A screen busy with news scrolls and graphics, the title COLLECTORS DEFEATED? prominent in bold letters. A news anchor reading.

“Earlier today, shocking footage made waves across the extranet, claiming to be video of the remnants of the Collector homeworld beyond the Omega 4 Relay.”

An information blurb pops up on the side of the screen, summarizing the history of the Omega 4 Relay and the Collectors for uninformed viewers.

On the rest of the screen, a ship-mounted camera scans across an otherworldly scene. A massive debris field that seems to stretch on forever. Derelict chunks of starships, asteroids, and, deeper in the field, large pieces of the unmistakable, hive-like remnants of Collector architecture. A massive black hole looms in the distance, the almost-blinding light caught in its event horizon casting everything in a yellow glow that’s at odds with the cold, open space.

“The video was released alongside a statement by the terror-listed human-supremacist group ‘Cerberus’. In the statement, Cerberus claims responsibility for the destruction of the Collector homeworld in a supposed effort to ‘end the Collector threat and prevent the abduction of human colonists’."

Another blurb, about Cerberus this time. Their classification as a paramilitary terrorist organization. Then footage of a man in a crisp white-and-black uniform, an odd echo of what the Alliance wears. He carries himself with the air of a military commander.

“Cerberus has done what the Systems Alliance, restrained by the leash of the Citadel Council, would not. Not long ago, a highly trained team of elite operatives opened the path through the Omega 4 Relay and destroyed the Collector home base, eradicating their leadership and the majority of their forces. Let the galaxy know that the Collector threat is at and end. No longer do the people of the Terminus and the Traverse need to fear abduction. Cerberus watches over all of humanity, and will not bow to the will of the alien Council like the Alliance has. Cerberus will not stand by and watch as human colonies disappear. Cerberus will not let people die to inaction.”

The newscaster resumes speaking after the recording.

“Alliance authorities have not yet issued an official statement on the footage, but expert VI-driven video analysis has so far found no evidence of video tampering, and as early as last week, sources confirmed the activation of the Omega 4 Relay through means unknown. Coverage of this story is ongoing and will continue as more information unfolds."