Citadel NewsNet - Mid-Ward Armed Robbery

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In today's news, an armed robbery has occurred at the Mid-Ward district of the Zakera Ward. Little is known regarding the robbery as surveillance feeds were knocked offline mere moments before- which C-Sec claims is no mere coincidence. According to eyewitness reports, four individuals in hardsuits and fully automatic weaponry entered the establishment at around 16:50GST and used a device to disable all nearby translators. One of the witnesses present for the robbery claims to have heard two of them speaking in English and one of the criminals was able to speak with an asari hostess in her own language, a Thessian dialect, fluently. This has lead C-Sec investigators to believe two humans and an asari comprise three of the four suspects.

The situation was further complicated when C-Sec arrived on the scene to discover numerous crates of military-grade weaponry stashed in the back, untouched by the suspects. All that seemed to be taken were the contents of a safe. C-Sec officials believe this may have been part of a smuggling operation, but declined to comment further on the subject. Right on the heels of last week's gunfire exchange- also at the Mid-Ward district- which resulted in the apprehension of three suspected drug trafficers is leading C-Sec to believe they may have a group of vigilantes on their hands.

Captain Bailey issued a statement earlier this afternoon advising anyone who may have information regarding the robbery or last week's shooting to step forward. He went on to say, "I would like to stress to everyone that C-Sec has taken all of the appropriate measures to ensure weapons and other such contraband are unable to make their way onto the Citadel. I assure you that we're making it our top priority to find out how these isolated incidents have managed to slip through the cracks."

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