Extranet Message History: Jason Wolfe / Aylena D'Inea

Sent after reading the Illium article provided by Va'ynna.

Subject:I just read the news
Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolfe


Date:Dec 20, 2185

Oh, Janysa went running off without letting the people she's paying to protect her know? And then the people she was paying them to protect her from tried to kill her?! Shit, ya don't say. Who would've guessed? NOT ME!!! THIS IS THE POINT WHERE I WOULD MASH MY KEYBOARD IN ANGER IF I WASN'T USING A TEXT-TO-SPEECH PROGRAM AND SHOUTING WAY TOO FUCKING LOUDLY IN A PUBLIC PLACE! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! YOU CAUSED THIS!

What are you looking at?! Mind your own business and keep walking! No, don't transcribe that. Ya know what? Fuck it. Just leave it in, she'll figure it out.

I'm tired of the cloak and dagger bullshit, Janysa. I imagine they've got you pumped full of meds and bedbound right now, but as soon as you're in any condition to send one, I expect a message letting me know you're alright and explaining just what in the hell is going on. I know you're gonna pull through this because you're far too much of a pain in my ass not to. And when you do, and you're back here safe and sound? You better believe you're never hearing the end of this.