Respite Incident Report

Employee on site: Leah Mercier

Date: December 26, 2185

Time: 23:46

Incident: This afternoon, following my shift, a guest at the Respite informed me of some patrons that she believed were "trying to hack something" (Her words not mine). She didn't have anything more than that for me, but I wanted to file a report to document it just to be safe.

The patrons in question were a human female and a batarian male. Early 20s maybe? They didn't cause any trouble and kept to themselves during their time at the Respite, but I did notice them watching me from time to time. And after reviewing tonight's security footage, I can confirm that they seemed to be trying to keep tabs on me. I've attached a clip that gives the best look at the pair. I don't recall seeing them before today, so if anyone recognizes them from a shift, drop it in the notes.

I'll forward the report to T'Iavay so she can give the Respite's systems a quick once over to see if anything looks out of place. (Sorry for the extra work, Renala!)

Files Attached: [respitebar03-851226]

Steve Briggs

(Unknown Character)


Date:Dec 25, 2185

Not too sure about the batarian. Can be hard to tell them apart. But the woman's face isn't ringing any bells.

Subject:Re: Notes
Renala T'Iavay

Renala T'Iavay


Redrock Agency's sysadmin, information broker, repair technician and whatever else Jason needs her to be.

Date:Dec 27, 2185

I didn't see anything wrong at the Respite this morning. We never had complete administrative access to that system, and Aylena's stand-in wanted to check it herself instead.