Noken Defense Technologies Field Test Operative Profile: Lesedi Kriel

Service History

2183/9/13: Contract signed

2183/9/19: Hardware installation completed

2184/3/24: Rehabilitation completed

2184/4/15: Combat training completed

2184/4/18: Assigned to sim-testing

2184/5/1: Reassigned to field testing

2184/5/3: Deployed to Korlus (asset retrieval)

2184/5/21: Deployed to Talis Fia (security)

2184/7/30: Deployed to Altakiril (conflict resolution)

2184/8/16: Hardware package updated

2184/8/29: Operative leased to ExoGeni Corporation

2185/1/14: Deployed to Illium (asset retrieval)

2185/1/28: Hardware package updated

2185/2/1: Operative leased to Tivus Karian

2185/6/6: Deployed to [REDACTED] (security)

2185/10/6: Deployed to Omega (asset retrieval)

2185/11/16: Hardware package updated

2185/12/2: Deployed to Talis Fia (threat neutralization)

Loadout Specifications


  • Reinforced Broad Spectrum Optical Array
  • Secondary Battlefield Awareness Optics
  • Aural Implants
  • Shock-Absorbing Skull Lining
  • Neural Implant
  • Data Port
  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Retractable Breather/Vocalizer System


  • Artificial Spine
  • Artificial Digestive System (Decoupling Functionality For Enhanced Mobility)
  • Artificial Arm Mounts
  • Artificial Hips
  • Self-Cleaning Undersuit Layer
  • Stim Injectors
  • Maintenance Ports
  • Charging Port
  • Power Cell Housing
  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Kinetic Barrier Emitters
  • Heat-Dispersal System
  • Tactical Subsystem Mount (Infrasound Emitters/Defense Matrix)
  • 2x Shoulder Mount (Anti-Personnel Micro-Missile Launcher/Shield Pylon/Signal Jammer/Anti-Vehicular Missile Launcher)
  • Spinal Swivel Arm Mount (Autocannon/Barrier Buster/Anti-Materiel Rifle/Flamethrower)
  • Storage Compartments

Right Arm (Fully Cybernetic)

  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Kinetic Barrier Emitters
  • Eezo Microcores
  • Heat Dispersal System
  • Concealed Machine Gun
  • Articulated Hand (Integrated Taser)
  • Tertiary Battlefield Awareness Optics

Left Arm (Fully Cybernetic)

  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Kinetic Barrier Emitters
  • Eezo Microcores
  • Heat Dispersal System
  • Dumbfire Missile Launcher (Variable Payload)
  • Micro-Fabricator
  • Holo-Emitters
  • Articulated Hand (Integrated Taser)
  • Tertiary Battlefield Awareness Optics

Right Leg (Fully Cybernetic)

  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Kinetic Barrier Emitters
  • Eezo Microcores
  • Heat Dispersal System
  • Utility Foot Mount (Jump Jets/Gravitic Anchors)
  • Heavy Pistol (Concealed Holster)

Left Leg (Fully Cybernetic)

  • Exterior Armor Plating
  • Kinetic Barrier Emitters
  • Eezo Microcores
  • Heat Dispersal System
  • Utility Foot Mount (Jump Jets/Gravitic Anchors)
  • Waste Storage Container (Concealed Compartment)

Lease - Terms & Conditions

  • Tactical data from all deployments will be sent to Noken Defense Technologies. All data will remain strictly confidential, and will only be used for analysis and optimization of cybernetic performance.
  • Unauthorized modification or duplication of hardware or software is not permitted.
  • Proprietary software may not be redistributed.
  • Lessee is responsible for performing maintenance and basic repairs of hardware and wetware.
  • Noken Defense Technologies will provide technical assistance should advanced repairs be necessary, but lessee will be liable for the full cost of repairs.
  • Lessee will be compensated in the event of any malfunctions, excluding malfunctions caused by lessee error or combat damage.
  • Noken Defense Technologies will not be responsible for any actions undertaken by asset on behalf of lessee.
  • In the event of complete loss of asset, lessee will be liable for additional fees. Total amount is dependent on viability of salvaging any remaining hardware.

Flagged Incident: Conversation Transcript

[Conversation between asset and an ExoGeni technician during maintenance. FLAGGED: Breach of conversational protocols]

Technician: I'm removing the plating now, okay?

Asset: Go ahead.

Technician: Oookay... wow. You really took a beating out there, huh? Does it hurt?

Asset: That? No.

Technician: 'That?' Something else that does?

Asset: [silence]

Technician: ...okay then.

[extended silence as repairs are made]

Technician: Even after reading the specs it's still kind of hard to believe-... I've never seen such extensive cybernetics before.

Asset: They are cutting edge.

Technician: Obviously... but... why so many?

Asset: I was in an accident.

Technician: Oh. Oh... crap. Uh... sorry.

Asset: You're not the first person to be curious.

Technician: ...right. Uhm... still, I should've figured from the specs. This level of organ replacement, it's... impressive.

Asset: Mmh.

Technician: It-... it must've been expensive...?

Asset: ...yes.

Technician: [silence]

Asset: [silence]

Technician: I'm-... I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to-... you know, pry.

Asset: It's... alright. Why don't we talk about you instead.

Technician: Uh... yeah, sure. Okay. Uhm... I'm... I'm from Earth. Northwest UNAS. Ever been?


Technician: Sure beats this place. Pretty rainy this time of year. But at least the rain isn't on fire.

Asset: [snicker]

Technician: [laugh] Guess I'm a little homesick...

[conversation truncated]

Technician: Okay... looks like we're all done.

Asset: Thank you for your assistance. ...and the company.

Technician: Uhm... you're... welcome...?

Flagged Incident: Surveillance Footage

[Surveillance footage from the wedding of Tivus Karian. FLAGGED: Ingestion of unapproved substance]

A figure in sleek, gray heavy armor stands by what looks like a series of buffet tables, looking out of place amid the other people milling about in formalwear. The only sign that the figure is a human and not a mech is the uncovered mouth, giving a glimpse of warm, dark brown skin contrasting against the cold steel-gray of the armor plating. A scar runs across the lips of the figure. Judging by the vigilant stance she's some kind of security, and her attention seems primarily focused on a pair of turians conversing with a group of batarians. As the conversation comes to an end and the two turians - the bride and groom judging by their clothing - step aside to speak to each other, the armored figure turns her head towards the buffet table next to her for just a moment. Half a minute or so later the same motion is repeated, and she reaches out with one hand to grab a miniature cupcake from a tray, quickly popping it into her mouth before straightening her back and turning her full attention forward again while chewing.