Extranet Messages: Steve & Renala

From: Steve Briggs, To: Renala T'Iavay, Subject: Checking In

Hey, Ren. Haven't heard from you since you took off so I thought I'd check in and make sure everything is going alright. Things out here are... well, let's just say it seems like shit got a whole lot more complicated since you left.

The others got back a few days ago and it sounds like you were smart to sit this last one out. Been hearing talk that they ran into the Collectors out there. Looks like they all found their way home, though. Now we've got some big debriefing coming up. Not sure if you've heard anything from the Chief, but it sounds like they want everyone involved. Gotta imagine it's got something to do with all the Collector talk.

At any rate, I hope you're enjoying your time with the little one. You bust your ass for these people, so make the most of your time off. You've earned it.

But the apartment is a whole lot emptier without you around, Ren. Hoping to see you soon.

RE: Checking in

Renala's reply came just under two hours after Steve's message.

Hey Steve,

I have tried not to think much about things back on Aite. It's selfish, I know, but it keeps me from thinking about the alerts piling up on my omni-tool. One of them has a very concerning severity level, but its category implies it's not strictly technical so I suppose it can wait.

Also, why am I not surprised about the Collectors? Their insane heroics were going to bite them one day, and I'm sure they knew that. Enough about that. Like I said, I'd rather think about anything other than work while I'm here.

I cannot overstate how much I needed this vacation. Armali is pretty great at this time of year, Aeyna has shown me everything I've missed, we've played games, gone places that were in our backlog, and I've caught up with old friends. I've even had a talk over dinner with Nallie, but there's someone trying to pull my arm away from my omni-tool so I'll spare the details.

We are currently in a forest clearing with a pretty nice view of the city in the distance. I think getting away from all the distractions for a few hours sounds great, but the little one is not in agreement. You know, there's so many better things we could be doing right now.... We do have a lot to talk about, though.

I don't know when I'll be back, but if the chief wants me on the briefing and gives me enough forewarning, I'll be there.


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