Renala's Backpack

Before going to the Kodiak shuttle, Renala left her backpack just inside the ship at the top of the ramp. She did not want to be as unprepared as on Rakhana were she to be stuck on this mission. Renala has little hope in it being useful to anyone going, but one would never know. She clearly didn't pack for a long trip.

The backpack itself is worn from being packed to the brim one too many times, and it wasn't in the best of shape when Renala bought it last year for a handful of credits. One of the zippers is broken and the main pocket can thus be closed only on one side, and there's a few grains of sand here and there from Rakhana. It's not hard to recognize, especially not after seeing its content.


  • 3x portable small computers: These consume little power, have nothing on them, and are only useful for automation and controlling hardware. They have a built in software-defined radio. Any technically capable person can make use of them.
  • 2x cameras: These are of the same type used in the Redrock HQ, which are a dome containing four small cameras arranged in a square. The purpose of it is to provide depth even if 2 of the cameras fail. They're fairly easy to use by someone with decent technical skills, but securing them is not as trivial.
  • 5x omni-directional antennas: These are simple telescoping antennas that can be attached to any modern transmitter. They'll manage about 1.5x-3x the range of the hard-suit's built in antenna depending on the user's knowledge. It requires a computer and power to relay signals.
  • 2x data cables: Ubiquitous cables used for most peripheral devices. 2m in length. Can be used to connect an omni-tool, hardsuit or the aforementioned computers to a camera.
  • 1x soldering kit
  • 1x wire cutter
  • 1x armor power supply wire: Like what she used on Rakhana to power the door. It's primitive and requires some know-how to not drain the armor's power supply.
  • 1x blue top: It's a short-sleeved plain top with a large neckhole. It's Renala's size, who is relatively small compared to the rest of the asari working at the agency. It's rolled up to take up the least space
  • 1x underwear: Simple, both parts, red, also Renala's Size.