motive solid, mental state questionable. dead end. they already got him. (maybe not? salvage mech data?) too far gone & too much noise, stalled out, picked off. lacked the skills too.

Prosperity - EAE, no eezo but big op (high ranking supervisor? data access? shipping?). have to scout

Twins - need intel. have to confirm. who is Cross? has to be project IZANAU. intel from streets - powerful, secretive, ruthless. familiar? bodyguards/attack dogs. ‘jin’ and ‘aya’. ‘pale like ghosts’. it checks out. (‘rash’ka’ - about right). they’re kubiko for sure. on assignment? to Cross? does he have that pull? or runaways/deserters? have to know.

Freedom Falls - lowkey, easy transport - fallback? find greg . L3 girl saw implant - eliminate? - you know thats not right. come on. get your shit together. low profile.

Adrasteia - as rotten as earth. more holes in the grid. still terminus. straightforward. muscle and threats over poison cups and ‘accidents’. so far. might need gun to avoid standing out. need solid hideout. losing it in these dingy rental rooms. cramped. noisy. im going to kill its not safe. cant focus. cant train. cant cook either. need more O if things go bad with twins.

Cross - Torthus-Cross heir. adrasteias god-king. cleaned up the city. earth suit with big ambitions. fits the profile, but the connections? hotel chain? doesnt make sense. need to dig. doesnt he know what he has? or does he? is he protecting them? wishful thinking. probably still on the job. figure out black ops connection

Torthus-Cross Building - likeliest spot for twins. got to get in. got the patrol pattern and rough numbers down. scale? risky. summit coming up. infiltrate? a lot of eyes. needs prep work and plan B: obsidian.

Bishop - useful? slipped up. problem? verify leads.

Serena Torres - Axiom. ex-TruthHax. on Cross payroll. next lead? risky.

Gaz - girl was spying on cross’ tower. spoke batarian. children of aite? idealist. no training, no killer instinct. in over her head. pawn. tool. going to get herself killed. told her to get out. hope she listened.

Biotic Task Force - Gaz gave names - twins+Aleenin Esiria (asari)+Elin (human). had encounter with Aleenin, need more info

Children of Aite - insurgents. local. messy, decentralized. useful? hindrance? no problem sending untrained pawns to die. unsurprising. callous or incompetent?