MSV Saint Lucia Expeditionary Crew Information Packet

MSV Saint Lucia

-An ExoGeni vessel designed for a multitude of tasks.

-Capable of suborbital descent and landing on low and medium gravity worlds.

-Outfitted with 2 dual ship defense cannons in addition to protective armor and barriers.

-Equipped with a multi-functional, high-end shipboard VI with advanced personality programming.

-Carries advanced survey and research equipment as well as storage facilities.

Vehicle Complement

-1 M35B Rover

-1 M29A Grizzly

-1 UT-47 Kodiak

-4 Triton Advanced Diving Systems

-1 Heinbeck Cargo Hauler

-2 Heinbeck Snowcrawlers

-4 TT6 Snowmobiles


-Standard Spare Components (Various)

-Field Research Equipment (Various)

-Portable Communications Array (1)

-Compact Thermal Generators (2)

-Environment Suits (20)

-Medium-Power Laser Drill (1)

-Food (various)

-Weaponry (various)

-Portable Incinerators (2)

-Survey Probes (15)

-Prefabricated Shelters (3)

-Portable Wind Turbine (1)


-Current crew count is: 33

-Captain: Pontus Korpal

-First Officer: Joshua Hill

-Chief Engineer: Vanessa Al-Bariqi

-Medical Officer: Ida Wong

-Chief Steward: Klaus Walker

-Security Chief: Bartholomew Volkoff

Ship Layout

Deck 1: Bridge, Conference Room, Lifeboats

Deck 2: Med-Bay, Cafeteria, Crew Quarters, Passenger Quarters, Bathroom

Deck 3: Lab, Armory, Gym, Security Office

Deck 4: Engineering, VI Core

Deck 5: Hangar, Cargo Hold

Expedition Target


Orbital Distance: 5.4 AU

Orbital Period: 10.5 Yrs

Radius: 69,827 km

Day Length: 12 h

Atm. Pressure: N/A

Surface Temp: N/A

Surface Gravity: 22 g

Mass: N/A

Satellites: UNC-49-256D-958/A, UNC-49-256D-958/B, UNC-49-256D-958/C, UNC-49-256D-958/D, UNC-49-256D-958/E

Summary: UNC-49-256D-958 is an uncharted gas giant located in a remote system in the Phoenix Massing.


Orbital Distance: 0.007 AU

Orbital Period: 52 d

Radius: 1660 km

Day Length: 52 d

Atm. Pressure: 1.47 atm

Surface Temp: N/A

Surface Gravity: 0.36 g

Mass: N/A

Satellites: None

Summary: UNC-49-256D-958/A is a satellite of the gas giant UNC-49-256D-958. The surface of the moon is covered by a substantial layer of ice. Unmanned probe scans indicate the presence of buried oceans. Significant portions of the planet surface are obscured by a thick atmosphere heavy in nitrogen.