Message to guests after August 1 shootout

Sent on the evening of the day of the shootout that started off August 2185

Dear guest,

Earlier today, as you probably are aware, there was a violent dispute being settled outside our establishment. We got control of the situation and the confirmed the shooters were not targeting Miner's Respite, and it was just mere bad luck that it took place in our proximity. None of our guests were injured in, and no shots were fired inside the building.

We have closed the bar for the remainder of today, but if you would like a drink, please send a message ahead of coming down. I will offer a free drink up to the price of 40 credits to each of the guests that are currently staying in one of our rooms, or have a room booked for today. The kitchen will remain closed until breakfast tomorrow, however. Tomorrow, we will open as usual.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, and hope you have a pleasant stay.

Aylena D'Inea