Extranet Message History: Jason Wolfe / Ilyna T'Rea

From: Jason Wolfe, To: Ilyna T'Rea, Subject: The News

Hey, Ilyna. I'm gonna guess that by the time you get this you'll have already heard the news. Adrasteia sounds like a warzone. People taking to the streets, lighting off fireworks. It's wild. Sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you in person but I've got a nice bottle of Thessian wine that I'm bringing back with me, so when I get home we'll have a glass together.

I'm not sure the news has actually hit me yet, you know? Doesn't quite feel real. But it's actually over. It's been a crazy month. A crazy few years. But we survived it. We don't catch breaks like this too often, so maybe it's time to start making some changes. Well, me and Linda are about to head out for dinner, but we'll talk when I get home. Give Li a hug for me. Maybe everyone will sleep a little better tonight. We sure as hell need it.

Subject:RE: The News
Ilyna T'Rea

Ilyna T'Rea


Date:Dec 11, 2185


It is truly unbelievable. I have been waiting all afternoon for someone to come out and say it's all a lie; Cerberus propaganda to drum up support for something. I would be devastated if that actually were to happen, because I've already told Li and she seems to understand it even if she didn't share my excitement.

She's doing fine, by the way. I asked Va'ynna to look after her while I went to talk to Felcolus about Ehanis, and when I came back the two of them were making a snow castle just outside the building. This experience hit her hard, but there's no doubt in my mind that her scars will heal.

You didn't have to get me anything. It's only fair I take care of the company while you two take some deserved time off. I'm not going to say no, though. I am looking forward to discussing the future of Redrock Agency over a few glasses of wine when this has had time to sink in.

- Ilyna