A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 1

A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 1

10A.M. November 22nd

Emboldened by her discussion with Yan Sun, Leah stepped into the break room and watched Jessica, who had recently arrived looking for Vasquez, from afar.

"Never judge a book by its cover, Leah." she quietly reminded herself.

Leah had heard enough stories by this point to know that Jessica was... less than pleasant to interact with. But Yan Sun seemed to be under the impression that people just hadn't given her a chance. And if there was one thing Leah prided herself on, it was seeing the best in people.

A loud thump sounded out as Jessica slammed the palm of her hand against the coffee machine.

"Make coffee!" Jessica growled loudly.

"Hey!" Leah chimed in, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she crossed the room to join the scarred woman. "It's a little stubborn sometimes. You just have to-..." Leah scrunched up her nose as she leaned in and turned the coffee machine off and then on before hitting the brew button. The coffee machine buzzed to life with a soft hum and a big bright smile crossed Leah's face as she looked back to Jessica. "There! All fixed. I'm Leah, by the way. I know we haven't really been properly introduced." she greeted cheerfully, thrusting an open hand towards Jessica.

Jessica cocked an eyebrow, her lip curling into something of a snarl as her gaze slowly scanned downward to Leah's hand, poised for a handshake. Jessica sighed deeply and reached into her pocket, digging around for some unknown item. When she removed her hand, her middle finger was fully extended and she brought it up to Leah's face. "Fuck off, beauty queen." she said before stomping off towards the door.

Leah blinked a few times, smile slowly disappearing into her features as she watched the other woman exit the room. "Right. Soooo that went well. It was almost a compliment" she sighed to herself with a nod, "Yep. Her own brand of awesome. Really nailed that one, Yan Sun..."