Change of Ownership

A relatively quiet change of hands happened November 15, 2184. The media did not get a comment from the new owner, who is a middle-aged asari going by the name Aylena D'Inea. The previous owner was out of reach before they caught wind of it. The population is thus left to speculate on the circumstances surrounding the transfer. The newest employee, Va'ynna, have taken all the shifts that would have been left to the owner earlier, while the two other employers still take most of the shifts at the bar. Thus, the new owner has not been seen very often, but she's not hiding.

Searching for anything pertaining to her on the Extranet has been a fruitless effort, and nothing relevant to her has been found. This have lead to some talk and speculations among the locals – though it's dying down a bit –, but the militia's and local companies' relations with the Respite has been unchanged so far.

Other than Va'ynna being employed, there has been no changes made to the Respite worth noting, and some who rarely visit may be oblivious to all of this. The two other bartenders, a human man and a human woman, are still employed to the same capacity as before, and covers most of the shifts at the bar.