Message to Respite guests after Siveya's attack

A message was sent out two hours after Siveya's attack. Current respite guests, and people whose booking started on February 5, 2185 received the message.

Subject: Yesterday
From: Aylena D'Inea

Dear guest,
Earlier today, we had a dangerous situation on the establishment's first floor. With help from initiative-taking patrons, we managed to secure the situation before anyone came to harm, and the Respite will open again tomorrow at a normal time. We have now closed, but if you have booked a room, or is currently staying here, please contact me at this address and I will let you in.

We take our patrons' safety seriously, and will act promptly to ensure greater security in the immediate future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Yours sincerely, Aylena D’Inea