Shadow Broker Dossier : Linda Vasquez (Timeline)

Shadow Broker Dossier : Linda Vasquez (Timeline)

FLAGGED: (UPDATED) Medium Priority, Maintain Surveillance

2155: Linda Samia Vasquez born. Lowell City, Mars.

2161: Education started at Lowell Western School.

2171: Relationship started with Grigorij Akhatova.

2172: Enlisted in the Systems Alliance. Education dropped. Relationship broken off.

2173: Posted on Terra Nova.

2174: Death of mother [See ongoing investigation].

2175: Transferred to Elysium. Relationship started with Janet David [See attached file].

2176: Skyllian Blitz. Death of Janet. Transfer to space duty.

2178: Siege of Torfan. PTSD diagnosed at psychological evaluation. Transfer to Arcturus.

2179: Honorable discharge. Mercenary career started.

2180: Akkunam incident [See attached file].

2182: Hired by ExoGeni Security

2183: Fired by ExoGeni Security. Relationship started with Jason Wolfe. First and Second Evening Star incidents [See report by Agent Hunter].

2184: Incapacitated by Ardat-Yakshi. Recovery uneventful.

2185 (Current): Establishment of Redrock Agency on Aite. Ogofau incident [See Agent Ghost black box]. Cerberus subversion. Object Omicron incidents [See report by Agent Viper]