Cerberus Research Data

Research data recovered by Renala from the Barn's systems.

Project Ocularum Update

The field testing of the new ocular implants have been met with mixed results. Some of our new operatives have proven useful, but the termination ratio is far too high considering the cost of the equipment and monitoring. There is also the not-insignificant risk that one of the operatives will reveal Cerberus secrets before termination. The addition of the insurance initiative has proven highly effective for keeping operatives in line, but again, the operational cost is considerable. It is my belief that direct control of operatives is more reliable and cost-effective.

Ogre Mech Weapon Loadout

The process of deciding which prototype weapon best complements the pulse cannons of the new Ogre Mech is slow without field testing. If the Director would allow us to take some of the prototypes to the field against geth and Collector forces it would simplify things greatly. We simply cannot afford the suggested modular loadouts. The mounting/dismounting process takes a long time and requires replacement of infrastructure throughout the mechs. Just to re-iterate, current weapon systems being tested are the Arc Projector, the Hydra Missile Launcher, the M-200 Grenade Launcher and the M-515 Incinerator Unit. And once again, the importance of acquiring a copy of the Shadow Works’ research into VI integration of the Blackstorm cannot be understated.

The new subject?

Hey, heard they gave the new one a control chip instead of the ocular implants. What’s up with that? She’s not a high value target, right? I already tried contacting the Professor but she wouldn’t answer.

RE: The new subject?

No, you heard right. She got a chip. As for why, didn’t you check her name? Not high-value but I don’t really think that was the deciding factor. Sentiment? Either way, stay away from it. You know making a fuss is a bad idea. We have plenty of subjects.

Z-96 Mattock Auto

The Mattock Auto is being discontinued in favor of the new Harrier rifles. Everything learned during the development of the Mattock Auto has been applied to the Harriers, and the result is a superior weapon. Select operatives who prefer the older design will be given retrofitted variants that incorporates some of the Harrier’s upgrades.

Tissue Sample X-115 Analysis

The new tissue samples do not match any of the previous ones. Instead of the usual nanite conversion method this sample contains a highly infectious synthetic virus. Exposure trials showed the virus injecting unidentified DNA strands. While far easier to spread than indoctrination-reliant methods the biomechanical process itself is crude, and it is unclear how much control is maintained over the infected. Further research is required, and I would like to request permission to begin examinations of the live specimen.