Shadow Broker Dossier: Linda Vasquez


FLAGGED: (UPDATED) Medium Priority, Maintain Surveillance

2155: Linda Samia Vasquez born. Lowell City, Mars.

2161: Education started at Lowell Western School.

2172: Relationship started with Grigorij Akhatova.

2173: Graduated high school. Relationship broken off. Enlisted in the Systems Alliance.

2174: Finished training. Stationed on Elysium. Death of mother [See ongoing investigation].

2175: Relationship started with Janet David [See attached file].

2176: Skyllian Blitz. Death of Janet. Transfer to space duty.

2178: Siege of Torfan. PTSD diagnosed at psychological evaluation. Transfer to Arcturus.

2179: Honorable discharge. Mercenary career started.

2180: Akkunam incident [See attached file].

2182: Hired by ExoGeni Security

2183: Fired by ExoGeni Security. Relationship started with Jason Wolfe. First and Second Evening Star incidents [See report by Agent Hunter]. Incapacitated by Ardat-Yakshi.

2184: Recovered from Ardat-Yakshi. Establishment of Redrock Agency on Aite.

2185 (Current): Ogofau incident [See Agent Ghost black box]. Cerberus subversion. Object Omicron incidents [See report by Agent Viper].


-Neural Support Implant (UPDATED)

-Haptic Interface Implant (Both Hands)

-Microfiber Weave (Alliance Support Gunner Issue)

-Correctional Gene Therapy (Eyesight, heart defect)

-Alliance Marine Gene Pack


Ariake Technologies Armor (Alliance Issue, Gray)

-Kinetic Buffer

-Backup Power Cell

Kuwashii Visor (Alliance Issue, Gray.)

-Sonar, LADAR, thermal, biotic field and EM targeting

-5x Magnification

-Combat HUD

-Audio Feed

Heavily modified Alliance Typhoon Light Machinegun

-Advanced Tactical VI (Automatic Ammunition Optimization, Thermal Management, Trajectory Optimization, Cyber-Security)

-Extended Barrel

-Adjusted Weapon Plating

-Advanced Recoil Dampener

-Heat Sink Drum

-Structural Reinforcement

-Grip Relocation

-Upgraded Kinetic Coil Capacitor

-Concussive Shot Module

-Alternate Ammuniton System (Armor Piercing, Disruptor, Shredder)


Interference with the activities of Agents Hunter and Ghost, intentional or otherwise, has warranted an upgrade in surveillance priority. Current information deemed inadequate. Familial connections and recent interest in Reaper elements cause for concern.

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