The Pulse - The Dome Under Attack

The Pulse - The Dome Under Attack

Rumors are coming in that that are claiming the Dome, Adrasteia's sister colony, was recently attacked. As of right now, few details are known but we'll do our best to keep you up to date. We're aware that many of you may know or even have family out that way, so if anyone is able to reach out and confirm these reports and the extent of any potential damages, we would appreciate any info you could trickle our way.

[Update] Thanks to a few dedicated readers, we are able to- sadly- confirm that the rumors are true. As of a few hours ago a single shuttle arrived outside of the Dome and a firefight broke out. It is said to have lasted a number of minutes with eyewitness reports of explosions. Currently we're unable to provide details on the damage the colony sustained and how many, if any, were wounded or killed in the attack.

[Update] We managed to make contact with a security officer who wishes to remain anonymous. According to them, the Dome's exterior was never breached. This seems to have been a targeted attack on Mertius Soratine's people. To many of our readers Soratine should be a familiar name. He and his people terrorized the East-side of Adrasteia for many years. A hand in guns, drugs, and slavery, there's little to like about Soratine. As we reported a few months back, when Soratine and a few other local gangs were ran out of Adrasteia, they sought refuge in the Dome. When denied, they laid siege to the Dome until an agreement was come to, allowing them to remain outside of the walls of the central structure. We're currently awaiting information on whether or not anyone was wounded during the exchange and we'll update as soon as we learn anything.

[Update] The casualties seem to be mostly localized to Soratine's people, thankfully. Though a few of the Dome's security team may have been harmed when they attempted to respond to the threat.

[Update] Our latest information received has confirmed that there was a simultaneous attack on both Soratine's people as well as the Dome's security staff. While we lack any concrete numbers, it seems as though the casualties were numerous. Confirmed to be among those lost in the attack is the Dome's chief of security, Extin Rivius. As of now, no cause for the attack is known, nor whether or not Cross has any plans for getting involved in this ordeal. Coincidentally, Bryan Cross himself will be dropping by tomorrow for an interview so perhaps we'll have an opportunity to get a few answers.

We here at The Pulse would like to offer everyone in the Dome our condolences. I'll be holding my loved ones a little tighter tonight when I get home, I suggest the rest of you do the same.